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Politics and the Press:

The News Media and its Influences

Ed. Pippa Norris

Book published 1997 Lynne Rienner 1997/ 336 pages  ISBN: 1-55587-681-1 pb $23.95  LC: 97-3827


Politics and the Press not only examines how journalists define the news; it also explores the role of the media in elections and the shaping of public opinion, as well as the reportage of the news on policy issues. 

This important work presents original research by a unique team of visiting scholars, journalists, and industry leaders at the Joan Shorenstein Center at Harvard University. Norris and the contributors pay particular attention to the influence of the press on the policy apparatus of government, and the impact of economics and changes in communications technology on news reporting. Included in the book are perspectives on minorities and women as members of the news industry. 


‘"Thoughtful and well-written. The book will be of much interest to scholars and students in political science, communication, journalism, and sociology."—Susan Herbst


Marvin Kalb

Introduction: The Rise of Postmodern Political Communications?
Pippa Norris

Part One: Gathering the News

1 Technology and the Future of Global Television
Richard Parker

2 Marketing News
Alison Carper

3 Women of Color as Newspaper Executives
Pearl Stewart

4 Hispanic Voices: Is the Press Listening?
Jorge Quiroga

Part Two: The Media, Public Opinion and Elections

5 How Voters Construct Images of Political Candidates
Montague Kern and Marion Just

6 The Impact of Presidential Debates
Michael X. Delli Carpini, Scott Keeter and Sharon Webb

7. Adwatch: Covering Campaign Ads
Michael Milburn and Justin Brown

Part Three: The Media and Public Policy

8 TV Violence, Children and the Press
Sissela Bok

9 News Coverage of AIDS
Timothy Cook

10 Live from the Battlefield
Barrie Dunsmore

11 News of the World
Pippa Norris

12 Beyond the 'CNN effect': The Media-Foreign Policy Dynamic
Steven Livingstone

The Contributors


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