Elections and voting behavior
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Elections and Voting Behavior

Ed. Pippa Norris

Book published 1998 Ashgate/Dartmouth Publishing Company


This series brings together the most significant journal articles to appear in the field of comparative politics over the past 30 years. The aim is to render readily accessible to teachers, researchers and students an extensive range of essays which, together, provide an indispensable basis for understanding both the established conceptual terrain and the new ground being broken in the rapidly changing field of comparative political analysis. This series is divided into three major sections: Institutional Studies, Thematic Studies, and Country Studies.




Pippa Norris 'Elections and Voting Behaviour: New Challenges, New Perspectives'

The Partisan Identities of Voters

Hermann Schmitt 'On Party Attachment in Western Europe and the Utility of Eurobarometer Data' West European Politics 1989 12: 122-139.

Bradley M. Richardson 'European Party Loyalties Revisited' American Political Science Review September 1991 85 (3): 751-775.

Matthew Wyman, Stephen White, Bill Miller and Paul Heywood 'The Place of 'Party' in Post-Communist Europe' Party Politics 1995 1(4): 535-548.

Social Cleavages, New Politics, and Value Change

Mark N. Franklin and Thomas T. Mackie Electoral Change in Western Countries: Consequences of Post-Industrial Social Change Strathclyde Papers on Government and Politics No. 62 1989.

David DeVaus and Ian McAllister 'The Changing Politics of Women: Gender, and Political Alignment in Western Democracies' European Journal of Political Research 1989 17: 241-62.

Ronald Inglehart and Paul R. Abramson 'Economic Security and Value Change' American Political Science Review 1994 88: 336-54.

Robert Rohrschneider 'New Party versus Old Left Realignments: Environmental Attitudes, Party Policies, and Partisan Affiliations in Four West European Countries' The Journal of Politics August 1993 55(3): 682-701.

Economic Voting

Michael Lewis-Beck 'Comparative Economic Voting: Britain, France, Germany, Italy' American Journal of Political Science 1986 30: 315-46.

G. Bingham Powell, Jr. and Guy D. Whitten 'A Cross-National Analysis of Economic Voting: Taking Account of the Political Context' American Journal of Political Science May 1993 37(2): 391-414.

Alexander Pacek and Benjamin Radcliff 'The Political Economy of Competitive Elections in the Developing World' American Journal of Political Science August 1995 39(3): 745-759.

The Institutional Context of Electoral Systems

Arend Lijphart 'The Political Consequences of Electoral Laws, 1945-85' American Political Science Review June 1990 84(2): 481-497.

Cees van der Eijk, Mark Franklin and Michael Marsh 'What Voters Teach Us About Europe-Wide Elections: What Europe-Wide Elections Teach us About Voters' Electoral Studies 1996 Vol 15(2) pp149-166.

Campaign Communications

Holli Semetko 'Political Balance on Television: Campaigns in the United States, Britain and Germany' The Harvard International Journal of Press/Politics Winter 1996 1(1): 51-71.

Peter Esaiasson '120 Years of Swedish Election Campaigns' Scandinavian Political Studies 14(3): 261-278.

Political Participation

Robert Jackman and R.A. Miller 'Voter Turnout in the Industrial Democracies During the 1980s' Comparative Political Studies 1995 27: 147-66

Henry E. Brady, Sidney Verba and Kay Lehman Schlozman 'Beyond SES: A Resource Model of Political Participation' American Political Science Review June 1995 Vol 89(2): 271-294.

Robert D. Putnam 'Bowling Alone: America's Declining Social Capital' Journal of Democracy Jan 1995 6(1): 65-78.

Political Representation

Russell J. Dalton 'Political Parties and Political Representation' Comparative Political Studies October 1985 17: 267-299.

Sören Holmberg 'Political Representation in Sweden' Scandinavian Political Studies 1989 12(1): 1-35.

Christopher Wlezien 'The Public as Thermostat: Dynamics of Preferences for Spending' American Journal of Political Science November 1995 39(4): 981-1000.

Pippa Norris 'May's Law of Curvilinear Disparity Revisited: Leaders, Officers, Members and Voters in British Political Parties' Party Politics 1995 1(1): 29-47.

Elections and Democratization

Seymour Martin Lipset 'The Social Requisites of Democracy Revisited' American Sociological Review February 1994 59: 1-22.

Geoffrey Evans and Stephen Whitefield 'The Politics and Economics of Democratic Commitment: Support for Democracy in Transition Societies' British Journal of Political Science October 1995 25 (4): 485-514.



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