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The Public Diplomacy Collaborative

Effective communication is the most promising avenue we have for cultivating respectful international discourse and for revitalizing trust in the democratic tradition.

The Public Diplomacy Collaborative (PDC) is a forum for enhancing public diplomacy by bringing together its practitioners to learn from and share with one another. Our goal is simple: to connect key nodes of public diplomacy practice to one another and put practical information regarding public opinion and public diplomacy tactics into the hands of practitioners, regardless of location or sector.

The PDC emphasizes discussion, training, scholarship, and publication in the field of public diplomacy as well as the exchange of regional information across sectors, disciplines, and national boundaries. We seek to support, improve, and expand public diplomacy efforts in a manner that most successfully promotes democratic governance.

To learn more, contact me at , or Mr. Jed Willard, or download our mission statement and list of affiliated faculty members.

Affiliated programs: click for information on the International Studies Association (ISA) Working Group on Public Diplomacy or the Future of Diplomacy Project.




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