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NBER Business Cycle Dating Committee 

Commodity prices 


"A look at the state of  the US economy the new president will inherit," BNN, Nov. 8, 2016.
"China's Yuan Faces Rocky Road to Become a Truly Global Currency,"  Sept.14, 2016, Bloomberg.

"Hillary Clinton is touring the country touting one of the biggest promises of her campaign" [infrastructure investment], Business Insider, Aug. 2016.

"Global Trade and the Politics of the TPP Backlash," On Point, with Tom Ashbrook, NPR, Aug.4, 2016.  (My segments start at 20 minutes in.) 
"Cheap Food from the Farm,"  BBC radio, Aug. 3.  (My segment, on ag. subsidies, runs from 7-minute mark to 12 min. mark)
"How Bill Clinton, as first gentleman, could reshape role of first ladies" Christian Science Monitor, July 26, 2016.
"Donald Trump Jr. says unemployment rates are manipulated for political purposes," Politifact, July 25.
"Politifact: Gov. Rick Scott wrong about U.S. economy growth,"  Politifact, e.g. The Star, July 24, 2016.
 On Brexit, state of the economy & US jobs  Everything Financial Radio, July 12, 2016 (4-10 min. mark & 11-19)
Do Currency Interventions Work?Bloomberg, February 6, 2016.

"Why Don't Markets Believe the PBoC?" Bloomberg, Jan. 21, 2016.
"Obama's Accomplishments" quoted (in Chinese) in report on State of the Union in Chinese Social Sciences Today, Jan.18, 2016.
"The Role of Policy in Achieving Shared Sustainable Economic Prosperity," Interview, Growth Policy, MRCBG, Dec. 2015.

"Don't Look Back: Economists Are Skeptical About a Slump," Institutional Investor, Nov.18.

"Congress Should Approve TPP," Boston Globe.  Nov. 11.  "Will the Trans Pacific Partnership Make Workers' Lives Better?" Pacific Standard, Nov.12.
"Professors' Opinion of Democratic Debate," Harvard Crimson, Oct. 15,2015
Kerry, the Iran deal & the dollar, Market Watch, NPR, Sept. 2, 2015.

"The Implications of China's RMB Devaluation,"  Q&A, Harvard Kennedy School, Aug. 19.

"TPP Environmental Accord," Christian Science Monitor, July 31, 2015.     
"Why economists think the Trans-Pacific Partnership will be good for Americans," Public Radio International's The World, May 22.

"A strong dollar is a sign of a strong economy,"  The Fed & the Dollar, Room for Debate, NY Times, March 23. 

"U.S. lawmakers battle over currency in trade deals
," Reuters, Feb. 25, 2015. 
"IMF set for lively debate on adding yuan to SDR basket," Reuters, Jan.26, 2015.

"ECB Should Fire Up Its Helicopters," Bloomberg, Nov. 30, 2014.

 “Has QE worked?” podcast, Oct.31; BBC radio, Nov. 1, 2014. 

"How Do President Obama's Policies Affect the Economy?" Varney & Co., Fox Business, May 30. 
"Thomas Piketty and his Critics," NYT, May 14.

"China's Economy: Does Size Matter," BBC, May 11. [8-10 min.mark; 11:40-12:50; 20:20-21:30.] 

"The ECB Can, and Should, Ease Monetary Policy," Bloomberg, May 8.

"How Europe Can Ease its Way to Inflation Goals," Bloomberg, March 21.

"Fed May End Stimulus This Fall," 
Boston Herald, March 20. 
"Once Again: Yes, the Stimulus Worked," LA Times, Feb. 28. 
Jeffrey Frankel on the Long Economic Recovery," HKS Policy Cast, Feb.

"New Fed Chair Vows to Stay the Course," 
Boston Herald, Feb. 12, 2014.

"A new era for the US Fed as Yellen takes the reins,"  World Finance, Jan. 21. 
"How Janet Yellen's Agenda Could Transform Washington," National Journal, Jan.6, 2014. 
"The Big Bang Theory: Is the US Economy About to go Boom?" Politico, Jan.2, 2014.

Cliff Year, 2013         
"What Does the US Debt Mean to China?" People in the Know, CRI English, Beijing, Oct.30. 
"Learning to Push Against the Cycle,"  The Economist, Oct.17, 2013. 
"Debt Debacle to Shave 1% Off Growth," 
Squawk Box, CNBC Asia, Oct.16. 
"Imagining the Dollar without its Privilege," Eduardo Porter, NY Times, Oct.15.  
"US Treasury Warns Debt Stoush Could Spark Financial Crisis," ABC News, Oct.4
Who Will Listen to the President’s Warning to Wall Street?” Varney & Co., Fox Business
 ; "US Shutdown Risk to Global Economy," BBC, Oct.3.
"Economic Impact of the Government Shutdown," HKS, Oct. 1, 2013, 
"Fed Faces New Era of Thinking Global as Yellen Nomination Nears," Bloomberg, Sept.22.
"Fed''s stimulating words," Boston Herald, Sept.19, 2013.   
Larry Summers Will Not Seek Fed Post, Boston Globe;  BNN, Sept. 16 . On Yellen, Boston Herald, Sept. 17, 2013.
"Is 4 % growth near?" Varney & Co., Fox Business.  August 2, 2013. 
Fracking films reflect twists in drilling debate,” Associated Press, July 21. 
What’s Dragging Down the Economy? Varney & Co., Fox Business.  July 16, 2013. 

"Europe rethinks its pursuit of austerity," LA Times, June 19, 2013. 
Frankel: Treasuries will rise to 4%,” Varney & Co., Fox Business, June 13. 
"Bernanke Economy in Fed Centennial Poised for GDP Growth," BusinessWeek, June 4. 
"Intergalactic Trade --Global trade surplus: proof of alien life Business Standard, May 30.
"Sharing Abuse Fairly," The Conscience of a Liberal, Paul Krugman,  NYT, May 21, 2013.   
"Euro Resilient Amid Doubts of Turmoil as Dire: Cutting Research," Bloomberg, Apr.25.   
"Harvard Professor Says Fracking Good for Environment," Varney & Co., Fox Business, April 24. 
Video of session on Forecasting Commodity Prices , conference at the IMF Research Dept, March 21.
Video on Consequences of the Development of New Energy Sources," 
, IMF conference, Washington, D.C., March 20, 2013.
Emerging Markets Dump Euro Reserves,” Financial Times, March 31, 2013.   
AEI Considers Whether World Economy Is in Currency War,” 
 Moneynews, March 25. 

Sequester goes into effect as both sides trade blame," Boston Globe, March 2.    Seeking solutions to sequestration,” HKS, March 1. 

 "Busting the budget Q&A on how federal sequestration is likely to play out," Harvard Gazette, Feb.28, 2013.
"Inflation,"  In the Balance, 
BBC World Service Radio, Feb.2, 2013.
"Democrats Blame Republicans for Shrinking US Economy," Fox News; "The Cold Hard Truth about the Obama Economy,"  Sean Hannity Show,  Jan.30. 

"Pimco to Norway Love Mexico, as New Bond Gauges Use GDP"  Bloomberg, Jan. 22, 2013.
Harvard Prof.: There Are Worse Ideas than a Trillion Dollar Coin, WGBH News, Boston Public Radio, Jan.15. 

"The Cleverness of a Trillion Dollar Coin," Rosemary Chandler, Boston Magazine, Jan.14, 2013.
"Effective Marginal Tax Rates for Low-Income Workers Are High," Salim Furth, Jan.8, The Heritage Foundation. 
 "America's Debt Problem," BNN, Jan. 3, 2013.  Part I  II III.   

Election Year, 2012    

Fiscal Cliff: "Most Preventable Recession in US History," WBZ, CBS Boston, Nov.30, 2012 
"Approaching the Fiscal Cliff" (reaction to Speaker Boehner's remarks on tax revenues), Bloomberg, Nov.13, 2012.   
Election Day from Copley Square, SkyNews, Nov. 6, 2012.  
Comments on 3rd debate
 at the 26-min. mark, Lang & O'Leary Exchange, CBC, Oct.22 
Panel Re-cap" of 2nd US Presidential Debate, BNN, Oct.17.  "Re-cap of 1st Presidential Debate," BNN, Oct.4  

The FP Survey: The Economy  “If we’re ever going to get out of this slump, what will it take?   We asked more than 60 leading economists to tell us.”  Foreign Policy, Nov. 2012. 
"Hiring Fails to Improve in Many Swing States," WSJ, Sept.21. 
"Romney’s 47 percent are mostly his own people—Republicans!" Mark Merolli, VOXII, Sept.20. 
Obama Election Odds Rise in Tandem With S&P 500," Businessweek,-Sept.17. 
"Romney: 47% who are dependent on government," BBC, Sept.19.  
"Economy Seen Neither Too Good or Bad to Decide Election,"  Bloomberg/BusinessWeek, July 24.  

"Procyclicalists,", July 26, 2012.     "Secondary Sources: Fiscal Follies,", July 20, 2012. 
"When the road veers right, don't turn left, and vice versa," MinnPost, July 23. 

"Look Who Opposes ObamaCare, by Fat Margins," June 28. 
The Sweet Spot: Austerity vs. Optimism,” In the Balance, BBC, Mar.17  5:57-8:30; 11:55-13:08; 20:45-22:20 ; 24:10-25:10.
"Recap: Obama Recovery, EMs & 2012 Crash," Feb.19.  "Did Obama Turn Around the Economy?" Feb.20, 2012 
"Obama's Recovery?" CNN World, Fareed Zakaria's GPS, Feb. 18. 
"US Reattains Pre-Recession Peak," Jan. 28, 2012.   
"Obama's Biggest Economic Mistake..."  The FP Survey: Follow the Money, Foreign Policy, JAN/FEB. 

"Post Mortem on the State of the Union Message," BNN, Jan. 25  
"Built to Last" (comment on State of the Union), Jan.25.  
"Barack Obama's Biggest Economic Mistake...?" Jan.18, 2012  

"The Biggest Tragedy in Economics," Business Insider, Sept. 7. 
"Grading Latest Unemployment Report," Happening Now with Jenna Lee, Fox News, Aug.3.

July & August jobs reports. 
Nominal GDP targeting could take the place of Inflation Targeting," June 13.    "The Death of Inflation Targeting," May 23.

"Bernanke University," BNN, March 27.

"Harvard's Frankel on Fed Transparency," Bloomberg, Jan. 24.

"Bank of America: Off to the Races," Mortgage Observer, Sept.5. 


"ECB’s questionable strategy to save euro," Financial Times, Sept. 5.
 "Why Germany Will Pay Up to Save the Euro," NY Times, June 28, 2012. 
Could Eurobonds Help Solve the Euro Crisis?"  June 19. 
"Austerity vs. Stimulus Debate Revived by Elections in Europe," Boston Globe, May 13, 2012. 
Euro was Troubled from Birth,"  McClatchey Newspapers incl. Kansas City Star, May 10. 
"What's Next for Europe?" Kudlow Report, CNBC, June 29, 2012. 
"Greek Austerity and Europe," Kudlow Report, CNBC, Feb. 13, 2012. 

The Euro Crisis & Greece: Six Mistakes,” video, 
 Whither Europe? Lessons, Risks, & the Way Forward, lecture series, Kokkalis Program, Feb.13.

"The Euro, Moral Hazard & the Analogy to 50 US States," Harvard, Feb.13, 2012.



"Budget: plus la prévision de croissance est optimiste, plus le déficit est excessif,”, 17 Oct., 2012.  
"Countries Tend to Be Too Optimistic About Their Budget Forecasts,"
 AtlanticWire, Sept.24.     
"Bias in Government Forecasts," April 18. 
"Study: People think recessions are much rarer than they actually are," Brad Plumer, Washington Post, Aug. 17. 
NEW  The Procyclicalists:   Fiscal Austerity vs. Stimulus, July 25;   Across the Atlantic Too, July 30. 

"Black Swans of August," Aug 21 & 23. 
Interview on economic developments (in Spanish), Asobancaria, Colombia, May 4, 2012. 

"Myths And Facts About Oil And Gasoline," Media Matters, April 12, 2012.
"China Adjusts," March 26.     "Japan Adjusts," March 28.  


Uncertain Recovery, 2011    

"Italy: Too Big to Fail? BNN, Canada, Nov.9.
"What's Next in the Euro-zone?" Kudlow Rport, CNBC, 
"Market Sell-off" 
Kudlow Report, CNBC, Oct.17, 2011.
“Is Greece on the Brink of Default? The Kudlow Report, CNBC, Oct.3
The Kudlow Report, CNBC, Sept.28, 2011.

"Stocks Soar on Good News," CNBC, Dec. 1, 2011
"NBER's Frankel expects low Fed rates for next 2 years," 
Washington Post & Bloomberg TV, Aug.17
"Beyond the Debt Ceiling" Reuters, Aug.2, 2011.
"US Debt Deal 'Could be Worse'," 
BNN, Aug.2.
  "High Noon," blogpost.
“Tackling the Budget Deficit,” CNBC, June 14.
“Is the US a Zombie Economy?” BNN, June 10.  
"Flat Broke!" CrossTalk, April 18, 2011.
"Obama to Call for Raising Taxes?" Fox News
, Happening Now, with Jenna Lee, April 13
"Fed-stravaganza" FOMC decision & $  Inflation threat & TIPS, BBN, Jan.26, 2011.

"7  ways to fix the economy," Kiplinger, Dec. 2011,  
No Wonder They're Falling Out of Love With the Euro
,”  Wall Street Journal, Nov.25
"The Perils of Economic Forecasting," National Review Online, Nov. 3, 2011.
"Will an oil-rich US suffer the commodity curse?"  FT Business Blog, Nov 1.
It's America's Turn to Be Lectured on Governing," Congressional Quarterly, Oct.9.
"Volcker Rules" 
HKS Alumni Magazine, Fall 2011.
"Should governments be more pessimistic?" Washington Post wonkblog, 10/27/2011 
"The U.S. Economy Is Flashing Recession,” Business Week, Sept.8, 2011.
Stagnant August Hiring in U.S. May Signal Renewed Recession,” 
Bloomberg Sept 5.

Harvard’s Frankel Sees Weak U.S. Economy Instead of Recession,”
 Bloomberg & SF Chronicle Sept.2.
Bernanke feels pressure of nation’s rising oil gauge, “ 
FT, Sept.2, 2011.
Five leaders. Five ideas for fixing the economy," Boston Globe, Aug.28, 2011.  p.1, p.2.
Anxiety rises as stimulus dries up: 
Federal cuts may stall state recovery,” Boston Globe, Aug.22.  
Economy Not Double-Dipping Yet as Production-to-Consumer Spending Increase,
 Bloomberg, Aug.17.

Recession Threatening U.S. After Household Spending’s Consecutive Declines,”Bloomberg, Aug 11.
"Decade of Stimulus Yields Nothing but Debt: Caroline Baum," Bloomberg, Aug.4, 2011.  
Recession Panel Majority Sees Rising Odds of a Renewed U.S. Economic Slump Bloomberg, Aug.2 
"What the United States could learn from Chile,", July 25, 2011;  How Intelligent Budget Rules Help Chile Prosper: Lessons For The US,” Business Insider, Jul.25, 2011.
Currency Link to Trade Balances Not Ironclad," Wall Street Journal, May 23, 2011
Instant View: Obama lays out 'vision' for curing fiscal woes," CNBC, April 13 
Obama lays out vision for curing U.S. fiscal woes," Reuters, April 13, 2011.
Nations Act to Put Brakes on Yen's Rise ,” Wall Street Journal, March 18, 2011.   "Japan's Effect on Recovery A Worry," Boston Globe, March 16, 2011.
"Bond Market Shows Why Boehner Saying We’re Broke Is Only Figure of Speech,
Bloomberg, March 6.
"John Taylor: The Republicans Shadow Fed Chairman," Businessweek, January 20.

Recovery Watch 2010      

"Fact Check: Hard Steps Ahead to Reduce the Federal Deficit," ABC World News with Diane Sawyer, Dec.1
"Obama vs. Business" I II, & III, Headline, BNN, Sept.27, 2010
Recession Measurement,” C-span, September 21, 2010.
"Economic Pain Lingers Despite Recession's End," All Things Considered, NPR, Sept. 20
"Obama's Stimulus Efforts," Market Morning, BNN, Toronto, Sept. 7, 2010
"Road to Recovery," Happening Now, with Jenna Lee, Fox News, Sept. 3, 2010
Odds of a Double Dip Lower Than 40 Percent, Says Economist,” Reuters, July 2, 2010
"US Economy and Debt" Parts 1&2   Part 2, Headline, Business News Network, April 20.

"Fresh Fed Attack" Financial Post, November 18, 2010 
"Dual mandate or single, Fed still would ease,” Reuters, 
Nov 18  
"Fed May Hesitate on More Easing After Critics Question Employment Mandate," Bloomberg, Nov. 17
"GOP's New Target: Bernanke," Politico, November 16, 2010
 Interview, on addressing high unemployment," ACEMAXX Analytics, Sept. 22, 2010
"Is This What A Recovery Feels Like?" Room for Debate, NY Times
, Sept. 20, 2010.
"Longest Recession Since 1930s Ended in June 2009, Group Says," LA Times, Sept. 20.
"Does the Recovery Depend on Housing?"    Housing Won't Lead, NYT, Aug. 26, 2010
Housing Slide in U.S. Threatens to Drag Economy Into Recession,” Bloomberg Aug 23
"Fed to Keep Holdings Stable in Bid to Boost Growth,” Bloomberg, August 10, 2010
A Prescription for Export Growth—and Economic Recovery,” Heritage Foundation Backgrounder #2449, Aug.10
"NBER's Hall Says `Faltering' Jobs Don't Imply a `Second Dip', Bloomberg, August 6.
"Revisions Show U.S. Recession Worse Than Estimated,”  BusinessWeek , July 30, 2010
Employment Shortfall Sets the Stage for Slowdown in U.S. Economic Recovery," Bloomberg, July 3.
"After Our Bubble: Prospects for American economic recovery—and cautionary lessons from Japan," J.Shaw , Harvard Magazine, Jul-Aug.
Troubles in Euro Zone Offer Chance to Fix Its Flaws,"  WSJ , June 6  
"Greece Fuels Fear of Contagion in the US," Wall Street Journal, May 6, 2010
"Recession Tracker Still Fears Double Dip," 
Financial Post, Canada, April 26.
"Who Decides When the Recession Ends?"
  National Journal Expert Blogs, April 19.
"The Recession: When Did It End?" The Economist, April 17, 2010.
"Is the Recession Over?" HKS, April 13, 2010.

"NBER Committee Holds Off Declaring 2009 End of Recession,
" links to April 12, 2010, reporting by ABC, Atlantic, Business Week, LATimes, Miami Herald, National Journal, New Yorker NY Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Time, Wall Street Journal,  ...
Unfulfilled Promise: Evaluating the first year of the Obama Presidency, Harvard Political Review, March 8. 
"Bernanke Expects Extended Low Rates." New York Times, Feb. 24, 2010.



"NBER Committee Holds Off Declaring 2009 End of Recession Until It Is Sure," April 12, 2010
"Job Market Confirms End of Recession," April 5, 2010.
"Lag in Job Numbers Behind GDP Growth is No Worse than in Past Recoveries," Feb.5, 2010.


Obamanomics Watch, 2009  

"Banks, Bailouts and the Obama Plan,"  On Point, NPR, March 23, 2009
"President Obama Unveils US Budget," BBC, How he will slow spending? Feb.27


"The Feds' Conundrum," BNN, November 24, 2009
"Employment Outlook,"  BNN, November 12, 2009
"Frankel sees long, slow recovery of US labor market," Bloomberg TV, July 2
"Assessing Obama's fiscal stimulus plan," BNN, Toronto, Apr.9
President Obama vows to slash deficit in half, NECN, Fe b. 23, 2009


"New Consensus Sees Stimulus Package as Worthy Step,"  NY Times, Nov. 20
“Economy Snaps Long Slump,” Wall St. Journal, Oct. 20, 2009 
 “The Dow’s at 10,000...”, Oct. 19   

"What to really watch in the jobs report," Forbes, September 3
"If jobs don't return, is it really a recovery?" San Francisco Chronicle, Aug. 15
The EMH, Zen, Modern Macroeconometrics, & "Ignorance is Strength:" Krugman, Aug.12
“Non Farm Payrolls Add to Stock Market Bullish Tone,” The Market Oracle, Aug. 10

“U.S. Recession May Have Ended in July, NBER’s Frankel Says,” Bloomberg, Aug. 7
Dollar May Fall...,"Bloomberg, July 28, 2009
Rising Job Losses Damp Hopes of Recovery,, July 3, 2009   

Checking the U.S. economy's vital signs, Reuters, Jul 2, 2009

Jobs Data Bode Ill for the Future
,”, July 2, 2009   
Obama praises Bernanke, hedges on a second term,” Reuters, June 23.
Conflicting News About the Job Market, U.S.News , June 12, 2009 

"The Shrinking Workweek," David Leonhart, New York Times, June 2009.
"Gauging the Economy's Engine As  It Sputters Along," WSJ, May 19.   
"Longest Recession,
Real Time Economics,, April 23, 2009.
Obama’s Harvard Raid Echoes Kennedy’s Draft of Intellectuals," Bloomberg, Feb. 22
"Depression?..." Real Time Economics,, February 23, 2009.
"How the Government Dealt with Past Recessions,", New York Times, Jan.


"Is Investment Depressed by an Anti-Business Climate?"  Dec. 21, 2009
"Counting Jobs Saved' by Obama Fiscal Stimulus," Nov. 9, 2009
"Good News, Finally, in the 'Hours Worked' Statistic," August 7

"An Evaluation of the First 200 Days of Obama Economics," August 5

"Spending vs. Tax Cuts" in Krugman, August. 4.
"Revised GDP Statistics Illuminate the Recession," August 2, 2009
"A Return to Saving?"  or  "Are Americans Really Saving?" Macroscope, Reuters, Jul.13.
"The labor market is still down," July 2, 2009
"The labor market has not yet signaled a turning point," June 8, 2009
"Recession is now tied for longest since the Great Depression," April 29

"Fiscal responsibility: Obama Puts Away Childish Things," Feb. 23
"A New Depression?  The Lessons of the 1930s,"  Feb. 22, 2009
"TIPS Can Help Improve the Fiscal Situation," Seeking Alpha, Feb. 22
"Is $800 Billion Too Big or Too Small?" Feb. 13, 2009
"Needed in Treasury Plan," Feb. 11, 2009
"Advice for the New Administration: Spend Green Today, Tax Green in the Future,"Jan.20
"Tax Policy Will Be in Intensive Care This Year," Jan. 20, 2009


8"Soak the Rich," National Journal, Expert Blogs, July 20, 2009.


Recession Watch, 2008    

How The Recession Compares To Other Downturns, All Things Considered, NPR, Dec. 2
Emisoras del Grupo Latino de Radio , W Radio, Colombia, 02/12/08 

Deliberating May be Driving Stock Selloff, All Things Considered, NPR, Oct.24
The Bailout Deal, WBUR,  On Point radio show, NPR, Mon., Sept. 29, 2008
Wall Street Trades In Fear — Literally,”   Planet Money, NPR, Sept. 21.

"The American Economy: An Analysis from a Harvard Economist," 
Tomorrow with Alex Bernstein,  May 27, 2008.
Global Market Meltdown, WBUR,  On Point, NPR, Wed., January. 23, 2008.

Harvard Prof. Jeffrey Frankel About the Recession CNBC, Dec. 2, 2008.      
Harvard's Frankel Sees China Plan Helping Global Economy, Bloomberg, Nov. 10 
Recession Uncertain, Says NBER Economist,, Aug. 28, 2008
Recession probability going up, Bloomberg TV, March 7, 2008       
Rare praise for the President: "Bush Seizes on Stimulus,"  Bloomberg news, Jan.28
 Glen Beck disagrees,   CNN Headline News, TV, January 2, 2008 Rich-Guy Populism – Glenn Beck” Nov. 2
 , 2009.


"Origins of the Economic Crisis?  In One Chart!" TimesTopics,  New York Times, Dec. 26, 2008
Fears spending slump will extend downturn,", Ireland, Dec. 11 2008
Worsening Spending Slump Paces ‘Scary’ U.S. Recession" Bloomberg, Dec. 10
U.S. May Be in for ‘Great Recession,’ Longest Postwar ,"Bloomberg, Dec. 2
Econalypto," Digital Daily, Dec. 2, 2008
"NBER Declares Official Recession,"  
Harvard Crimson, Dec. 2, 2008   

"Cambridge group pegs recession on big job losses: 'R’ word now official," 
Boston Herald , Dec.2
"Even Bernanke can't say what's next,", Dec. 2  
"Recession Dating: Some People Are Going to Be Surprised,"  
EconBrowser, Dec. 2.
Stocks Pummeled as Recession Becomes Official," PBS Newshour, Dec. 1

"Recession Started in December 2007: Panel" Reuters/MSNBC, Dec. 1, 2008
Recession Began a Year Ago, Making It Longest Since Early '80s, Panel Says,”Wall St.Journal, Dec.2
Recession in U.S. Started in December 2007, NBER Says,"  Bloomberg, Dec. .1
"Forecasters ... can't actually predict anything," 
Canadian Business, Dec. 1
"Recession Dating: When in Doubt, Wait for a Crisis," 
Real Time Economics,, Dec.1
U.S. Economy Shrank 0.5% in 3rd Qtr, Most Since ’01," Bloomberg, Nov. 25
"U.S. Slump May Be Longest in Decades as Growth Fell Off `Cliff' ," Bloomberg, Nov. 12
"U.S. in Serious Recession,"  Strait Times, Nov. 11, 2008

"Wall Street reacts dramatically to historic election result," Bridging & Commercial, Nov 6.
"Recession shadows next president's economic  aims," Reuters, Oct.30, 2008.  E.g., The Star.
GDP falls 0.3% in third quarter on dive in spending,
 WSJ Market Watch, 
October 30
Official Or Not, Consumers Sense A Recession,, 
October 24, 2008.
"Financial crisis: the latest blow to free-market 'dogma'," D.Francis, Christian Science Monitor, Oct. 6.
Recession Uncertain, Says NBER Economist, 
MoneyNews, Aug. 28, 2008
Jobs data, GDP, Stoke doubt over recession -- 
The 'official' recession call," MSNBC, Aug.1
Interview with Tom Keene On the Economy, podcast, Bloomberg, July 22, 2008
Bernanke May Have to Follow Volcker to Avoid Being Tagged Burns,, Apr.26.
Bipartisan plan for economy," Reuters, January 24, 2008 .J


"NBER Eggheads Finally Proclaim Recession," Dec. 1, 2008
Now Are We in Recession? Oct. 30, 2008
Despite Positive First Quarter, Odds of 2008 Recession Are Still Above 50% May 29
White House Confidence that the US is Not In Recession is Misplaced May 12 
Why Are Workers Unhappy, With Unemployment Barely Above 5%?  Apr. 30



the financial crisis: 2007-08     news media

"Understanding the Economic Crisis," 
Program for New Members of Congress, Harvard, Dec.2008.    TV: NECN.   Radio: Federal News Radio.   Blog: 

"The revised TARP plan should have passed," September 29, 2008.   On Point, NPR.

"Atheists in Foxholes; Libertarians in Financial Crises", July 2008,  cited on Lehrer Report .

Quote on Naomi Klein's 
The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism, Toronto Star. Oct.6, 2007.

“Thinking about Risks Ahead of Time,”   1-page comment for Forum, on Martin Wolf 's column, “Risks and Rewards of the World Economy’s Golden Era,”  Financial Times May 2, 2007. 

 "Looking forward in policy-making, versus looking back," comment for Forum, on Larry Summers column As America falters, policymakers must look ahead,” Financial Times, Mar.26, 2007. 



OP-EDs: 2002-05     

"As a Budget Storm Gathers, Bush Ignores Fiscal Forecasts,"  published in The Forward, Sept.16-22, 2005. 

"The Wrong Approach," Jeffrey Frankel and Jessica Stern, The Baltimore Sun, Oct.29, 2004. Pg. 17A.

"It's a Tough Job to Create Jobs," Washington Post, Outlook, Sunday, April 11, 2004.

Interview Clip on Taxes and the 2004 Presidential Election.

"The Jobless Recovery,"  published in The Forward, Dec.19, 2003.

A Link Between Bush Tax Policy and Recession? Oct.9, 2003.

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