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The following Kennedy School Faculty work on environment and natural resource policy. 


Faculty Member Major Area of Interest
Altshuler, Alan Urban, Land Use, and Transportation Policy
Clark, William Sustainable Development, Environmental Assessment
Coglianese, Cary Environmental Regulation and Administrative Law
Cooper, Richard World Economy, Trade, and Environmental Issues
Foster, Charles H.W. Bioregionalism and Land Use
Frankel, Jeffrey Economics of Global Climate Change Policy
Fung, Archon Information, Participation and Regulation
Gómez-Ibáñez, José Transportation and Other Infrastructure Policy
Green, Jerry Economic Theory
Hammitt, James Risk and Benefit-Cost Analysis
Hogan, William Energy Economics and Policy
Holdren, John Energy-Environment-Development Interactions
Howitt, Arnold Transportation/Environmental Policy
Hoyte, James Environment Justice
Jasanoff, Sheila Science and Technology Policy
Jorgenson, Dale Energy Economics, Global Climate Policy
Juma, Calestous Biodiversity, Technological Innovation, Trade
Kalt, Joseph Natural Resource Economics, Native American Policy
Lawrence, Robert Economic Dimensions of Global Climate Change Policy
Lee, Henry Energy and Environmental Policy
Panayotou,Theodore Environmental Management & Sustainable Development
Porter, Roger Economics and Politics of the Clean Air Act
Sharp, Philip Energy Policy
Sparrow, Malcolm Compliance Management
Stavins, Robert Environmental & Natural Resource Economics and Policy
Viscusi, W. Kip Environmental Risks and Benefits
Zeckhauser, Richard Risk and Decision, Environmental Economics

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A diverse group of students come to the Kennedy School to study environmental policy and related topics in one of five degree masters and doctoral programs.  Students have the opportunity to compete for several fellowships and awards including:

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KSG Environment Council

Stanley Charren Cambridge, MA

Mitchell Dong  Chronos Asset Management, Cambridge, MA

Mary Gade  Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal, Chicago, IL

Mary Graham  Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

Teresa Heinz  Heinz Family Foundations,  Washington, DC

Ellen Roy Herzfelder  Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs, Boston, MA

Harold Hestnes  Hale & Dorr, Boston, MA

Frederic Krupp  Environmental Defense, New York, NY

Andrew W. Savitz  PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Inc.,  Boston, MA

Donald Smith  Smith Cogeneration, Oklahoma City, OK

Cathleen Douglas Stone  Boston, MA

Bradley Whitehead  Cleveland Foundation, Cleveland, OH

Timothy Wirth  United Nations Foundation, Washington, DC

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