Research Papers

RTO Cost Benefit Analyses

2005 | 2004 | 2002


Potomac Economics, Ltd. Estimated Market Effects of the New York Renewable Portfolio Standard. June 2005. Report, 50 pages.


Snohomish County Public Utility District. Study of Costs, Benefits and Alternatives to Grid West. 15 October 2004. Final report (prepared by Henwood Energy Services, Inc.), 88 pages.

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Staff Report on Cost Ranges for the Development and Operation of a Day One Regional Transmission Organization [Docket No. PL04-16-000]. 6 October 2004. 124 pages.

The items below, which are three of the most requested, are representative of the cost benefit analyses available concerning the creation of RTOs and other issues. Also see State Utility Commissions and RTO/ISO.


FERC (ICF Consulting). Economic Assessment of RTO Policy. 26 February 2002. Paper, 91 pages. There have been extensive comments and response to this assessment.Go to FERC and search for Docket RM01-12.

RTO West (Tabors, Caramanis and Associates). RTO West Benefit/Cost Study. 11 March 2002. Paper, 149 pages.

PJM. The PJM Cost/Benefit Analysis for the New England RTO. Preliminary Draft - for Discussion Purposes only. <br>4 January 2002. Presentation, 13 pages.


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Competitive Market Models and Transitions to Competition

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Transmission Planning

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