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Standard Market Design and Demand-Side Activities

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Hogan, William. "Multiple Market-Clearing Prices, Electricity Market Design and Price Manipulation." March 31, 2012.

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Chao, Hung-Po. Demand Management in Restructured Wholesale Electricity Markets. May 20, 2010. 45 pages.

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Faruqui, Ahmad and Sanem Sergici. Household Response To Dynamic Pricing Of Electricity—A Survey Of The Experimental Evidence. January 10, 2009, 53 pages.

Chao, Hung Po. An Economic Framework of Demand Response in Restructured Electricity Markets. February 5, 2009. 43 pages.


Mukerji, Rana. Demand Response in Wholesale Electricity Markets. 15 March 2007. Presentation, 18 pages.

Meade, Dave. Praxair: Making Our Planet More Productive. 15 March 2007. Presentation, 21 pages.

Star, Anthony. Can Real-Time Pricing Be The Real Deal? 15 March 2007. Presentation, 15 pages.


Healy, Tim. Demand Response: An Underutilized Capacity Resource Whose Time is Now. 30 November 2006. Presentation, 26 pages.


Lynch, Mark. NYISO Ancillary Services Markets. 8 December 2005. Presentation, 20 pages.

Hogan, William. Connecting Reliability Standards and Electricity Markets. 8 December 2005. Presentation, 23 pages.

Alvarado, Fernando. Mandatory Reliability and Markets. 8 December 2005. Presentation, 10 pages.

Midwest ISO. An Energy-Only Market For Resource Adequacy in the Midwest ISO Region. 23 November 2005. Paper,
54 pages.

Hogan, William. On an "Energy Only" Electricity Market Design for Resource Adequacy. 23 September 2005. Presentation, 39 pages.

Morrison, Jay. The Clash of Industry Visions. Electricity Journal, January/February 2005. 17 pages.

Kelly, Susan. Restructuring at the Crossroads: The APPA White Paper. 4 March 2005. Presentation,22 pages.
See also APPA, Restructuring at the Crossroads: FERC Electric Policy Reconsidered. December 2004. White Paper,
36 pages.

Van Doren, Peter. Some Economic Questions About Restructuring. 4 March 2005. Presentation, 2 pages.

Hogan, William. Electricity Restructuring: Open Access from Order 888 to Successful Market Design ("SMD"). 4 March 2005. Presentation, 22 pages.

Crampton, Peter, Hung-po Chao and Robert Wilson. Review of the Proposed Reserve Markets in New England.
18 January 2005. Paper, 65 pages.


APPA. Restructuring at the Crossroads: FERC Electric Policy Reconsidered. December 2004. White Paper, 36 pages.

Van Doren, Peter and Jerry Taylor. Rethinking Electricity Restructuring. December 2004. Paper (Policy Analysis No. 530, Cato Institute). 16 pages.

Read, Jamie. Re-Verticalizing Electricity. 4 June 2004. Presentation, 8 pages.

Hogan, William. Successful Market Design ("SMD") and Electricity Markets. 29-30 March 2004. Presentation, 16 pages.

Baldick, Ross. Economic Dispatch and ERCOT. 28 April 2004. Presentation, 20 pages.

Bowring, Joseph (PM). Market Monitors: An Institutional Innovation in Electricity Regulation. 8 April 2004. Presentation, 28 pages.

California Public Utilities Commission (Division of Strategic Planning). ACore/Noncore Structure for Electricity in California; Letter to California Assembly Utilities and Commerce Committee. 15 March 2004. Staff Report, 102 pages. Letter, 3 pages.


PJM and MISO. Managing Congestion to Address Seams: A Proposal for Congestion Management Coordination. 4 August 2003. 126 pages.

Christensen Associates, Inc. Erecting Sandcastles from Numbers: The CAEM Study of Restructuring Electricity Markets ... 3 December 2003. Paper, 28 pages.

Rowe, Robert. Successful Market Design: What Shouuld a State Want? 12 December 2003. Presentation, 43 pages.

O'Neill, Richard. Transmission Investments and Markets. 11 December 2003. Presentation, 24 pages.

Hadley, David. Successful Market Design: What Should a State Want? 12 December 2003. Presentation, 18 pages.

Chandley, John. Successful Market Design: What Should a State Want? 12 December 2003. Presentation, 18 pages.

Neff, Shirley. The Making of Sausages and Energy Policy: Not a Pretty Picture. 4 December 2003. Presentation,
13 pages.

Welch, Thomas. 2003 Transmission Is Not the Question. 20 November 2003. Presentation, 8 pages.

Hogan, William. Successful Market Design ("SMD") and Failure Diagnosis: Blackouts and Lampposts in Regulating Electricity Markets. 9 October 2003. Presentation, 20 pages.

Reiss, Peter and Matthew White (National Bureau of Economic Research). Demand and Pricing in Electricity Markets: Evidence from San Diego During California's Energy Crisis September2003. Paper, 53 pages.

HEPG. US Wholesale Market Design Ingredients as of October 2003. 3 October 2003. Table, 3 pages.

Moler, Elizabeth Anne. Unintended Consequences of Delaying FERC's Standard Market Design. 24 September 2003.
5 pages.

Sutherland, Ronald (CAEM). Estimating the Benefits of Restructuring Electricity Markets: An Application to the PJM Region. 22 September 2003. Report, 70 pages.

ISO New England and New York ISO. Virtual Regional Dispatch: Concept, Evaluation and Proposal. 19 May 2003. Joint Working Paper, 22 pages.

US General Accounting Office (GAO). Energy Markets: Additional Actions Would Help Ensure That FERC's Oversight and Enforcement Capability Is Comprehensive and Systematic. 27 August 2003. Report, 78 pages.

Welch, Thomas (Maine Public Utilities Commission). An Open Letter Concerning Electricity Markets. 18 August 2003. Commentary, 4 pages.

US General Accoutning Office (GAO). Electricity Restructuring: Action Needed to Address Emerging Gaps in Federal Information Collection. June 2003. Report, 77 pages.

Bekman, Kenneth. Reliability and Standard Market Design (Wholesale Power Market Platform): A Square Plug and a Round Socket. 14 May 2003. Presentation, 30 pages.

US Department of Energy. Report to Congress: Impacts of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's Proposal for Standard Market Design. 30 April 2003. Paper, 78 pages.

FERC. Remedying Undue Discrimination Through Open Access Transmission Service and Standard Electricity Market Design. 29 April 2003. Docket No. RM01-12-000.
Notice of White Paper. 1 page.
White Paper - Wholesale Power Market Platform
Appendix A: Comparison of The Proposed Wholesale Market Platform with The RTO Requirements of Order No. 2000

ISO New England. Standard Market Design Implementation Report (SMD 100 Hour Report). 7 March 2003. 24 pages. Appendix A 65 pages.

Wood III, Pat (FERC). Wholesale Power Markets (Address to CERA). 13 February 2003. 9 pages.

O'Neill, Richard. The Transition to Standard Market Design. 30 January 2003. Presentation, 23 pages.

ISO New England. Congestion Management Under Standard Market Design. 17 January 2003. Paper, 20 pages.

Yoshimura, Henry. Making Demand Response Work in New England. 9 January 2003. Presentation, 20 pages.

Hirst, Eric. Long-Term Resource Adequacy: The Role of Demand Resources. January 2003. Paper, 25 pages.

ISO New England. Congestion Management Under SMD. January 2003. Report, 20 pages.


Virginia State Corporation Commission. Review of FERC's Proposed Standard Market Design and Potential Risks to Electric Service in Virginia: Addendum to 2002 Status Report on Competition. 30 December 2002. Paper, 50 pages.

Michie, Preston and Chuck Durick. Market Design for the West. 5 December 2002. Presentation, 16 pages.

Hunt, Sally. What's Required and What's Allowed? 5 December 2002. Presentation, 18 pages.

Ott, Andrew. Market Design for the West. 5 December 2002. Presentation, 6 pages.

Chandley, John and William Hogan. Initial Comments of John D. Chandley and William W. Hogan on the Standard Market Design NOPR . FERC Docket No. RM01-12-0000. 11 November 2002. 101 pages.

Ruff, Larry. Assuring Resource Adequacy: Concepts, Options and the SMD. 18 October 2002. Presentation, 23 pages.

O'Neill, Richard. Promoting Competition and Efficiency Under the Standard Market Design. 26 September 2002. Presentation, 22 pages.

Torgerson, Jim. MISO Comments on SMK NOPR. 26 September 2002. Presentation, 9 pages.

Laughlin, Kenneth. Comments on SMK NOPR. 26 September 2002. Presentation, 12 pages.

Museler, William. The NYISO's View of the FERC SMD NOPR. 26 September 2002. Presentation, 8 pages.

Hogan, William. Electricity Standard Market Design: Proposal A, Analysis A -, Execution? 26 September 2002. Presentation, 13 pages.

Ruff, Larry. Economic Principles of Demand Response in Electricity. "Prepared by Larry Ruff for the Edison Electric Institute. The opinions and conclusions of the paper are those of the author alone." October 2002. Paper, 58 pages.

FERC's Standard Market Design Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

FERC. Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Standard Market Design. 31 July 2002. Regulatory proposal (collected here in one large zip file as a convenience).

FERC. Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Standard Market Design - Annotated Version. 31 July 2002. Regulatory proposal, large zip file. Instructions for use of Annotated FERC NOPR.

FERC. Press Release - Notice for Proposed Rulemaking. 31 July 2002. 20 pages.

Independent Electricity Market Operator of Ontario. Participant Priorities for Future Market Design - Consultation Report. 26 March 2002. 33 pages.

Henney, Alex and Tim Russell. Lessons from The Institutional Framework of Transmission, System Operation, and Energy Markets in Most West European Countries and Some Other Countries – The Case for Transcos. 1 July 2002. FERC Submission - Electricity Market Design and Structure Docket No. RM 01-12-00. 47 pages.

Hirst, Eric (Edison Electric Institute). Barriers to Price-Responsive Demand in Wholesale Electricity Markets. June 2002. Paper, 24 pages.

Dworkin, Michael. Standard Market Design: Maybe? Good Market Design: Yes! 30 May 2002. Presentation, 17 pages.

Electric Power Supply Association. Still Waters Run Deep: Research on Price Volatility in Short-Term Electricity Markets and the Implications of that Research for FERC’s Standard Market Design. 14 May 2002. Paper, 30 pages.

Hogan, William. Comments - Electricity Market Design and Structure: Working Paper on Standardized Transmission Service and Wholesale Electric Market Design . 10 April 2002. FERC docket submission. 5 pages.

Perlman, Brett. Texas Competitive Market Structure. 3 April 2002. Presentation, 12 pages.

Walton, Steven. Beyond Standard Market Design. 3 April 2002. Presentation, 12 pages.

Hogan, William. Financial Transmission Right Formulations. 31 March 2002. Paper, 59 pages.

Hogan, William. Financial Transmission Right Formulations: Can Hybrid Models Work? 3 April 2002. Presentation,
14 pages.

FERC. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Working Paper on Standardized Tranmission Service and Wholesale Electric Market Design. March 2002. 29 pages.

Hogan, William. Electricity Market Design and Structure: Avoiding the Separation Fallacy. FERC Docket No. RM01-12-000. 12 March 2002. Comments and docket submission. 7 pages.

Ruff, Larry. Defining and Allocating RTO Functions: Opening Statement of Larry E. Ruff. FERC Technical Conference on Allocation of RTO Functions and Characteristics. 19 September 2002. Testimony, 4 pages.

TransPower New Zealand, Ltd. Confirmed Pricing Methodology: Final Design Principles. 29 March 2002. Paper,
34 pages.

California ISO. Market Design 2002 Project - Preliminary Draft Comprehensive Design Proposal. 8 January 2002. Paper, 22 pages.

Hogan, William. California Market Design Breakthrough. 13 January 2002. Commentary, 3 pages.

Chandley, John and William Hogan. Independent Transmission Companies in a Regional Transmission Organization.
20 December 2001 (revised 8 January 2002). Paper, 22 pages.


Independent Electricity Market Operator of Ontario. Setting Priorities for the Evolution of the Market Design. December 2001. Report, 31 pages.

Ruff, Larry. Replacing the Pool in the UK: Justification for and Effects of the New Electricity Trading Arrangements November 2001. Presentation, 36 pages.

FERC. Electricity Market Design and Structure, Docket No. RM01-12-000. 15-19 October 2001. Summary, 19 pages.

Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator. MISO Long-Term Congestion Management Straw Proposal.
3 October 2001. Paper, 49 pages.

Boucher, Jacqueline and Yves Smeers. Towards a Common European Electricity Market - Paths in the Right Direction ... Still Far from an Effective Design. September 2001. Paper, 59 pages.

Hogan, William. RTO Scope and Electricity Market Design: Making Markets Work. 21 September 2001. Presentation,
14 pages.

Joskow, Paul. Regional Transmission Organizations: Don't Settls for Nth Best (N>1). 21 September 2001. Presentation, 13 pages.

Pope, Susan. An Empirical Assessment of the Success of Financial Transmission Rights in PJM and New York .
20 September 2001. Presentation, 64 pages.

Smeers, Yves. What Can the US Learn from the European Experience for Designing Electricity Markets?
20 September 2001. Paper, 19 pages.

Chandley, John. A Standard Market Design for Regional Transmission Organizations. 17 September 2001. Paper,
30 pages.

Hogan, William. Electricity Market Restructuring: Reforms of Reforms. 25 May 2001. CRRI conference paper,
31 pages.


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