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Hannah Riley Bowles
Associate Professor

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Selected Media Coverage of Research

ABC News Good Morning America, Harvard Business School Working Knowledge, Harvard Gazette, Herald News, Kennedy School Update, HR Magazine, National Public Radio Day to Day, The Week, Washington Post, Working Mother Magazine.


Selected Work in Progress

Bowles, H. R. & Babcock, L. Relational accounts: A strategy for women negotiating for higher compensation (invited resubmission to Organizational Behavior & Human Decision Processes).

Lei, L, Bowles, H. R., & Babcock, L. One-time gain versus long-term loss: Social costs of pursuing high aspirations in competitive negotiation (under review).

Bowles, H. R. Claiming authority: Women's accounts of transition to senior leadership positions (working paper).

Bowles, H R., Bear, J., & Thomason, B. At my best: Gender and negotiating for self and other (manuscript in process).

Galinsky, A., Bowles, H. R., Liberman, N., & Magee, J. Gender and power (manuscript in process).

Bowles, H.R. & Al Dabbagh, M. Cultural frames of gender in negotiation (research in progress).

Bowles, H. R. & McGinn, K. L. Enacting authority: A micro-level analysis of the attainment of resources and opportunities for leadership (working paper).



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