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Competitive Market Models and Transitions to Competition

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The XIII Repsol YPF-Harvard Seminar on Energy Policy


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Roach, Craig, Stuart Rein and Vincent Musco. "A Review of the Southwest Power Pool's Integrated Market Proposal." Prepared by: Boston Pacific Company, Inc., as an Independent Advisor to the SPP Board of Directors. December 30, 2010. 45 pages.

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using Principal Component Analysis: Network and Market Structure Effects."
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Harvill, Terry. All The King's Horses and All The King's Men: Can Humpty Dumpty Be Put Together Again? 31 May 2007. Presentation, 22 pages.

Rosenthal, Joseph. Re-Building Humpty: Generation Planning for the Next Generation. 31 May 2007. Presentation, 15 pages.

Von Hoene, William Jr. All the King's Horses and All The King's Men: Can Humpty Dumpty Be Put Together Again?
31 May 2007. Presentation, 11 pages.

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Hogan, William. Path Dependent Transmission Access. 9 June 2006. Presentation, 23 pages.

Schnitzer, Michael. Wholesale and Retail Electricity Market Models: Will They Mesh Well or Cancel Each Other Out? 1 June 2006. Presentation, 5 pages.

Reese, John. Wholesale and Retail Electricity Market Models: Will They Mesh Well or Cancel Each Other Out?
1 June 2006. Presentation, 21 pages.

Migden-Ostrander, Janine. Wholesale and Retail Electricity Market Models: Will They Mesh Well or Cancel Each Other Out? 1 June 2006. Presentation, 17 pages.

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O'Connor, David. What Price Reliability? Or How to Intervene in a Market When It May Not Be Failing. 2 December 2004. Presentation, 12 pages.

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Part 1 (15 pages) and Part 2 (12 pages). 1993.

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