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Miscellaneous Professional Activities

1966-68, consultant to U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency.

1966-69, principal economic adviser, Committee on Government Patent Policy.

1973-74, member, Kuratorium, Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin.

1978, provided advisory memorandum to Attorney General Griffin Bell on the proposed merger of LTV and Lykes-Youngstown.

1979-81, economic adviser to Federal Judges Charles Robson and Hubert Will in the Folding Carton Litigation.

1980-83, member, National Science Foundation PRA advisory panel; member of subcommittee leading to initial support for the Census Bureau's Center for Economic Studies.

1990-93, chair, advisory panel, U.S. Office of Technology Assessment study of Pharmaceutical R&D: Costs, Risks, and Rewards.

1991, economic adviser to Judge Hubert Will in the Glass Bottles litigation.

1997-99, member, U.S. Census Bureau Professional Advisory Committee (co-chair, 1999).

2000, submitted amici curiae brief with Robert Litan, William Nordhaus, and Roger Noll in the U.S. v. Microsoft case.

2005, submitted amicus curiae brief to the U.S. Supreme Court in the Independent Ink v. Illinois Tool case.

2007, submitted amici curiae brief with William S. Comanor to the Supreme Court in Leegin Creative Leather Products v. PSKS Inc.

Submitted testimony on behalf of the government in the following antitrust cases: U.S. v. IBM; in re Kellogg Company et al.; in re Toys 'R' Us; U.S. v. Lockheed-Martin Corporation and Northrop-Grumman Corporation; in re Intel Corporation.

Editorial board member for Journal of Industrial Economics, Journal of Economic Literature, Review of Economics and Statistics, Review of Industrial Organization, and diverse other journals. Editor for the Economics of Technological Change

section, Fundamentals of Pure and Applied Economics, 1980-90.

Numerous appearances before Congressional committees and other governmental commission inquiries in the United States, Canada, and Europe.


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