Education: Papers

This is a complete list, including papers for academic journals, book chapters, essays, unpublished research pieces. The list is in rough inverse chronological order by original production, not publication).

  1. Long Term Global Challenges in Education: Are There Feasible Steps Today? (March 2009).
  2. The Rebirth of Mass Education (Current version March 2009).
  3. The Illusion of Equality: The Educational Consequences of Blinding Weak States. (June 1, 2009). (with Martina Viarengo). Compares the variability of the distribution of school specific learning acheivement across public and private schools to see if public sector control produces more or less uniformity in school quality.
  4. Does Schooling Help Explain Any of the Big Facts About Growth? (February 2009).
  5. Producing superstars for the economic Mundial: The Mexican Predicament with quality of education. (November 2008).
  6. Remembering the Forgetting in Schooling: Comments on Two Papers on the History of Education. (September 2008).
  7. Much Higher Schooling, Much Lower Wages: Human Capital and Economic Collapse in Venezuela. (with Daniel Ortega). This is a paper done for the volume "Ananatomy of a Collapse" examining explanations of the causes of the economic collapse in Venezeula. We examine the question of whether the lack of schooling, or lack of investments in schooling, could have had any role in this. The answer is no. In fact, in explaining why output fell the inclusion of schooling makes the puzzle even deeper because the rise in schooling should have led wages to increase by more than 50 percent when in fact they fell by 50 percent.
  8. The Policy Irrelevance of the Economics of Education: Is "Normative as Positive" Useless--Or Worse? (June 2008).
  9. The State, Socialization, and Private Schooling: When Will Governments Support Alternative Producers? (May 2008).
  10. Comments on the Copenhagen Consensus 2008 Paper on Education. (February 2008).
  11. A Millennium Learning Goal: Measuring Real Progress in Education (with Deon Filmer and Amer Hasan). (August 2006).
  12. Teacher Compensation: Can Decentralization Get India Out of the Perfect Storm? (With Rinku Murgai) (June 2006).
  13. Making Primary Education Work for India's Poor: A Proposal for Effective Decentralization. (with Varad Pande).
  14. Towards a New Consensus for Addressing the Global Challenge of the Lack of Education. (June 2004)
  15. Chapter 7: Education World Development Report 2004 (May 2003) (or on WDR 2004 website).
  16. Does learning to add up add up? The returns to schooling in aggregate data. Handbook of Education Economics
  17. Where has all the education gone? World Bank Economic Review 15(3)
  18. Estimating Wealth Effects without Expenditure Data--or Tears: An Application to Educational Enrollments in States of India. Deon Filmer and Lant Pritchett. 2001. Demography 38(1) February.
  19. The Effect of Household Wealth on Educational Attainment: Evidence from 35 Countries Deon Filmer and Lant Pritchett. 1999. Population and Development Review 25(1). (Abstract and link to online (unrevised) working paper version of the paper).
  20. Educational Enrollment and Attainment in India: Household Wealth, Gender, Village, and State Effects. Deon Filmer and Lant Pritchett. 1999. Journal of Educational Planning and Administration July. (Abstract and link to online (unrevised) working paper version.)
  21. "When will they ever learn": Why all Governments Produce Schooling. ( February 2002)
  22. What Education Production Functions Really Show: A Positive Theory of Education Expenditure (with Deon Filmer) Economics of Education Review 18 (2): 223-239.
  23. Attracting and retaining qualified teachers in Argentina: Impact of the structure and level of compensation (with Emiliana Vegas and William Experton). (February 1999).
  24. Teacher Salaries in Paraguay (February 1996).
  25. Examination of Schooling Costs in Paraguay Using School Level Data (February 1996).