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Keating, Terry J. 2001. "Lessons from the Recent History of the Health Effects Institute." Science, Technology & Human Values 26(4): 409-430.


Created in 1980, the Health Effects Institute (HEI) funds research relevant to air quality policy debates and performs other tasks at the boundary between the health effects research community and the air quality policy community. In a 1993 review, the HEI was harshly criticized for a lack of relevance and timeliness in its research products and for poor relationships with its sponsors. Since the review, the HEI has undergone a series of changes that have strengthened its position as a central and respected institution in both the health effects research and air quality policy communities. The apparent success of these recent changes suggests a number of lessons that can be learned about the function of boundary organizations, which bridge the worlds of science and governance. In particular, the HEIís recent history demonstrates the importance of effective leadership and the importance of maintaining independence without resorting to isolation.


Additional articles by GEA participants in this special issue on "Boundary Organizations in Environmental Policy and Science"

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