Gallery 4: Months 2 to 3 - UK & Pakistan



  Amaan meets his first hair cut - not too sure about it


  But maybe the "haji" look is in these days


  And u do get to see more of my happy face :)

(btw this is one of amaan's first smiling pictures - it took sometime but was well worth it :) 


  Amaan's first outing - Walden Pond


hmmm ... you gotta be kidding if u think this is better than the womb


Then again dad seems to like it so it couldn't be all that bad


Amaan Meets Various members of the Family



Khalid Taya in Boston who thinks I really should be eating cashews


Amir Taya in London who still doesn't seem to know how to hold me


(a heavily tanned) Dada Abbu and Loving Dadi Amma in Lahore


Asim Mamu (yes he stays up all night) & Ammee;  and Nana Jan getting used to holding me (he better since he's going have to take care of me when he comes to boston)


You Know Pakistan was kinda cool


Got a lot of love

It was nice and warm and my grandparents let me sleep without those annoying clothes

they didn't worry at all about me making a mess (live n learn mom n dad)


And were always there to watch me sleep (dada jan u better not be too asleep)

Plus I got to finally see what dad does for work


But most of all - I could enjoy Mom & Dad without them being too tired :)

(and no that is not drool - its just a defect in the camera)

Yup - look out World - welcome to the New and (mostly) Smiling Amaan!