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Capacity Markets
Climate Change
Competitive Market Models and Transitions to Competition
Distributed Energy Resources (Demand Response, Demand Side Management/Conservation, Distributed Generation)
Electric Storage
EPAct and Predictions for the Future
FERC Rulings and Reports
Financial Markets
Financial Transmission Rights
Flowgate Models, Transmission (Including Direct Access) and Transmission Rights
Investment Incentives/Risk Allocation
Lessons from Abroad
Lessons from Other US Industries
Market Liquidity
Market "Manipulation"
Merchant Transmission
Mergers, Market Power and Anti-Trust
National Energy Policy
Natural Gas

Nuclear Power
PEV (Plug-in Electric Vehicles)
Public Power
Regional Transmission Organizations
Regulation, Governance and Judicial Review
Renewable Energy
Research and Development
Resource Adequacy
Retail Pricing
Scarcity Pricing

Smart Grid
Standard Market Design and Demand-Side Activities
State and Regional Activities
Stranded Benefits (Including Public Policy, Environment, DSM, IRP)
Stranded Investments, Assets, Costs (Including the Nuclear Question)
Technology Incentives
Transmission: Cost Allocation, Investment, and Planning

Wholesale and Retail Competition
Miscellaneous (Including Electricity Futures, Economic Principles, Financial Reform)


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