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In addition to teaching duties I am also the Faculty Chair of the MPA/ID Program and Chair of the Kennedy School's Development Area.

Let Their People Come: Breaking the Gridlock on Global Labor Mobility (2006)

The ultimate reason that there is not massively more mobility of labor across national borders ... is that the citizens of rich countries do not want it.

Moving Out of Poverty, Volume 2: Success from the Bottom Up (2009)

"If the first book was about the statics of poverty - what it is, what it feels like etc, this is about the dynamics - how people rise and fall out of poverty and why" (D.Green, Oxfam).

I teach an International Development Course Workshop (PED-401) to illustrate the application of concepts and techniques learned in other MPA/ID core courses and to introduce the variety of issues and challenges facing low- and middle-income countries. In addition I lead the MPA/ID 2nd year case workshop (PED-402) and the MPA/ID 2nd year Masters thesis course (PED-250y - Second Year Policy Analysis or SYPA).

I am also the Chair of the Kennedy School's Development Area.

At HKS I am affiliated with the Center for International Development CID.




Featured: New Book

Here you can find individual chapters from my forthcoming book entitled:

The Rebirth of Education: From Universal Schooling to Universal Learning


Chapter 1: Schooling Goals are not Learning Goals

Chapter 2: Just more schooling won't necessarily give an education

Chapter 3: More of the same is just more of the same

Chapter 4

Chapter 6

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