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Labor Mobility

New Papers:

  • Goldilocks Globalizations: Soft Solutions to a Hard Problem. This paper, written together with Gonzalo Fanjul, is a draft that has been submitted to the new Journal of Global Policy. (This version updated June 2010).

  • The Cliff at the Border (February 2009). This paper was written based on a presentation for a conference about "Globalization and Equity" sponsored as part of the Growth Commission led by Michael Spence. The paper focuses the equity and justice issues around the constraints on labor mobility, in particular the question of why some many other aspects of globalization whose total human well-being consequences are trivial compared to labor mobility get so much more attention.

  • The Place Premium: Wage Differences for Identical Workers across the US Border. This is a revised version (January 2009) that is now available as both a Center for Global Development and a Kennedy School of Government working paper.

  • Income per natural: Measuring development as if people mattered more than places. (with Michael Clemens) This paper estimates instead of the income of people in Jamaica or Albania or Nepal the income per Jamaican or Albanian or Nepali--no matter where they are in the world. We combine data about the pattern of out-migration to OECD countries with an estimate of the income of naturals who are living in those countries. We find that income per natural is often substantially higher than national income per capita. This is another version of the same paper that has been revised for submission to the Population and Development Review that is less technical (details in a technical appendix) and focuses more on the policy implications.

New Presentations:





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