Gallery 1: Amaan's First Few Days in the World




Amaan’s very first pictures: Just out of the womb and not too happy about it!  



My Parents waiting for me:

Abbu trying to be the dutiful husband (he keeps forgetting ammee hates having her hair tousled up)



Who put this yucky stuff in my eyes?




First contact with Mom (no comment on the hairy shoulders)



    Day 1 and 2 with Nani Jan – Yes I do (mildly) warm up over time




First Contact with Chotay Taya (yes I know I have an excellent liver but I’m keeping it)




“Just me” – a closeup for all who’d like to figure out who I look like






And now for Some Random Thoughts


Life can be a bummer at times ………




With such apathy and indifference in the world I did consider just staying in ………



BUT if you think more about it ………




there are lots of shades to it (maybe it isn’’t so bad after all) ………




Besides I do seem to make generally grouchy people smile