Research Papers

The XIII Repsol YPF-Harvard Seminar on Energy Policy

Repsol YPF-Harvard Program on Energy Policy. On Electricity Restructuring. 10 May 2003. Overview of Session, 1 page.

Flaim, Theresa. Restructuring Wholesale and Retail Electricity Markets in the U.S.: Lessons from the Bleeding Edge of Restructuring. 10 May 2003. Presentation, 18 pages.

Huidobro, Luisa. The Outlook for Liberalization of Energy Markets in an Age of Increased Uncertainty. 10 May 2003. Presentation, 37 pages.

Massey, William. Electricity Market Reform: The U.S. (FERC) Experience. 10 May 2003. Presentation, 17 pages.

Massoni, Michel. French Electricity Liberalization and the European Context. 10 May 2003. Presentation, 13 pages.


Capacity Markets

Climate Change


Competitive Market Models and Transitions to Competition

Electric Storage

Demand Response

Demand Side Management/Conservation

Distributed Generation

EPAct and Predictions for the Future

FERC Rulings and Reports

Financial Markets

Financial Transmission Rights

Investment Incentives/Risk Allocation

Lessons from Abroad

Lessons from Other US Industries


Market Liquidity

Market "Manipulation"

Merchant Transmission

Mergers, Market Power and Anti-Trust

National Energy Policy

Natural Gas

Nuclear Power

PEV (Plug-in Electric Vehicles)

Public Power

Regional Transmission Organizations

Regulation, Governance and Judicial Review


Renewable Energy

Research and Development

Resource Adequacy

Retail Pricing

Scarcity Pricing


Smart Grid

Standard Market Design and Demand-Side Activities

State and Regional Activities


Stranded Benefits (Including Public Policy, Environment, DSM, IRP)

Stranded Investments, Assets, Costs (Including the Nuclear Question)

Transmission Cost Allocation

Technology Incentives

Transmission Investment

Transmission Planning

Wholesale and Retail Competition

Miscellaneous (Including Electricity Futures, Economic Principles, Financial Reform)