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Regulation, Governance and Judicial Review

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Brown, Ashley. "Assuring Coherence in Regulation and Trade: Institutional Arrangements for Doing So." Presentation to UNCTAD's Multi-Year Expert Meeting. Geneva, Switzerland, May 18, 2016.

Brown, Ashley. "Electricity Markets: Interface between Regulation and Trade." Presentation to UNCTAD's Multi-Year Expert Meeting. Geneva, Switzerland, May 18, 2016.

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Brown, Ashley. "Public Policy and Modernization of Energy Systems Regulatory Options." Presentation to the Smart Grid Forum, Sao Paulo, Brazil, November 2015.

Brown, Ashley. "Transparency, Accountability, and Credibility in Regulation." Presentationto the 6th World Forum    on Energy Regulation, Istanbul, Turkey, May 2015.

Brown, Ashley and Carolina Lembo. “Electricity Services Toolkit.” Sponsored by UNCTAD. Sept. 2015.

Perez-Arriaga, Ignacio, Carlos Batlle, and Christopher Knittel. "Engineering, Economics and Regulation of the     Electric Power Sector." Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, Spring 2015.

Rossi, Jim. "The Federal Power Act's Federalism(s)." Presentation to the Harvard Electricity Policy Group's 79th       Plenary Session, Washington, DC, June 2015.

Shanker, Roy. "Stakeholder Processes: A Good Idea, But..." Presentation to the Harvard Electricity Policy Group     78th Plenary Session, Half Moon Bay, CA, March 2015.

Supreme Court of the United States. On Writs of Certiorari: Brief of Robert L. Borlick, Joseph Bowring, James       Bushness, and 19 Other Leading Economists as Amici Curiae in Support of Respondents. Nos. 14-840, 14-841.       Washington, DC, 2015.

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Clark, Tony. "The DC Circuit Court Decision on Order No. 745." FERC: Media, June 11, 2014.

Electric Power Supply Association v. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, No. 11-1486, United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. Decided May 23, 2014.

Raskin, Dave. "Jurisdiction Over Net Metering." Presentation to the Harvard Electricity Policy Group 75th Plenary     Session, Cambridge, MA, June 2014.

Scherman, William, Brandon Johnson and Jason Fleischer. "The FERC Enforcement Process: Time for Structural Due Process and Substantive Reforms." Energy Law Journal Vol. 35, No. 1 (2014).


Willett, Ed. "Reflections from the Main Game: The Economic Regulation of Infrastructure." Network, Issue 48, August 2013.

Abraham, Spencer, and Mark P. Mills. Dodd-Frank and Energy Price Stability: Time to Rein In Unintended Consequences. Abraham Energy Report White Paper (November 4, 2013).

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Binz, Ron, Richard Sedano, Denise Furey and Dan Mullen. "Practicing Risk-Aware Electricity Regulation: What Every State Regulator Needs to Know." A Ceres report, April 2012.

Borlick, Robert. "Role of Retail Regulation in Demand Response." Mid-Atlantic Distributed Resources Initiative Working Group Meeting, February 2, 2012.

Cicala, Steve. "When Does Regulation Distort Costs? Lessons from Fuel Procurement in US Electricity Generation." Harvard University mimeo, November 9, 2012.

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Pociask, Steve, and Joseph P. Fuhr, Jr. "Progress Denied: A Study on the Potential Economic Impact of Permitting
Challenges Facing Proposed Energy Projects.
" Report commissioned by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with its Project No Project initiative. March 10, 2011.

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COMPETE Coalition Study: Regulation and Oversight of the Electric Power Industry. Sept 14, 2010.

Weston, Frederick. Revenue Regulation in the US: Mid-Term Report. Presentation to the Harvard Electricity Policy Group, Sixty-First Plenary Session, Marana, AZ, December 9, 2010. 14 pages.

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Hogan, William. Regulation and Electricity Markets. Presentation to the Harvard Electricity Policy Group 53rd Plenary Session, December 11, 2008. 9 pages.

Kahn, Robert.  Can we mitigate utilities’ “self-build” bias?  Regulatory Treatment of Purchased Power. Presentation to the HEPG 52nd Plenary Session. October, 2008. 24 pages

Roach, Craig.  Financial Incentives for Utilities to Purchase Resources: the Right Reasons, the Right Way. Presentation to the HEPG 52nd Plenary Session. October, 2008.  8 pages.

Tierney, Susan.  Regulatory Treatment of Purchased Power: Pass Through or Profit Center? Give Away or Value Creation? Presentation to the HEPG 52nd Plenary Session. October, 2008. 26 pages.

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Hemmingway, Roy. Independence of Regulatory Decisions in New Zealand. 30 November 2006. Presentation, 8 pages.

Vasconcelos, Jorge. Towards the Internal Energy Market: How To Bridge a Regulatory Gap and Build a Regulatory Framework. 30 September 2006. Paper, 17 pages.

Joskow, Paul. Regulating Markets. 22 September 2006. Presentation, 22 pages.

Brown, Ashley. Load Serving Entities and Hedging: Critical Regulatory Issues. 21 September 2006. Presentation,
7 pages.

Connolly, Paul. To Hedge or Not To Nedge. 21 September 2006. Presentation, 42 pages.

Jurewitz, John. Regulation of Utility Power Procurement and Hedging Activities. 21 September 2006. Presentation,
14 pages.

Rose, Kenneth. Regulation and Hedging for Load Serving Entities. 21 September 2006. Presentation, 9 pages.


Melnyk, Markian. PUHCA Repeal and the Challenges Ahead. 8 December 2005. Presentation, 33 pages.

Hempling, Scott. Corporate Structure Regulation After PUHCA: Challenges for Regulators. 8 December 2005. Presentation, 15 pages.

Brown, Ashley. Transparency and Good Decision-Making: Irreconcilable Differences or Happy Bedfellows? 3 March 2005. Presentation, 17 pages.


United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. On Petition for Review of Orders of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. 10 December 2004. No. 03-1182. Decision, 20 pages.

Hederman, William. The Challenges of Maintaining Market Efficiency in Mitigated Markets. 8 October 2004. Presentation, 22 pages.

United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. People of the State of California vs. Dyengy, et al. 6 July 2004. No. 02-16619, et al. Decision, 39 pages.

United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. California Independent System Operator Corporation v. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. 22 June 2004. No. 02-1287. Decision, 16 pages.

Lockyer, Bill (Attorney General, State of California). Attorney General's Energy White Paper: A Law Enforcement Perspective on the California Energy Crisis. Recommendations for Improving Enforcement and Protecting Consumers in Deregulated Energy Markets. April 2004. White Paper, 90 pages.

Wallsten, Scott, George Clarke, Luke Haggarty, Rosario Kaneshiro, Roger Noll, Mary Shirley and Lixin Colin Xu (AEI-Brookings Joint Center). New Tools for Studying Network Industry Reforms in Developing Countries: The Telecommunications and Electricity Regulation Database. March 2004. Abstract plus links to report and databases.

Cowan, William (FERC). Docket No. ER03-262-009. 12 March 2004. Initial Decision (AEP, PJM, Virginia and Kentucky), 105 pages.


US Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources. The 2003 Energy Bill.

Brown, Ashley. Corporate Governance in Energy: Post-Enron. 8 May 2003. Presentation, 13 pages.

Brennan, Timothy (Resources for the Future). State and Federal Roles in Facilitating Electricity Restructuring: Legal and Economic Perspectives. A revised version of this paper will appear in Regional Transmission Organizations: Restructuring Electricity Transmission in Canada. W.D. Walls, ed. (Calgary: The Van Horne Institute, 2003). April 2003. Paper, 30 pages.

Delmas, Magali and Yesim Tokat (University of California Energy Institute). Deregulation Process, Governance Structures and Efficiency: The U.S. Electric Utility Sector. March 2003. Energy Policy and Economics Working Paper 004, 35 pages.

Delmas, Magali, and Yesim Tokat (Farsi, Mehdi, and Filippini Massimo (Centre for Energy Policy and Economics, Switzerland).). Regulation and Measuring Cost Efficiency with Panel Data Models: Application to Electricity Distribution Utilities. January 2003. CEPE Working Paper No. 19, 21 pages.


"Asleep at the Switch: FERC's Oversight of Enron Corporation" Materials from US Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs Hearing, 12 November 2002.

Berick, David. Testimony to the US Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs: FERC's Oversight of Enron.
12 November 2002. 9 pages.

Joskow, Paul. Testimony to the US Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs: FERC's Oversight of Enron.
12 November 2002. 14 pages.

Staff of the Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs. Staff Memorandum to the US Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs: FERC's Oversight of Enron. 12 November 2002. 51 pages.

Wolak, Frank. Testimony to the US Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs: FERC's Oversight of Enron.
12 November 2002. 23 pages.

Wood III, Pat. Testimony to the US Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs: FERC's Oversight of Enron.
12 November 2002. 14 pages.

Staff of the Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs. Financial Oversight of Enron: The SEC and Private Sector Watchdogs. 8 October 2002. Paper, 131 pages.

Holburn, Guy and Pablo Spiller. Interest Group Representation in Administrative Institutions: The Impact of Consumer Advocates and Elected Commissioners in Regulatory Policy in the United States. October 2002. UCEI Energy Policy and Economics Working Paper 002, 38 pages.

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Complaint for Declaratory Judgment and Injunctive Relief. FERC vs. CAISO – United States District Court, District of Columbia. Case No. 1:02CV01625. 19 August 2002. 23 pages.

United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. Atlantic City Electric Company, et al., Petitioners v. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Respondent & Duquesne Light Company, et al., Intervenors. No. 97-1097. 12 July 2002. 24 pages.

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry: Agency for Natural Resources and Energy. First Report to the Leaders on the US - Japan Regulatory Reform and Competition Policy Initiative. 25 June 2002. 50 pages.

General Accounting Office of US Congress (GAO). Energy Markets: Concerted Actions Needed by FERC to Confront Challenges that Impede Effective Oversight. 14 June 2002. Report, 101 pages.

Supreme Court of the United States. New York et al v. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission et al. No. 00-568.
4 March 2002. Judicial decision, 45 pages.

Hempling, Scott. Testimony on PUHCA and S.1766 Before the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, United States Senate. 6 February 2002. 38 pages.

Brown, Ashley. Confusing Means and Ends: Framework of Restructuring, Not Privatization, Matters Most. January 2002. Paper, 14 pages.

Bradford, Peter (Regulatory Assistance Project). Testimony Before the United States Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works Subcommittee on Transportation, Infrastructure and Nuclear Safety - Renewal of the Price Anderson Act. 23 January 2002. Testimony and analysis, 4 pages.

Brown, Ashley. The Duty of Regulators to Have Ex Parte Communications, The Electricity Journal. March. 5 ppages. Order from:


Shew, William. Yardstick Competition and the Regulation of Natural Monopoly. Hudson Institute. 1999.

Joskow, Paul. Regulation of Transmission Companies. 24 September 1999. Presentation.

Reed, William. Incentive Regulation for Electric Distribution Companies. 24 September 1999. Presentation.

Vogelsang, Ingo. Price Regulation for Independent Transmission Companies. 10 September 1999.

Costello, Kenneth. Future Trends in Performance-Based Regulation for US Investor-Owned Electric Utilities. National Regulatory Research Institute. January 1999.


Van Doren, Peter. Executive Summary of the Deregulation of the Electricity Industry: A Primer. 6 October 1998.
Complete text available at: January 2002. Paper, 14 pages.

Brown, Ashley. Developing Sustainable Regulatory Institutions in Developing Countries: Some Long Term Considerations for Investors. 30 September 1998. Presentation.

Garber, Don. Looking to National Electric Restructuring Legislation. 22 May 1998. Presentation.

Downs, Clark Evans and Kenneth Driver. Can The FERC Lawfully Order Transmission Providers To Participate In An ISO? Will It Anyway? 9 April 1998.

Hahn, Robert and Robert Stavins. Integrating Environmental Concerns and Utility Restructuring: Lessons from Economics. 6 April 1998.

Kaplan, Susan. Federal Electricity Restructuring Legislation: The Current Scenario. April 1998.

Clinton Administration. Comprehensive Electricity Competition Plan. 25 March 1998.


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Binz, Ron. After Electric Restructuring: What's a Regulator to Do? Presentation to the Harvard Electricity Policy Group, 21 November 1997.

Cowart, Richard. FERC's Principles - PJM Order, 11/13/96. Presentation. 9 January 1997.

Fielder, John. Can Cost Accountants Be Retrained as Referees? Presentation to the HEPG Special Session on Regulation. 21 November 1997. Presentation.

Joskow, Paul. What Can Go Wrong? 21 November 1997. Presentation.

O'Neill, Richard. What's a Regulator to Do? 21 November 1997. Presentation.

Lenard, Thomas. Looking Ahead to the New Electricity Market: What Should Regulators Do? 21 November 1997. Presentation.


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Brown, Ashley. Regional Regulation: An Option in the Array of Regulatory Institutions for a Restructured Electricity Sector. 14 November 1996.

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14 November 1996. Presentation.

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21 September 1994.

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US Congress. Tennessee Valley Authority Act. 1933.


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