Gallery 2: Amaan: First Two Weeks At Home




Dedicated to my Mother: An Ode to the Joys of Sleep



All the different Ways one can sleep:


In my Car Seat:


In my Bouncer:


In My Crib:


In Bed:



Even With Dad:


Although He really should learn not to Hug me so hard


Its Not that I'm not a contemplative sort .......


But I Find that for really deep thoughts ..... It's Best to be Very Relaxed


So my message to all you adults out there ......


                        ........ Think Deeply about Life and Yes ..... Sleep




And for any who think I can't move


                                        ... I am plenty active when I need to be ...

                                                         ..... at times even faster than a speeding bullet ...


But You know this whole Bath business ... well it does interfere with my meditative sleep so will take a bit of getting used to (Amaan's First Bath)