Daniel Hojman
Assistant Professor of Public Policy







Curriculum Vitae

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Harvard Kennedy School
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Cambridge, MA 02138


Tel No.  (617) 384-8120
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daniel_hojman at harvard.edu



· API-101D: Markets and Market Failure                             Fall 2005-2008

· API-110: Advanced Microeconomic Analysis II                  Spring 2008

· API-112/Ec-2020b: Microeconomic Theory II                    Spring 2009

· API-305M: Behavioral Economics and Public Policy            Spring 2008-2009


On Leave Academic Year 2009-2010


Published and Forthcoming Papers

· "Endogenous Networks, Social Games and Evolution" (with Adam Szeidl)

     Games and Economic Behavior, Volume 55, Issue 1 , April 2006, Pages 112-130.

· "Core and Periphery in Networks" (with Adam Szeidl)

     Journal of Economic Theory, Volume 139, Number 1, March 2008, Pages 295-309.


     For a longer version including results with heterogeneous agents, more examples and applications, see the working paper version below.


Completed Papers


· "On the Measurement of Poverty Dynamics"  (with Felipe Kast) new!

      HKS Working Paper # RWP09-035, October 2009.


· "Choice, Rationality and Welfare Measurement"  (with Jerry Green),

    This version: December 2008;  First Version:  October 2007. (new version soon)

     On-line Appendix: Choice Evidence and Compensating Variation


· "Stochastic Stability in Large Populations" (with Drew Fudenberg) new!

     Harvard Institute of Economic Research Discussion Paper # 2177,  July 2009.

· "Interaction Structure and the Evolution of Conventions" , November 2004.



Work in Progress

· "Monotonic Aggregation Rules and the Rationalization of Choice Functions"  (with Jerry Green)

· "Corruption and Turnout: Theory and Evidence" (with Claudio Bravo)

· "Media and Polarization" (with Filipe Campante)   



Permanent Working Papers and Supplemental Material


· "Core and Periphery in Endogenous Networks" (with Adam Szeidl)

      KSG Working Paper # RWP06-022 (2006)

· Explanations with Three Alternatives, Supplemental Material to Working Paper version of “Choice, Rationality and Welfare Measurement” (October 2007)