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Welcome to Professor Linda Bilmes' website. This page contains links to recent press coverage.


   Recent Press Coverage

Tariq Ali. "Corbyn's Progress." London Review of Books. March 3, 2016

Peter Beinart. "America Is Too Broke to Rescue Ukraine." The Atlantic. March 17, 2014.

Steven R. Watros. "IOP Panelists Fault Partisan Politics, Tea Party Influence for Government Shutdown." The Harvard Crimson. October 2, 2013.

Robert O'Neill. "Counting the Costs of War." Impact: Research from Harvard Kennedy School. Summer 2013.

Kerry Young. "Grim Echoes of Iraq, Afghanistan in Veterans Policies." Roll Call. July 5, 2013.

Michael Guerriero. "The Number: $44.6 Billion." The New Yorker. May 24, 2013.

Glaeser, Edward L. "A bridge to East Boston - via ferry." The Boston Globe. May 16, 2013.

James Fallows for The Atlantic. "Paying the Costs of Iraq, for Decades to Come." March 29, 2013.

Alan Zarembo for the Los Angeles Times. "Cost of Iraq, Afghanistan wars will keep mounting," March 29, 2013.

Foon Rhee for The Sacramento Bee. "Our debt to veterans comes with a pricetag." March 29, 2013.

Danielle Kurtzleben for U.S. News. "The Total Iraq and Afghanistan Pricetag: Over $4 Trillion." March 28, 2013.

Matthew Yglesias for Slate. "Iraq and Afghanistan will cost trillions in the future." March 28, 2013.

Ernesto Londono for The Washington Post. "Iraq, Afghan Wars will cost to $4 trillion, to $6 trillion, Harvard Study says." March 28, 2013.

Colleen Walsh for Harvard Gazette. "How to sidestep sequestration." February 19, 2013.

Linda J. Bilmes for The Guardian. "Somerville: the city where policies are based on how happy they make people." December 13, 2012.

Linda J. Bilmes for Footnote1. "Caring for America's New Generation of Veterans." August 16, 2012.

Shan Carter and Amanda Cox for The New York Times. "One 9/11 Tally: $3.3 Trillion." September 8, 2011.

James Dao for The New York Times. "Cost of Treating Veterans Will Rise Long Past Wars." July 27, 2011

Dan Froomkin for the Huffington Post. "Reassessing the Cost of the Post-9/11 Era, Post Bin Laden." May 11, 2011.

Tim Fernholz and Jim Tankersley for The Atlantic. "The Cost of Bin Laden: $3 Trillion Over 15 Years." May 7, 2011.

Ezra Klein for The Washington Post. "Start Paying for War." March 25, 2011.

Ezra Klein for The Washington Post. "The Cost of Contracting." March 24, 2011.

Kevin J. Wu for The Harvard Crimson. "Address Long-Term Spending, Harvard Profs. Say." March 11, 2011.

Joe Davidson for The Washington Post. "A call to service, in Kennedy's memory." January 20, 2011.

Matthew D. LaPlante for The Salt Lake Tribune. "100 year war: The growing expense of America's battles." December 30, 2010.

Leo Shane for Stars and Stripes. "Study: Wars could cost "$4 trillion to $6 trillion." September 29, 2010.

Shaun Waterman for The Washington Times. "War veterans' care to cost $1.3 trillion. September 29,2010.

Pauline Jelinek for the Associated Press and ABC News. "Study: vets' health costs could top $900 billion." September 29, 2010.

Tom Fox for The Washington Post. "High turnover: When everyone is jumping ship." July 2, 2010.

Paul C. Light for The Washington Post. "Who could best lead the GAO?" May 7, 2010.

McClatchy-Tribune News Service. "VA Laboring Under Surge of Wounded Veterans: Analysis." April 15, 2010.

Tim Jones and Jason Grotto for Chicago Times. "Costs Soar for Compensating Veterans with Mental Disorders." April 12, 2010.
Bob Herbert for New York Times. "We Still Don’t Hear Him." April 2, 2010.
Government Executive.com. "GOP Lawmaker, Three Others in Mix for Comptroller General." March 24, 2010.

Ed O'Keefe for The Washington Post. ""Op-ed knocks Scott Brown's comments on federal workers." February 10, 2010.

Michael Crowly for Reader's Digest. "How the Government is Failing Our Veterans." February, 2010.

John Hanrahan for Nieman Watchdog. "Wars May End But Spending on Them Doesn’t." November 13, 2009.
Katharine Herrup for Newsweek. "Not a Walk in the Park." November 10, 2009.
Ottawa, Paris and Sydney for Economist. "Public-Service Careers: A Tough Search for Talent." October 30, 2009.
Bob Herbert for New York Times. "Reliving the Past." September 5, 2009.
Michael Levenson for Boston Globe. "Yoon Pushes for ZipCar Upgrade to City Fleet." June 3, 2009.
Laura Crimaldi for Boston Herald. "Boston's Gas Lamps Spark High Costs." May 10, 2009.
Laura Crimaldi for Boston Herald. "Harvard School Looks at Books and Says...Hey Tommy, You Can Fix This Mess." May 10, 2009.
Carlos Lozada for The Washington Post. "The Government's People Power Problem." April 5, 2009.
Brenda Pantoine for Annals of Neurology. "ANA Symposium Examines Costs, Lessons from Iraq Conflict." January 27, 2009.
Jessica Jannicelli for Neurology Reviews.com. " Neurologic Injuries and Neuropsychiatric Disorders Likely to Increase Long-Term Medical Costs for Veterans ." December 2008.
Colleen Walsh in Harvard Gazette. "HKS Students Will Help Out City of Boston." December 11, 2008.
Thomas Collins in Neurology Today. "The Economics of War — Vets with Mild Brain Injuries Predicted to Incur Huge Government Costs for Care." November 5, 2008.

Scot Paltrow Condé Nast Portfolio.com (UK). "The Pentagon's $1 Trillion Problem." May, 2008.

Jonathan Steele in Guardian Unlimited (UK). "Counting the Cost." May 25, 2008.

Sam Leith in Telegraph (UK). "Joseph Stiglitz: The Three Trillion Dollar War." March 8, 2008.

Charles Taylor in Bloomberg.com"Nobelist Stiglitz Tallies Iraq War's Outrageous Cost: Review." March 4, 2008.

Bob Herbert in The New York Times "The $2 Trillion Nightmare." March 4, 2008 (LexisNexis login required).

Aida Edemariam in The Guardian. "The True Cost of War." February 28, 2008.

Joseph Stiglitz and Linda Bilmes in The Times (London): "The Three Trillion Dollar War: The Cost of the Iraq and Afghanistan Conflicts Gave Grown to Staggering Proportions." February 23, 2008.

John Tepper Marlin in The Huffington Post"Why Estimates of the Cost of the War in Iraq Have Been Rising." November 25, 2007.

Michael Isikoff and Jamie Reno in Newsweek.  "How Do You Fund a War, But Not the Casualties?" October 29, 2007.

Stella M. Hopkins in The Charlotte Observer"Veterans with Severe Ailments Face Long Waits for Care." October 21, 2007.

Rick Maze in Navy Times "Nicholson Backs New Benefits Claims System." July 26, 2007.

Richard Paddock in Los Angeles Times"Antiwar Speakers on Campus are Lecturers, Not Students, This Time." July 5, 2007.

Newshour with Jim Lehrer: "Long-term Costs of War." May 22, 2007.

Joshua Kors in The Nation. “How Specialist Town Lost His Benefits.” April 9, 2007.

Rick Maze in Marine Corps Times "VA Alienating Generation, Disabled Vets Warn."  March 21, 2007.

Matt Crenson in Boston Globe. “Costliness of the War is Subject to Debate.” March 17, 2007.

Matt Crenson for Associated Press. “Cost for Iraq War Reaches $500 Billion.” March 16, 2007.

Hope Yen in the Boston Globe. “Backlogs in Disability Claims Seen Stretching Veterans Affairs to Limit.” March 14, 2007.

John Holusha in the New York Times. “Veterans’ Programs Overwhelmed, Panel is Told.” March 13, 2007.

Hope Yen in USA Today. “Probe: VA Not Doing Enough for Iraq Vets.” March 13, 2007.

Charles Sennott in the Boston Globe. “Straining to Keep a Promise.” March 11, 2007.

Nick Timiraos in The Wall Street Journal. “Wounded Warriors at Walter Reed.”March 10, 2007.

Dan Ephron and Sarah Childress in Newsweek “Forgotten Heroes.” March 5, 2007.

Lynette Clemetson in the New York Times. “Focus is on Veterans’ Chief as Inquiries on Care Begin.” March 5, 2007.

Bill Glauber in Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “The Iraq War has Cost Each of Us $1,333 – So Far.” February 6, 2007.

Cory Reiss in Hendersonville News. “Vets May Slip in Disability Battle.” February 11, 2007.

Reuters in The Boston Globe. “Care for U.S. Veterans Could Cost $662 Billion – Study.” February 2, 2007.

Richard Wolf in USA Today. “Researchers Weigh War’s Other Costs.” January 30, 2007.

Scott Jaschik in Inside Higher Ed. “Shooting the Messenger.” January 30, 2007.

Denise Grady in New York Times. "Agency Says Higher Casualty Total Was Posted in Error." January 30, 2007.
Stephen Koff in Cleveland Plain Dealer. "Injury count in Iraq disputed." January 28, 2007.
David Leonhardt in New York Times, Business Day. "What $1.2 Trillion Can Buy." January 17, 2007.
David Leonhardt in International Herald Tribune. "Cost of Iraq war ($1.2 trillion) Changes Economic Perspectives." January 16, 2007.
Ron Scherer in Christian Science Monitor. "How US is deferring war costs." January 16, 2007.
Editorial in Boston Globe. "Congressional Casualties." January 16, 2007
Rob Waters in Bloomberg"More injured Soldiers Survive Than Before." January 15, 2007.
Nicholas D. Kristof in New York Times. "An Escalation of American Blood." January 9, 2007.
Christian B. Flow in The Harvard Crimson. "Veteran Care Could Cost $700 Billion." January 8, 2007.
O'Ryan Johnson in Boston Herald. "Study: Number of Wounded Veterans Could Cripple VA."
United Press International. "Veteran Health Care Could Exceed $700B." January 6, 2007.
John Cochran in CQ Weekly. "The Fog of War Costs" January 1, 2007.
Robert Scheer in San Francisco Chronicle. "The Real Menace." December 27, 2006.
Reports from Truthdiggers.com.  "Truthdiggers of the Week: Joseph Stiglitz and Linda Bilmes." December 23, 2006.
Lou Dobbs on CNN.  "Dobbs: Our Leaders are Ducking Reality on Iraq." December 6, 2006.
Dave Montgomery and Kevin G. Hall in Star-Telegram Washington Bureau; McClatchy Newspapers. "$500 billion and counting." December 6, 2006.
CNN "In the Money" on November 30, 2006.
ABC World News Tonight on the cost of Iraq war on November 19, 2006.
Nicholas D. Kristof in New York Times. "Iraq and Your Wallet." October 24, 2006.
Robyn Blumner in St. Petersburg newspaper: "Cost of Bush's War: Just Keep Adding Zeros." October 1, 2006.
Chris Farrell, Business Week. "September 11's Economic Legacy." September 10, 2006.
Jon E. Hilsenrath and Liam Pleven in Wall Street Journal. "Business as Usual; Economic Fears After 9/11 Proved Mostly Unfounded." September 9, 2006.
Robert J. Samuelson in Newsweek. "Terror's Economics: New Political Divisions May Alter Global Ffinancial Alliances." August 21-28, 2006.
Harvard Magazine article on Iraq War: "The 2-Trillion Dollar War." May-June issue, 2006.
Boston Globe article on Somerville:  "The Model City." May 14, 2006 
Economist article on Iraq War:  "Blood and Treasure." April 8, 2006.
Harvard Gazette article on Somerville. "KSG Students Help a City Balance Books." April 6, 2006.
Bob Hebert article on Iraq War:  "George Bush's Trillion Dollar War." NY Times March 23, 2006.
Martin Wolf article on Iraq War: "Failure to Calculate the Cost of War." Financial Times January 10, 2006.
Sally B. Donnelly in Time. "Iraq: Counting the Costs." January 16, 2006.
Andrew Walker for BBC. "US Economist Questions Iraq Costs." January 9, 2006.
Tom Regan in Christian Science Monitor. "Report: Iraq War Costs Could Top $2 Trillion. New Study Ttakes into Account Long-Term Costs of Healthcare for Wounded Soldiers." January 10, 2006.
Harvard Gazette article on Hull. "KSG Students Help Town Manage Future Floods." June 2, 2005.
Commonwealth Magazine article on Somerville:  "Harvard Students Help Somerville Revamp its Budgeting Process." Winter 2005.

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