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AIDS Public Policy Training Project
The AIDS Public Policy Training Project trains national and local government officials to mount an effective multi-sectoral response to the AIDS epidemic. The KSG training program is working with key in-country institutions in China and Vietnam to build their capacity to provide future training on the governance requirements for an effective rights-based AIDS response, including international best practices for a coordinated multi-sectoral comprehensive response to HIV/AIDS which includes prevention, treatment and social and economic impact mitigation.

China Public Policy Program
The mission of the China Public Policy Program is to support the training of Chinese officials in an effort to enhance their capacity to manage policy in rapidly changing domestic and international public environments; engage in capacity building in China to further the teaching and analysis of public administration and public policy issues; and promote superior research and policy dialogues on current developments in China and those issues central to US-China relations.

Financial Sector Program
The Financial Sector Program (FSP) focuses on the development of financial institutions, their products and delivery systems, the markets in which they function, and the regulatory regimes under which they operate. Encompassing the fields of microfinance and retail banking, FSP comprises graduate degree courses, executive education, applied policy research, overseas advisory activities, and internship opportunities.

Hefner China Fund
The Hefner China Fund will help to realize the shared aspirations of the Kennedy School and the Hefners for building ties between the United States and China and for helping China meet its public policy challenges.

Hong Kong LEAD Program
The objective of the LEAD Program is to provide an opportunity for heads and deputy heads of government departments and policy bureaus to identify the strategic capacities and skills they will need to manage effectively in the new policy-making environment.

Kansai Keizai Doyukai Program
Similar to a business chamber of commerce, the Doyukai represents major corporations in one of the largest Japanese markets. One of their primary missions is to examine critical issues that relate to Japan and the Asia-Pacific region. This covers everything from regional security to social security, pensions and health care. In its first year, the Kansai Keizai Doyukai program supported research on the global trading system including a June conference at the Kennedy School and a subsequent publication. Since then, the Program has sponsored numerous conferences and fellows and supported research and case writing on topics of mutual interest.

Taiwan Leaders Program
As part of Asia Programs, the Taiwan Leadership Program will include practical training for a select group of 13 Taiwanese government leaders and top scholars who will participate in various residential executive education programs at Harvard. They will also conduct applied research on economic and social developments in the region.

Vietnam Program
Since it was first established in 1988, the Vietnam Program at the Ash Institute has become one of the leading centers for the study of Vietnam’s economic reform process in the world. Through a combination of research, teaching and policy advising activities, the Vietnam Program has been able to make important contributions to the process of transition in Vietnam as well as the teaching of the economics of development at Harvard University.