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This is just an inverse chronological list of my speeches/presentations for which there is a publicly sharable presentation. For each I indicate the date, topic, and audience:


  • The guts of a GUT of growth. Presented at an economics faculty seminar at BYU October 21, 2011. About developing a growth theory that reconciles episodes of high growth with weak institutions. (similar material was covered in a presentation at the IMF Institute on October 14, 2011).

  • The Rebirth of Modern Schooling. Presented at a student seminar at BYU October 21, 2011. This is an overview of my (forthcoming) book The Rebirth of Modern Schooling. A more concise but more beautiful version was presented at the Global Empowerment Meetings (GEM) October 27, 2011.


  • The Negative Consequences of Overambitious Curricula. Presented at a factulty seminar at Harvard October 18th, 2011. This is a new (yet to be released) paper which shows evidence of the negative consequences for student learning if the pace at which the curriculum moves faster than the pace at which the students actually learn.


  • Isomorphic Mimicry: Can the Camoflauge be Sabotaged? Presented at a Mason Fellows Seminar September 28, 2011. This covers the arguments about traps in state capability for policy implemenation and isomorphic mimicry as an organizational strategy of successful failure.




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