Research Papers

The Flowgate Debate

Throughout the world there are continuing discussions and debates about alternative institutions for restructured electricity markets. One set of ideas under the general heading of the "flowgate" model for transmission rights received increased attention in 2000. The EPRI/Stanford MEET Conference of 17-19 August 2000 was an important milestone in the continuing examination of flowgate models.

In part, this conference stimulated an expansion of the analysis and extended discussions through email and subsequent papers. Given the importance of the topic and the pressure to make policy decisions, many materials presented here skipped the normal process of synthesis, refinement and publication. A prominent collection of papers and email exchanges follows. Steven Stoft maintains information on the flowgate debate.

Ruff, Larry. Flowgates, Contingency-Constrained Dispatch and FTRs. 18 October 2000. Paper, 37 pages.

Ruff, Larry and Shmuel Oren. Email and Letter Exchange. 29 August-25 September 2000 (revised 4 October 2000). 10 pages

Baldick, Chandley, Dauphinais, Doying, Garber, Hogan, Oren, Ott, Papalexopoulos, Rothkopf, Ruff and Shanker. Flowgate Emails. 15-29 September 2000 (revised 6 October 2000). 21 pages.

Chao, Hung-Po, Stephen Peck, Shmuel Oren and Robert Wilson. Flow Based Transmission Rights and Congestion Management Draft. June 2000 (revised 15 September 2000). Paper, 28 pages.

Outhred, Hugh. Observations on the Workshop on Markets for Electricity-Economics and Technology (MEET), Stanford University, California. 17-19 August 2000 (revised 11 October 2000). Paper, 8 pages.

Ruff, Larry. Flow-Based Markets: Some Questions and Observations. 18 August 2000. Presentation, 33 pages.

Tabors, Caramanis and Associates.
Real Flow: A Preliminary Proposal for a Flow-based Congestion Management System. 20 July 2000. Paper, 26 pages.
Real Flow: A New Congestion Management System (CMS) Frequently Asked Questions. 18 July 2000. 6 pages.

Cazalet, Ed and Ralph Samuelson. The Power Market: E-Comerce For All Electricity Products. 1 February 2000. Article, 7 pages. See also

Ruff, Larry. FGRs and NTRs: Round N+1. 23 September 2000. Paper,
10 pages.

Oren, Shmuel. FGRs vs. Pt. to Pt. FTRs: One More Round. 22 September 2000. Paper, 9 pages.

Chandley, John and Laura Manz. Responses to Common Questions About LMP & FTRs, Flowgate Rights and LMP/Flowgate Hybrids. 21 September 2000. Paper, 8 pages.

Tabors, Caramanis and Associates. PJM Congestion History - Bad News or Good News for Flowgates (Part I)? Response to PJM paper Can Flowgates Really Work? Draft. 21 September 2000. 5 pages.

Ott Andrew (PJM Interconnection). Can Flowgates Really Work? An Analysis of Transmission Congestion in the PJM Market from April 1, 1998 to April 30, 2000. 15 Septmeber 2000. Paper, 20 pages.

Ruff, Larry. Letter to Shmuel Oren. 12 September 2000. 5 pages.

Cadwalader, Michael, John Chandley and William Hogan. Analysis of LMP/Flowgate Hybrid Market Designs.
8 September 2000. Paper, 21 pages.

Ruff, Larry. Letter to Shmuel Oren, Flowgates Chapter 3. 8 September 2000. 16 pages.

Midwest ISO Hybrid Model Working Group. Midwest ISO Hybrid Proposal for Linking Forward Flowgate Transmission Markets to Real-Time Locational Marginal Pricing Dispatch. 6 September 2000. Paper, 32 pages.

Oren, Shmuel. Letter to Larry Ruff. 2 September 2000. 3 pages.

Ruff, Larry. Still More on Flowgates, FTRs, Options and Obligations Draft. 29 August 2000. 15 pages.

Oren, Shmuel. More on Options vs. Obligations and FGRs vs. Pt. to Pt. FTRs Draft. 29 August 2000. 11 pages.

Ruff, Larry. Flowgates vs. FTRs, and Options vs. Obligations Draft. 26 August 2000. 12 pages.

Hogan, William. Flowgate Rights and Wrongs. 20 August 2000. Paper, 51 pages.


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