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Fulbright School Research Internships

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Each year the Vietnam Program sponsors a small number of students for eight-week research internships at the Fulbright School in Ho Chi Minh City. 

Under the guidance of FETP’s fulltime Vietnamese faculty, each intern selects a research topic of interest to them and relevant to FETP’s research agenda.  Examples of topics selected in the past have included: Vietnamese education policy, a comparison with Chile; the Vietnamese stock market; infrastructure development in Ho Chi Minh City, to name a few.  FETP arranges for the interns to meet with government officials and businesspeople working in fields relevant to their research project. Vietnam Program economist David Dapice also provides advice to the interns. 

In addition to their individual research projects, the Program arranges for the interns to take a series of “policy fieldtrips” to expand their understanding of the Vietnamese economy and the socioeconomic impact of globalization. 

The Program encourages first-year graduate students to apply.  To find out more information about the internship and how to apply, please click on Internship Announcement

Additionally, each year, the Program typically provides one internship for a Harvard College undergraduate student in collaboration with the Harvard Kennedy School Institute of Politics Director’s Internship Program.  For more information about the IOP internship program, please visit:’s-Internship-Program