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Britain Votes 2005

Ed. Pippa Norris and Chris Wlezien

Oxford University Press 2005

Research resources

The following provide some selected useful research resources for studying the UK general election. Further links will be added as they become available during the course of the campaign. Suggestions for additional sites are welcome.


Last updated: 10/20/2008


Series of columns by Pippa Norris for the Financial Times about the British general election, held on May 5th 2005.

1. On the uphill challenge facing the Conservatives  FT 6 April 2005

2. On the issue of immigration  FT 14 April 2005

3. On prospects for ethnic minority candidates  FT 21 April 2005

4. On turnout FT 25 April 2005

5. On the campaign FT 5th May 2005

6. On the results FT 7th May 2005

UK Election Results

Main Parliamentary parties

Main Surveys and Opinion Poll Companies

Mass Media

Other resources

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