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Selected further resources

Comprehensive list of further alphabetical links
Useful articles


Consensus v. majoritarian institutions
Rod Alence. 2004. 'Political institutions and developmental governance in sub-Saharan Africa.' J. of Modern African Studies. 42(2): 163-187.
Attila Agh. 2001. 'Early consolidation and performance crisis: The majoritarian-consensus democracy debate in Hungary.' West European Politics 24(3): 89-112
Liam Anderson. 2001. 'The implications of institutional design for macroeconomic performance.' Comparative Political Studies 34(4)
Klaus Armigeon. 2002. 'The effects of negotiation democracy.' European Journal of Political Research. 41: 81-105.
Donald Horowitz. 'Explaining the Northern Ireland Agreement: The sources of an unlikely constitutional settlement.' British Journal of Political Science 32
Andre Kaiser et al. 2002. 'The democratic quality of institutional regimes: a conceptual framework.' Political Studies. 50: 313-331.
Hans Keman and Paul Pennings. 1995. 'Managing political and social conflicts in democracies: Do consensus and corporatism matter?'  British Journal of Political Science 25(2)
Arendt Lijphart. 2004. 'Constitutional design for divided societies.' Journal of Democracy 15
Manfred G. Schmidt. 2002. 'Political performance and types of democracy: Findings from comparative studies.' EJPR 41: 147-163.
Nancy Bermeo. 2002. 'A new look at Federalism: The import of institutions.' Journal of Democracy 13(2): 96-110.
Henry Hale. 2004. 'Divided we stand: Institutional sources of ethnofederal state survival and collapse.' World Politics 56: 165-93.
John Gerring and Strom Thacker. 2004. 'Political institutions and corruption: The role of unitarism and parliamentarism.' BJPolS. 34: 295-330.
Aaron Schneider. 2003. 'Decentralization: Conceptualization and Measurenment.' Studies in Comparative International Development 38(3): 32-56.
Jonathan Rodden. 2004. 'Comparative federalism and decentralization: On meaning and measurement.' Comparative Politics 481-500.
Electoral Systems
Donald Horowitz. 2003. 'Electoral systems: A primer for decision-makers.' Journal of Democracy. 14(4)
IDEA 2005. Handbook of Electoral System Design
Shaheen Mozaffar, James R. Scarritt and Glen Galaich. 2003. 'Electoral institutions, ethnopolitical cleavages and party systems in Africa's emerging democracies.' APSR 97(3):379-390.
Presidentialism v. parliamentarism
Jose Cheibub. 'Systems of Government: Presidentialism or Parliamentarism: Which one is best?'
Paul Pennings. 2003. 'Beyond dichotomous explanations: Explaining constitutional control of the executive with fuzzy sets.' EJPR 42.
Ethnicity, ethnic representation, and ethnic conflict
Alberto Alesina et al. 2003. 'Fractionalization.' Journal of Economic Growth 8: 155-194.
Susan Banducci et al. 2004. 'Minority representation, empowerment and participation.' The Journal of Politics 66(2): 534-556.
Monty Marshall and Tedd Gurr. 2003. 'Peace and conflict 2003.' CIDCM
Frank Cohen. 1997. 'Proportional versus majoritarian ethnic conflict management in democracies.' Comparative Political Studies 30(5)
William Easterly and Ross Levine. 1997. 'Africa's Growth Tragedy: Policies and ethnic divisions.' Quarterly Journal of Economics. 112(4)
William Easterly. 2001. 'Can institutions resolve ethnic conflict?' Economic Development and Cultural Change. 41(4)
M. Steven Fish and Robin S. Brooks. 2004. 'Does diversity hurt democracy?' Journal of Democracy 15(1): 154-166.
Jonathan Fox. 2001. 'Two civilizations and ethnic conflict: Islam and the West.' Journal of Peace Research 38(4)

Jonathan Fox. 2003. 'State failure and the Clash of Civilizations: An examination of the magnitude and extent of domestic civilizational conflict from 1950 to 1996.' Australian Journal of Political Science 38(2): 195-213

Bruce Gilley. 2004. 'Against the concept of ethnic conflict.' Third World Quarterly 25(6): 1155-1166.
Daniel N. Posner. 2004. 'Measuring ethnic fractionalization in Africa.' AJPS 4894): 849-863.
Women's representation
Karen Bird. 2003. 'The political representation of women and ethnic minorities.' AMID paper
Ester Duflo. 2004. 'Why political reservations?'
Mona Lena Krook. 2003. 'Not all quotas are created equal.' ECPR paper

UNDP. 2000.  Women's political participation and good governance.

Social capital/trust
Jan Dehley and Kenneth Newton. 2003. 'Who trusts? The origins of social trust in seven societies.' European Societies. 5(2)
Global Civil Society Yearbook 2003 Data appendices
General Resources
Hollis Catalogue
Access to further research resources.

Social Science Citation Index

        Perhaps THE most useful electronic database to identify

         relevant literature for your essays. Needs Harvard sign-in.

Statistical Resources on the Web/Political Science
University of Michigan list of links in political science.

Shared global dataset

         For those in the class that want a cross-national dataset and

          codebook for analysis.

International resources
ACE Project
The Administration and Cost of Elections project
CIA World Fact-book
Good reference guide to the basics about specific countries
Elections around the World
Excellent resource for election results and parties in all nations worldwide.
The European Union website including access to the Eurobarometer public opinion surveys in Western, Central and Eastern Europe.
Freedom in the World: Freedom House
Annual evaluations of the state of democracy around the world. See also for the annual report on press freedom.
Human Rights Watch
Human Rights watchdog Group
International Foundation for Electoral Systems
Excellent resource for elections including the electoral systems and recent results.
International IDEA
International IDEA hosts information about electoral systems, women and politics, voter turnout and deeprooted ethnic conflict, among other topics.


        Millennium Challenge Account

National Endowment for Democracy

The NED provides a research guide with  links to organizations concerned with the following:

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. See their annual report and statistical resources for the most affluent states worldwide.
Transparency International
The organization that tracks corruption worldwide with an annual report
United National Development Program
See especially for the UNDP World Development Report
United Nations
The U.N. site provides basic information on the United Nations and its programs and links to some full text documents. It is also a good source for identifying useful print U.N. documents.
World Bank
The latest World Development Report and links to multiple reports and socioeconomic indicators
         For access to the latest online CDRom database at the
         Kennedy School library read instructions here
 For the Governance indicators by Kaufmann see here
Survey Data Resources
Harvard-MIT Data Center
THE main archive for locating and downloading machine-readable datasets at Harvard. Needs Harvard login (right top corner) to the Virtual Data Center for downloadable datasets.

Harvard Library Numeric Data Services

        If you can't locate the data you want, try asking the data

        librarians at Harvard. There is an online request form here.


Global Barometer Surveys

Links to the global barometer surveys in Africa, East Asia, New Europe and Latinobaometro.

World Values Survey 1981-2001

        The most recent wave (1999-2001) will be released in March

        2004. The first three waves are downloadable from the

         Harvard Data Center. This site describes the contents,

         publications, and provides the codebook.


International Social Survey Program (ISSP) (1985-2003)

        This annual thematic survey monitors social attitudes and

         values in a survey consortium of more than 20 nations. The

         central archive for this program is at Cologne but data can

         also be downloaded from the Harvard-MIT Data Center.


European Social Survey (ESS) 2002

        This is a new 22-nation survey of social and political

        attitudes, with all documentation and data best downloaded

        from the Norwegian Data Archive (you need to register).


ICPSR Web Site

Access to an extensive archive of machine-readable datasets hosted at the University of Michigan.

The European Union website including access to the Eurobarometer public opinion surveys in Western, Central and Eastern Europe.

          The central archive at Cologne maintains a useful searchable

         keyword index and the data can be downloaded from the

         Harvard-MIT Data Center


The Pew Research Center for People and the Press

        An excellent resource for recent surveys of American social

         and political attitudes, plus an archive of downloadable

          survey datasets (except for most recent 6 months). Some

          global surveys as well.


Roper Center for Public Opinion Research

Excellent searchable archive of public opinion survey questions and results, but mainly confined to United States and Latin America

Journal Resources
Access to full text articles in many political science journals
Proceedings Online
All the conference papers from the annual meeting of the American Political Science Association, with searchable index to the latest research.
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