Research Papers

Technology: Incentives

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Brown, Ashley. "The Value of Solar Writ Large: A Modest Proposal for Applying "Value of Solar" Analysis to the Entire Electricity Market. Electricity Journal. November 2016.

National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. The Power of Change: Innovation for Development and Deployment of Increasingly Clean Electric Power Technologies. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press, 2016. doi:10.17226/21712.

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Brown, Ashley. Siting Transmission Lines in a Changed Milieu: Evolving Notions of “Public Interest” in Balancing State and Regional Considerations. Presentation to the Harvard Electricity Policy Group. October 2, 2009. 10 pages.



Capacity Markets

Climate Change


Competitive Market Models and Transitions to Competition

Electric Storage and Transportation

Energy Efficiency:
Demand Response
Demand Side Management/Conservation

Environment - Clean Air

EPAct and Predictions for the Future

FERC Rulings and Reports

Investment Incentives/Risk Allocation

Lessons from Abroad

Lessons from Other US Industries


Merchant Transmission

Mergers, Market Power and Anti-Trust

National Energy Policy

Public Power

Regional Transmission Organizations

Regulation, Governance and Judicial Review


Natural Gas
Nuclear Power
Renewable Energy

Resource Adequacy

Retail Rate/Rate Design

Scarcity Pricing


Smart Grid

Standard Market Design and Demand-Side Activities

State and Regional Activities

Stranded Benefits (Including Public Policy, Environment, DSM, IRP)

Stranded Investments, Assets, Costs (Including the Nuclear Question)

Transmission Investment

Transmission Planning

Wholesale and Retail Competition

Miscellaneous (Including Electricity Futures, Economic Principles, Financial Reform)