Britain Votes 2001
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Britain Votes 2001

Ed. Pippa Norris

Book published 2001 Oxford University Press 0-19-851049-7 Hansard Society Series in Politics and Government UK Price: 16.99   


As on previous occasions, Oxford University Press has published a special issue of Parliamentary Affairs on the June 2001 UK general election, in conjunction with the Hansard Society, and this volume is also available as a book. The volume provides a balanced, comprehensive and topical overview of the campaign and analysis of the results written in a straightforward, clear and lively style for students, colleagues and practitioners.


'Britain Votes 2001 presents a solid lineup of leading scholars and a thorough review of the core issues of the election. . . While, as one would expect, there is a great deal of overlap among the volumes on the 2001 election, Britain Votes 2001 has the advantage of offering a fairly comprehensive selection of subjects. . . Britain Votes 2001 is a 'must have' for those wanting a complete library on Labour's second landslide.' -Terrence Casey, Democratization


Pippa Norris: Apathetic Landslide: The 2001 British Election:

The Campaign

Judith Bara and Ian Budge Party Policy and Ideology: Still New Labour?
Patrick Seyd The Labour Campaign
Anthony Seldon and Peter Collins: The Conservative Party 1997-2001
David Denver: The Liberal Democrat Campaign
Ivor Crewe: The Opinion Polls
David Deacon, Peter Golding and Michael Billig Press and Broadcasting: Real Issues and Real Coverage
Stephen Coleman Online Campaigning
Justin Fisher: Campaign Finance: Election under New Rules

The Analysis of the Results

Alice Brown: Scotland
Richard Wyn Jones Wales
Brendan O'Leary, Paul Mitchell and Geoffrey Evans Northern Ireland
Joni Lovenduski Women and Politics
Shamit Saggar The Race Card, Again
Paul Whitley, Harold Clarke, David Sanders and Marianne Stewart: Turnout
David Sanders, Harold Clarke, Marianne Stewart and Paul Whiteley: The Economy and Voting
John Curtice The Electoral System: Bias to Blair
Philip Cowley The Commons: Mr. Blair's Lapdog?


Copyright 2004 Pippa Norris, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, Cambridge MA 02138.

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