Request Papers

> Email or fax the HEPG Project Administrator with your name, address, phone number and an alphabetical list of papers.

> Please alphabetize your list of papers.

> Please limit your request to ten papers.

> If you wish to cite any unpublished papers, presentations, or anything labelled "Draft," you must obtain permission from the author.

> If you would like to receive your papers via Federal Express or UPS, include your account number. There is no charge for "snailmail."

> Our paper request service is a courtesy we provide in the interests of the field. Our standard practice is to process requests within ten business days. As a general rule, most requests are processed within 1-3 days.

> In addition to our Search function, one can also search the text of citations themselves (useful for non-electronic listings in hardcopy format). Go to Research Papers to choose the subject area and complete a text-based search (e.g. ctrl+f – “find in page”) for the author or title.

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