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Foreign sources

World Bank:

We could perhaps send them (1) Country Partnership Strategy and (2) Poverty Assessment; both have been released this year. Since other recent reports of the World Bank are sector-specific (i.e. agriculture, forestry, infrastructure), they could be sent out later on.

Asian Development Bank:

We could send them two copies of "Country Strategy and Program"; one was issued in 2003 and another was approved October this year.


We could send them the Investment Brochure as well as the EBRD Strategy Program for Kazakhstan with Annexes.


(1) Selected Issues and Statistical Appendix for various years;

(2) 2004 Report for the Article 4 Consultations,

(3) 2004 FSAP report (with two technical notes on bank profitability and investment opportunities for pension funds),

(4) 2004 FSSA report.


Country Program Document for Kazakhstan 2005-2009

United Nations Development Assistance Framework for the Republic of Kazakhstan, 2005-2009

United Nations Millennium Development Goals in Kazakhstan, 2002

Common Country Assessment (CCA) (2004)

Domestic sources

National Bank of Kazakhstan

There is a lot of financial information there, both in Russian and English. The only regular printed publication in English (which is also available on-line) is the monthly Statistical Bulletin. We could send them the latest on-line issue of this Bulletin.

The web-site address is www.nationalbank.kz

Statistical Agency

There is a lot of information, but most of the reports are in Russian. The Agency publishes regularly two English reports: annual Statistical Yearbook of Kazakhstan and quarterly Statistical Bulletin. We could send them Statistical Yearbook for 2003 and the latest on-line issue of the Statistical Bulletin.

The web-site address is www.stat.kz

Ministry of Finance

Useful website with a lot of information, but, unfortunately, only for Russian-speaking people.



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