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Public speaking engagements

(outside of Harvard University)

Pippa Norris 2003-2008







15th January 2003

Cape Town

University of Cape Town

Presentation: ‘Does ethnicity determine African voting behavior?’

25th January 2003


University of Stellenbosch, Department of Politics

Presentation: ‘Does ethnicity determine African voting behavior?’

3rd March 2003

Washington DC

The White House Project, Press Club

Presentation: ‘Strategies for women’s leadership.’

24-25th March 2003


International forum on social capital for economic revival, Japanese Cabinet Office

Presentation: ‘Social capital and ITCs

2nd April 2003


DePaul University

Frederic Ozanam Lecture: ‘Digital divide

3rd-5th April 2003


Midwest Political Science Association annual meeting

Presentations: ‘Institutions Matter: Electoral Rules and Voting Choices’ and ‘Who demonstrates? Anti State Rebels, Conventional Participants, or Everyone?’

2nd April 2003


University of Manitoba

Distinguished keynote address: ‘Gendering Social Capital.’

1st May 2003


BBC Television

Election Night Commentator

30th May-1st June 2003


Canadian Political Science Association, annual meeting

Presentation: ‘Comparative social survey research.’

21-22nd July 2003


Stanford University, Workshop on Public Opinion in New Democracies.

Presentation: ‘Muslims and the West: A Clash of Civilizations?’

28th August 2003


American Political Science Association annual meeting

Presentation: ‘Electoral Engineering: Voting Rules and Political Behavior’ and Will new technology boost turnout?’

2-5th October 2003


International IDEA/CSES

Presentation: ‘Electoral Engineering: Voting Rules and Political Behavior.’

25-26th November 2003


European Social Survey Launch Conference

Keynote talk: ‘A continental divide? Social capital in the United States and Europe.’

27-28th November 2003


Council of Europe

Presentation: ‘Young people and political activism: From the politics of loyalties to the politics of choice?

15th December 2003


International IDEA/ CSES

Presentation: ‘Electoral Turnout and civic engagement.’




15th January 2004


Conference ‘Australian Democratic Institutions’, Australian National University

Presentation: ‘E-voting and e-democracy’.

28th January 2004

Otago, New Zealand

Conference on Political Communications in the 21st Century, St Margaret’s College, University of Otago.

Keynote address: ‘The Americanization of Modern Political Campaigns? Contrasts in the US 2000 and UK 2001 elections’

3rd March 2004


UK Cabinet Office

Presentation: ‘Civic engagement: A response.’

4th March 2004



Nuffield College

Presentation: ‘Electoral Engineering and Social Cleavages.’

1st September 2004


American Political Science Association, Political Communication  Section, Pre-conference meeting, University of Illinois-Chicago

Paper: ‘God, guns, and butter: The religious cleavage in American politics.’

2-5th September 2004


American Political Science Association Annual Meeting

Presentation: ‘The rise (and fall?) of the far right in Europe’

Presentation: ‘If you build a community website will they come?’

8th September 2004


The University of Bergen

The Stein Rokkan Memorial Lecture: Sacred and secular: Religion and politics worldwide

10-12th  September 2004


Elections, Parties and Public Opinion group of the PSA, Nuffield College

Presentation: Explaining the rise of the radical right

12th September Oxford ESRC Seminar on religion and politics

Presentation: Sacred and secular

1-2th October Los Angeles

University of Southern California

Presentation: Civic engagement & the young

6-7th December Edinburgh British Council-The State of Democracy seminar

Presentation: Religion and democracy




3-6th March Honolulu International Studies Association

Presentation: Consensus democracy and ethnic conflict

6th April Madison University of Madison, Wisconsin

Talk: Rising Tide

7th April Chicago Dominican University

Lazerow lecture: New technology and civic engagement

7-10th April Chicago Midwest Political Science Association

Paper: Does consociationalism generate political stability in plural societies?

11th April Springfield University of Springfield

Presentation: Religion and Politics

21-22nd April Washington DC Georgetown University

Presentation: Transatlantic rift? Religion and politics in the US and Europe.

5th May London Sky TV

Election night coverage: The 2005 British election

13th May Bologna Johns Hopkins University

Presentation: Transatlantic rift? Religion and politics in the US and Europe

1-4 Sept Washington DC American Political Science Association annual meeting

Paper: Radical right

8-9th  Sept 


European Consortium Political Research

Plenary address: Radical Right

10-11th Sept Essex EPOP post-election conference

Paper: Tba

17-19th Sept Gothenberg Conference on the quality of democracy

Paper: Power-sharing in Post-conflict Regimes

20-21 Jan 2006 New York, NY Russell Sage Foundation/APSA

Paper: Electoral reform in the UK

27-28th Jan 2006

Charlotteville, VA

University of Virginia,

Presentation: The Supply and Demand of Religion

1 March 2006 New York, NY United Nations/Inter-Parliamentary Union

Presentation: Women's representation in Iraq and Afghanistan

7th April 2006 Dartmouth, NH U.Mass Dartmouth

The Emergence of Women's Rights

20-23rd April 2006 Chicago Midwest Political Science Association

Paper: Sustaining Democratic Regimes: Structure, institutions and culture

1 May 2006 Colombo, Sri Lanka UNESCO Conference the Press and Democracy

Paper: Access plus independence: The role of the mass media in democratization

4-6th May 2006 Nashville, TN Vanderbilt University/LAPOP

Paper: Cultural indicators of democratic support

30 August-3rd Sept 2006 Philadelphia American Political Science Association annual conference

Paper: Getting the message out: A two-step model of the role of the internet in campaign communication flows during the 2005 British general election

Paper: Fast-track strategies for achieving women's representation in Iraq and Afghanistan: Choices and consequences

6-7th Oct 2006 Williamsberg,VA College of William and Mary

Paper: The future of democracy: Human development, religion and cultural values

25-27 Oct 2006 The Hague Conference on party development in conflict-prone societies

Talk: Parties and conflict

30 Oct-1 Nov 2006 Doha, Qatar ICNRD 6th conference

Talk: Democracy and development

2-5th Nov 2006 Istanbul World Values Survey conference

Keynote address: Support for the United Nations

6 Apr 2007 New York Sage Foundation conference

Talk: Religion and democracy’ 

15-16 June 2007 Taillores, France Weatherhead Center Conference

Talk: Democracy in Contemporary Global Politics: Global Governance, Foreign Policies, Domestic Politics

26-30 June 2007 Vienna 7th Global Forum on reinventing government,

Talk: Trust in government

29 Aug-1 Sept Chicago APSA Annual Meeting

Talk: Promoting democratic governance: The role of the UNDP

23-24 Oct 2007 Wilton Park, UK Dfid/World Bank conference

Keynote speaker: Democracy and Development

8th Nov 2007 Irvine, CA Center for Democracy, University of California, Irvine

Talk: Can Democracy be Promoted?

1-2 Dec 2007 Gainsville, FL University of Florida, Gainsville conference

Paper: Democratization by Elections

22 Jan 2008 Pennsylvania, PA University of Pennsylvania

Sawer Lecture: Do Power-sharing Institutions Work?

7-9th Feb 2008 Berlin WZB Conference on Democratic Innovations


15-16 Feb 2008 New York SSRC Conference Religion and International Affairs

Paper: Gender and religion

3-6 April 2008 Chicago MPSA Chicago

Paper: Silencing dissent

15-18th May 2008 New Orleans WAPOR Keynote speaker

Plenary: Polls and the Public Good

4-6 June 2008 Vancouver Canadian Political Science Association Plenary speaker
28-31 Aug 2008 Boston American Political Science Association

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