Environmental Policy at the John F. Kennedy School of Government
Research & Outreach Programs

The Kennedy School’s research agenda addresses many of the world's most important environmental policy questions—global climate change, sustainability, the use of economic incentives, energy technology innovation, electric industry restructuring, the economic effects of environmental policies, biological diversity, and urban development.

The Kennedy School provides a locus for faculty, fellows, and students to engage in a wide variety of domestic and international environmental activities, including research, workshops, conferences, seminars, and internships. Faculty involved with the programs and projects listed here also regularly communicate results of their research to policy makers, to broaden the range of options available for addressing environmental and natural resource problems.

The Harvard University Center for the Environment (HUCE) is a University-wide initiative that engages students, faculty, and visiting scholars throughout Harvard in education and research. While not based at the Kennedy School, most of the programs and projects listed here interact closely with HUCE.

Research and outreach efforts are carried out under the auspices of several programs at the Kennedy School:


Consortium for Energy Policy Research at Harvard
William Hogan, Faculty Director

Environment and Natural Resources Program
Henry Lee, Director

Harvard Environmental Economics Program
Robert Stavins, Director

Regulatory Policy Program
Joseph Aldy, Faculty Chair

Science, Technology and Public Policy Program
Daniel Schrag, Director

Sustainability Science Program
William Clark and Henry Lee, Co-Directors


Harvard Electricity Policy Group
William Hogan, Research Director

Harvard Project on Climate Agreements
Robert Stavins, Director

Evidence for Policy Design
Rohini Pande, Rema Hanna, and Asim Khwaja, Co-Directors

Science, Technology, and Globalization Project
Calestous Juma, Director

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