The Kennedy School trains students to assess challenging problems involving the environment and natural resources, to design and evaluate policy responses, and to shape strategies for bringing about change.

To provide students with the skills to affect environmental policy, the School offers a variety of courses on environmental and natural resource topics aimed at both masters and doctoral students.  See the table below for a sampling of courses with significant environmental content. The underlying theme of the curriculum is to expose students to a range of disciplinary perspectives, including science, economics, politics, management, and law, within the context of environment, energy, and natural resource policy. Both masters and doctoral degrees are available.

The School also offers two-week executive training sessions in environmental policy for senior public and private sector individuals, including Understanding Environmental Economics and Infrastructure in a Market Economy.

The following table lists current Kennedy School courses with significant environmental content.  Course numbers that begin with the letters ENR denote courses that are part of the Kennedy School's core environmental curriculum.   

Course # Semester   Course Title Faculty
ENR-319 SAdvanced Environmental and Resource Economics for International Development Theodore Panayotou
ENR-201 SEnvironmental and Resource Economics and Policy Robert Stavins
ENR-205 FEnvironmental Justice as a Public Policy Issue James Hoyte
HUT-263 SPlanning and Environmental Law Jay Wickersham
ENR-100 FEnvironmental and Resource Science for Policy William Clark, John Holdren
ENR-551Y yearSeminar on Environmental Economics and Policy Robert Stavins, Martin Weitzman
ENR-410 SSustainable Development William Clark
PED-118 SBiotechnology in the Global Economy Calestous Juma
API-306 SIndustrial Organization, Regulation, and Industrial Policy Pinar Dogan
STP-100 FScience, Technology, and Public Policy John Holdren
ENR-302 SEnergy Policy: Technologies, Systems and Markets John Holdren,Henry Lee
STP-312 SDesigning and Conducting Interdisciplinary Assessments for Policy John Holdren
PED-269 SDevelopment, Resources, and Contestation Pauline Peters
BGP-234 FStrategic Corporate Citizenship Herman Leonard, Marc Epstein
BGP-268 FMaking Regulatory Policy Cary Coglianese
ITF-150Y yearSeminar: International Trade and Finance Guy Stuart
ENR-150Y yearSeminar: Energy and Environmental Policy Guy Stuart
BGP-150Y year Seminar: Business and Government Guy Stuart
BGP-256 FManagement, Finance, and the Regulation of Public Infrastructure Henry Lee
ISP-426 SGlobal Governance John Ruggie
PAL-122 SReligion, Politics, and Public Policy Richard Parker
STM-117M SLearning From Effective Implementers: Managing Self Francis Hartmann
STP-292 SScience, Power and Politics II Sheila Jasanoff
ISP-422 SNational Security Policies of Middle Eastern States Ahmed Hashim
STP-291 FScience, Power and Politics I Sheila Jasanoff
STM-480 FLeadership for a Digital World Jerry Mechling
PED-210 FPublic Finance in Open Economies Jay Rosengard
PED-376 FCivil Society and Development L. David Brown
CCJ-110 FCrime Control David Kennedy
HUT-251 STransportation Policy and Plannnig Jose Gomez-Ibanez
ITF-110 FThe Political Economy of Trade Robert Lawrence
NPS-100 FIntroduction to the Nonprofit Sector Peter Hall
ITF-345 FInternational Trade Policy: Issues and Analysis Dani Rodrik
HCP-598 SCore course in Health Policy II Joseph Newhouse
API-302 FAnalytic Frameworks for Policy Richard Zeckhauser
PED-153 FTechnological Innovation and Development Policy Calestous Juma
PED-309 FDevelopment Policy Strategy Ricardo Hausmann
ISP-474 FUnited States- European Relations Richard Morningstar
HUT-265 FReal Estate Finance and Development Fundamentals Edward Marchant


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