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Flowgate Models, Transmission (Including Direct Access) and Transmission Rights

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The Flowgate Debate

The 2003 Blackout


Hogan, William. Path Dependent Transmission Access. 9 June 2006. Presentation, 23 pages.

European Transmission System Operators (ETSO). Transmission Risk Hedging Products: Solutions for the Market and Consequences for the TSOs. 20 April 2006. Paper, 14 pages.


California Public Utilities Commission. Capacity Markets White Paper. 25 August 2005. Paper, 53 pages.

Vogelsang, Ingo. Electricity Transmission Pricing and Performance-Based Regulation. 29 pages.
Electricity Transmission Pricing and Performance-Based Regulation Abstract. 1 page.
Regulation. CESIFO Working Paper No. 1474. May 2005. 35 pages.


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McCoy, Paul. Grid Expansion: Who Should? Just Do It! 8 April 2003. Presentation, 9 pages.

Manz, Laura. Drawing The Line for Transmission Investment: A Framework for CoExistence. 8 April 2003. Presentation, 8 pages.

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Hogan, William. Transmission Market Design. 4 April 2003. Paper, 29 pages.

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Morey, Matthew. Performance Based Regulation for Independent Transmission Companies. 19 January 2003. Paper, 52 pages.

Woolf, Fiona. Global Transmission Expansion: Recipes for Success. Book Announcement. The book was completed while the author was a Senior Fellow at HEPG.


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Transport Working Group (New Zealand). Commentary to the Set of Proposed Transmission Service Definitions and Measures. July 2002. Paper, 22 pages.

US Department of Energy. National Transmission Grid Study. May 2002. Paper, 108 pages.

US Department of Energy. Issues Papers - National Transmission Grid Study. May 2002. Paper, 243 pages.

Hogan, William. Financial Transmission Right Incentives: Applications Beyond Hedging. 31 May 2002. Presentation, 21 pages.

Manz, Laura. Beyond Slicing and Dicing: Incentives for Transmission Owners. 31 May 2002. Presentation, 18 pages.

Read, Grant and Arthur Young. Principles of Pricing Electricity Transmission. Ed. by A.J. Turner, Transpower New Zealand, Ltd. 1989 (posted 2002). Four papers, 454 pages (19.1 Mb download).

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Ruff, Larry. ISO/Gridcos versus Transcos: What, Why and Who Cares? 25 January 2002. Presentation, 17 pages.

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Hartshorn, Andrew and Scott Harvey. Assessing The Short-Run Benefits From a Combined Northeast Market. 23 October 2001. Paper, 62 pages.

Russell, Tim. Flowgates: An Essential Tool For Transmission Access or an Irrelevent Abstraction. 11 July 2001. Paper, 5 pages.

Ruff, Larry. Flow-Based Congestion Management: An Intellectual and Practical Dead-End. 21 February 2001. Presentation, 25 pages.

Adamson, Seabron. Design of a Transmission Rights Exchange. 11 January 2001. Paper, 13 pages.

Smeers, Yves. Market Incompleteness in Regional Electricity Transmission. January 2001. Paper,56 pages.

Tabors, Richard. Forward Markets for Transmission that Clear at LMP: A Hybrid Proposal. January 2001. Presentation, 10 pages.


Flynn, Peter. Grid Planning and Expansion Within a Proposed RTO. 22 May 2000. Presentation.

Coxe, Raymond. Grid Planning and Expansion: Who, Where, When? 22 May 2000. Presentation.

Shanker, Roy. New Transmission Investment Policies - Implementation Issues. 22 May 2000. Presentation.

Hirst, Eric. Transmission Adequacy in a Restructuring Electricity Industry. January 2000. Presentation.


Hogan, William. An Overview: Coordinating Congestion Relief Across Multiple Regions. 16 November 1999. Presentation.

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Hogan, William. Market Based Transmission Investments and Competitive Electricity Markets. August 1999. Paper,
36 pages.

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O'Neill, Richard. Will RTOs Solve ISO, ITC, CBM, NLP, CRT, LMP, SCR, 888...? 24 May 1999. Presentation.

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North American Electric Reliability Council. Market Redispatch Pilot Project Summer 1999. 7 May 1999.

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Hempling, Scott. Retail and Wholesale Transmission: Can Statutory Dichotomy Yield Policy Unification? 19 March 1999. Presentation.

Stalon, Charles. On the Desirability of More Price Elasticity in Market Demand Curves. 19 March 1999. Presentation.

Patton, Kathryn. Power Marketer View. What's Wrong, and How Do We Fix It? 19 March 1999. Presentation.

Landgren, Dale. Retail and Wholesale Transmission Markets: Can They Be Unified? Defining the Issues and Ramifications. 19 March 1999. Presentation.

Brown, Ashley and Susan Kaplan. Retail and Wholesale Transmission Pricing: A Troublesome Divergence. 19 March 1999. Presentation.


Gordon, Fred, Joe Chaisson and Dave Andrus. Helping Distributed Resources Happen: A Blueprint for Regulators, Advocates and Distribution Companies. Final Report for The Energy Foundation. 21 December 1998.

Baldick, Ross. Coordination by Tie-Line Decomposition. 20 November 1998. Presentation.

Rajamaran, Rajesh and Fernando Alvarado. Inefficiencies of NERC's Transmission Loading Relief Procedures.
The Electricity Journal.
October 1998.

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PUCO. Petition of the State Public Utilities or Public Service Commissions Indicated Herein for Technical Conference or Regional Hearing. 27 February 1998.


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8 November 1993.

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Read, Grant and Arthur Young. Principles of Transmission Pricing. Ed. by A. J. Turner, Transpower New Zealand, Ltd., 1989 (posted 2002). Four papers, 454 pages (19.1 Mb download).


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