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Students at FETP 2008

Founded in 1994, the Fulbright School is a partnership of the University of Economics, Ho Chi Minh City and the Harvard Kennedy School Vietnam Program. The School receives core funding from the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the United States Department of State.  The School is a Vietnamese institution with international stakeholders, operated according to governance principles that are prerequisites for excellence: autonomy, meritocracy, accountability, and high standards.

The Fulbright School creates, transmits, and disseminates knowledge.  Our Vietnamese and international faculty possess a sophisticated understanding of Vietnam, which they connect to regional and global trends.  Today this knowledge generation project supports three core initiatives: teaching, including the Master in Public Policy program and executive education; research, into complex policy issues confronting Vietnam; and policy dialogue, through discussion with Vietnamese policymakers and participation in the public policy discourse in Vietnam.

The materials employed in our teaching are made available to students and teachers across Vietnam and around the world through FETP OpenCourseWare.  The Fulbright School strives to foster a dynamic learning environment, where students and faculty are laser-focused on attaining the highest standards of inquiry and practice. 

The Fulbright School offers a degree program and executive training.

The Fulbright School Master of Public Policy (MPP) is the first of its kind in Vietnam.  Its objective is to equip Vietnamese professionals with an advanced education in policy analysis, management, and leadership. Through coursework and independent research, students learn to assess the key elements and perspectives of public policy, devise actionable solutions, and assess the organizational capacity needed to implement these solutions.

The program’s design is informed by the Harvard Kennedy School’s public policy degree programs. Unlike other public policy programs, the Fulbright School MPP is specifically tailored to the challenges confronting public sector decision makers in developing countries.  Fulbright School faculty review the curriculum on an on-going basis to ensure that it anticipates and responds to the current conditions of Vietnam’s economic development.

The MPP students are predominantly public sector managers and leaders but admission is open to all applicants who possess at least three to five years of professional experience. Students who successfully complete all requirements for graduation receive a Master in Public Policy degree issued by the University of Economics-Ho Chi Minh City.

Executive Programs feature analysis distilled from the Program’s ongoing research as well as teaching materials from the Harvard Kennedy School. Of short duration, these programs provide a forum for informed dialogue and discussion on crosscutting policy issues, through which teachers and participants can discuss emerging problems and assess potential responses. 

In July 2008 the Fulbright School launched a new executive program with funding from BP, the Vietnam Leaders in Development Program (VLDP).  Tailored to senior technocrats tasked with turning strategic decisions into actionable policies, VLDP focused on key policy challenges confronting Vietnam, with particular attention to macroeconomic conditions, infrastructure development, and energy policy. The program consisted of a series of thematic modules each of which was built around case studies based on the Program’s research.