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Passages to Power:

Legislative recruitment in advanced democracies

Ed. Pippa Norris

Book published 1997 CUP | 275 pages 70 tables 13 figures | ISBN: 052159099X Paperback $24 Hardback $75

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Recruitment to legislative office is one of the core functions of political systems, yet we know little about how the process varies from one country to another. Passages to Power provides a comparative account of legislative recruitment that applies a common analytical framework and new survey data to nineteen advanced democracies. Who succeeds in becoming a politician? Who fails? And why? This important new study brings together an outstanding group of international scholars to look at recruitment around the world.


Pippa Norris, Ian McAllister, Lynda Erickson, Voitto Helander, Bernhard Wessels, Haruhiro Fukui, Monique Leijenaar, Kees Niemoller, Helena Catt, Joni Lovenduski, Paul S. Herrnson


" Passages to Power provides insight into legislative recruitment in particular and democracy in general. ...this book offers a timely tool for scholars to grasp not only the idea of democracy, but the process of democracy as well." Mitchell F. Fuller, LSS Newsletter

"Each of the chapters stands on its own in providing a comprehensive analysis of the recruitment process in the selected countries. In this respect, the book will be of interest to country and area specialists, to students of political parties and electoral institutions, and to those interested in the social and political stratification of advanced industrial societies. is neverthelessa landmark in the development of collaborative approaches to political recruitment." Linda L. Fowler, American Journal of Sociology



1. Introduction: theories of recruitment Pippa Norris
2. Australia Ian McAllister
3. Canada Lynda Erickson
4. Finland Voitto Helander
5. Germany Bernhard Wessels
6. Japan Haruhiro Fukui
7. The Netherlands Monique Leijenaar and Kees Niemoller
8. New Zealand Helena Catt
9. United Kingdom Pippa Norris and Joni Lovenduski
10. United States Paul S. Herrnson
11. Conclusions: comparing passages to power Pippa Norris.


Copyright 2004 Pippa Norris, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, Cambridge MA 02138.

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