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Policy Dialogue

TV with PM Dung 2008

We participate in a dynamic, constructively critical discourse about Vietnam’s development with Vietnamese policymakers, analysts inside and outside government, and Vietnam’s development partners. Our policy discussion papers and other research products are an important component of this dialogue as are occasional dialogue fora in Vietnam and Cambridge.

While Vietnamese policymakers are a primary focus of our engagement, the Vietnam Program is committed to elevating the quality of the wider public discourse in Vietnam on policy issues. Vietnamese faculty at the Fulbright School and visiting Harvard faculty regularly contribute to the increasing vibrant discussion of policy issues carried out in the Vietnamese media.

In November 2008, the Vietnam Program and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs launched a new policy dialogue initiative with funding from the United Nations Development Programme, the Vietnam Executive Leadership Program (VELP).  VELP offer an opportunity for a select group of senior Vietnamese policymakers to spend a week on the Harvard Kennedy School campus in Cambridge discussing key policy challenges confronting Vietnam in regional and global contexts. VELP participants learn from and discuss with Harvard faculty, representatives of the private sector, and other experts.