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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
Energy Information Administration
AEI-Brookings Joint Center
American Wind Energy Association
Association of Power Exchanges
The Blackout History Project
Centre for Economic Policy Research
Center for the Advancement of Energy Markets
Clean Energy States Alliance
Consortium for Electric Reliability Technology Solutions
ConsumerEnergy Council of America
The e8
Edison Electric Institute
The Electricity Daily/Journal
Energy Central-News Service
The Energy Foundation
EU Energy Policy Blog
Eurelectric Online (Union of the Electricity Industry)
Galvin Electricity Initiative
Global Energy Marketplace
The Keystone Center
Markets for Electricity Economics and Technology
National Association of State Utility Consumer Advocates
National Bureau of Economic Research
National Commission on Energy Policy
National Council on Electricity Policy
North American Electric Reliability Corporation
Northeast Energy and Commerce Association
NW Energy Coalition
PA LMP Calculator: (model solves for LMP and dispatch for a simple 5-node system, given a set of user-determined variables; often updated to reflect modifications and improvements) PowerWorld Electricity Modeling Software
Reason Public Policy Institute
RenewElec Project Home
Resources for the Future Electricity
Transmission Project Scorecard (ESAI)
US Department of Energy
DOE's National Interest Electric Transmission Bottlenecks (NIETB) Process
Western Interstate Energy Board
World Bank Group — Electricity

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The Baker Institute Energy Forum (Rice University)
Cambridge MIT Institute Electricity Project ("CMI Electricity Project")
Carnegie Mellon Electricity Industry Center
"Electricity" Misconceptions in Textbooks
Energy Modeling Forum
Environment and Natural Resources Program (Kennedy School of Government)
Installed Capacity Conference (CPUC, 4-5 October 2004)
Institute of Public Utilities (Michigan State University)
Instituto de Investigación Tecnológica (Madrid)
Iowa State University Electric Power Market Project/General Resources on Electricity Restructuring
MIT Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research
National Regulatory Research Institute
Power Systems Engineering Research Center 
Public Utility Research Center (University of Florida)
Repsol YPF-Harvard Kennedy School Fellows Program
Steven Stoft's Research Links
University of California Energy Institute
Frank Wolak's Home Page


California Independent System Operator
ERCOT (Texas)
ERCOT Contour Map: Real Time Market - Locational Marginal Pricing (requires SVG viewer)
Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator
Independent System Operator New England
ISO/RTO Council
Regional Transmission Organization for New England
New York Independent System Operator
Monitoring Analytics LLC - Independent Market Monitor for PJM Interconnection
Power Pool of Alberta
Ontario Independent Electricity System Operator
NERTO (Northeast RTO)
Nodal Exchange
RTO West
SeTrans RTO (Southeast RTO)
MISO-PJM Joint and Common Market Contour Map
SPP (Southwest Power Pool)


Asociacion Iberoamericana de Entidades Reguladoras de la Energia
The Australian Utility Regulators Forum
Austrian Electricity Market
Canadian Energy Research Institute
Centre for Energy, Petroleum, Mineral Law and Policy (CEPMLP - Scotland)
Center for The Advancement of Energy Markets (CAEM - Canada)
Centre for Energy Policy and Economics (CEPE - Switzerland)
Clingendael International Energy Program (CIEP - Netherlands)
Commission for Energy Regulation (CER - Ireland)
Council of Australian Governments
(COAG) Energy Market Review
Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER)
Dutch Office for Energy Regulation
Electric Power Optimization Centre (New Zealand)
Energy Market Authority (EMA - Singapore)
Energy Probe (Canada)
European Regulation Forum on Electricity Reforms
European Renewable Energy Council
Financial Transmission Rights (Transpower New Zealand)
Florence School of Regulation
The XIII Repsol YPF-Harvard Seminar on Energy Policy
National Electricity Market Management Company (NEMMCO - UK)
National Electricity Regulator (NER - South Africa)
New Zealand Electricity Commission
New Zealand Ministerial Inquiry into the Electricity Industry
New Zealand Ministry of Economic Development (Electricity Oversight)
Norway Market
Oxford Institute for Energy Studies
Transpower New Zealand
UK Electricity Association
UK Office of Gas and Electricity Markets
Victorian Energy Networks Corporation

State Utility Commissions

National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners
Regulatory Commission of Alaska 
Alabama Public Service Commission 
Arizona Corporation Commission 
Arkansas Public Service Commission 
California Public Utilities Commission 
Colorado Public Utilities Commission 
Connecticut Department of Public Utility Control
Connecticut Siting Council 
Delaware Public Service Commission 
District of Columbia Public Service Commission 
Florida Public Service Commission 
Georgia Public Service Commission 
Hawaii Public Utilities Commission 
Idaho Public Utilities Commission 
Illinois Commerce Commission 
Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission 
Iowa Utilities Board 
Kansas Corporation Commission 
Kentucky Public Service Commission 
Louisiana Public Service Commission 
Maine Public Utilities Commission 
Maryland Public Service Commission 
Massachusetts Department of Telecommunications and Energy 
Michigan Public Service Commission 
Minnesota Public Utilities Commission 
Mississippi Public Service Commission  
Missouri Public Service Commission
Montana Public Service Commission 
Nebraska Public Service Commission 
Nebraska Power Review Board 
Nevada Public Utilities Commission 
New Hampshire Public Service Commission 
New Jersey Board of Public Utilities 
New Mexico Public Regulation Commission 
New York State Public Service Commission 
North Carolina Utilities Commission 
North Dakota Public Service Commission 
Ohio Public Utility Commission 
Oklahoma Corporation Commission 
Oregon Public Utility Commission 
Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission 
Rhode Island Division of Public Utilities and Carriers and the Public Utilities Commission 
South Carolina Public Service Commission 
South Dakota Public Utility Commission 
Tennessee Regulatory Authority 
Texas Public Utility Commission  
Utah Public Service Commission 
Vermont Department of Public Service 
Vermont Public Service Board 
Virginia State Corporation Commission 
Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission 
West Virginia Public Service Commission 
Wisconsin Public Service Commission 
Wyoming Public Service Commission 
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