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The Politics of News:

The News of Politics

Ed. Doris Graber, Denis McQuail and Pippa Norris

Book published 1998 CQ Press 1-56802-412-6 $39.95  


Moving beyond the focus on journalists typically found in books on the dynamics of the newsmaking process, The Politics of News: The News of Politics extends its examination to the struggle between journalists, political actors, and the public for control of the news in democratic countries. The book shows how the news media function as an intermediary between governments and citizens, as well as between political actors (such as parties and interest groups) and the public.

Essays present a diversity of views and are written by a distinguished group of authors that includes Walter Cronkite, Kathleen Hall Jamieson, Jarol B. Manheim, and Kathleen Frankovic. The Politics of News: The News of Politics is policy-oriented in its diagnosis of the problems faced by the parties whose influence affects newsmaking in existing and emerging democracies and, in the process, it generates ideas about possible reforms. Several chapters (Chapters 1, 2, 4, and 11) offer a comparative approach that offer students insight into the impact on newsmaking of diverse cultural factors.

Accessible yet sophisticated, the selections in The Politics of News: The News of Politics cover significant issues rarely discussed in books about political news, ranging from the ingenious ways that governments and interest groups draw attention to their concerns in favorable ways, to the impacts of public opinion polling, market research, and new communication technologies on the newsmaking process, to the trials and tribulations of journalists in both Western democracies and democratizing societies of Central and Eastern Europe.




Introduction: Political Communications in a Democracy Doris Graber, Denis McQuail and Pippa Norris


Section I: Journalists

1.The Role of Journalists in Political Reporting  Thomas Patterson

2. The Role of Journalists in Democratizing Societies Ellen Mickiewicz

3.The Press's Role in the Making of the President  Walter Cronkite


Section II: Political Actors

3. Government News Management Barbara Pfetsch

4.Strategic Communication as a Third Force in News Making Jarol B. Mannheim 

5.The Role of the Press in the Health Care Debate Kathleen Hall Jamieson


Section III: The Public's Voice

6.The Public Journalism Movement and Its Problems Michael Schudson

7.Public Opinion and Polling Kathy Frankovic

8.Market Research and the Audience for Political News Doug Underwood


Section IV: The Changing Context of Political News

9.Media Concentration, Economics and Regulation Robert G. Picard

10.The Global Impact of New Technologies Russell Neuman

11.The Media and Public Policy David Paletz


Conclusions: Challenges for Public Policy Denis McQuail, Doris Graber and Pippa Norris 


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