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Leaders in both the public and private sectors need to understand the changing roles of business in society. The CSR Initiative supports learning experiences for students at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, Business School, and Law School, as well as other educational institutions, that deepen understanding of new business practices and partnerships.

Area Graduate-level Course Offerings on CSR-related topics
Student Leadership at the Kennedy School of Government: The Corporate Responsibility Council

Area Graduate-level Course Offerings on CSR-related topics
The CSR Initiative does not offer any academic course of study at this time, but below is a list of courses on CSR-related topics offered by various academic institutions in the Greater Boston area. Click on the schools below to see their respective offerings. If you are interested in taking a course, please contact the appropriate school's admission office for more information.


Harvard Kennedy School of Government
Harvard Business School
Harvard Law School
Boston College Carroll School of Management
MIT Sloan School of Management
The Fletcher School, Tufts University

Harvard Kennedy School of Government

Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Public, Private, and Social Sectors Professors Dick Cavanaugh and Robert Higgins (Fall 2008)
Entrepreneurship in the Social and Public Sector Professor Mark Moore (Not offered 2008-2009)
Ethics in Public Life Professor Kenneth Winston (Fall 2008)
Food Policy and Agribusiness Professor Ray Goldberg (Spring 2009)
Global Governance Professor John Ruggie (Not offered 2008-2009)
Microfinance in Theory and Practice Professor Guy Stuart (Fall 2008)
Public Private Partnerships Professor Alan Trager (Fall 2008)
Science, Technology, Innovation, and Public Policy Professor Kelly Gallagher (Fall 2008)

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Harvard Business School

Business and the Environment Professor Forest Reinhardt
Business at the Base of the Pyramid Professor V. Kasturi Rangan and Senior Lecturer Michael Chu
Customers, Commerce and Society Professors Herman Leonard and V. Kasturi Rangan
Effective Leadership of Social Enterprise Senior Lecturer Michael Chu
Energy Professor Forest Reinhardt
Entrepreneurship in Education Reform Lecturer Stacey Childress
Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital in Healthcare Professor Richard Hamermesh and Senior Lecturer Robert Higgins
Globalization of Emerging Markets Professors Tarun Khanna and Krishna Palepu
Innovating in Healthcare Professor Regina Herzlinger
Managing and Investing in Emerging Markets Professor Tarun Khanna
Managing Change Professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter
Microeconomics of Competitiveness Professor Michael E. Porter
The Moral Leader Professor Michael Wheeler and Senior Lecturer Sandra J. Sucher
Social Marketing Professor V. Kasturi Rangan
Strategies Beyond the Market Associate Professor Felix Olberholzer–Gee

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Harvard Law School

Business and Human Rights Clinical Seminar: Law and Practice Tyler Giannini and Chris Jochnick
Challenges in Global Economic Governance Jeffrey Dunoff
European Human Rights Law: Seminar Professor Grainne de Burca
Human Rights and the Environment: Advocacy Seminar Tyler Giannini and Bonnie Docherty
Human Rights, State Sovereignty, and Persecution: Issues in Forced Migration and Refugee ProtectionJacqueline Bhabha
Regulation of Financial Institutions Professor Howell Jackson
Shareholder Activism Professor Lucian Bebchuk and Beth Young

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Boston College Carroll School of Management

Managing Corporate Responsibility Professor Sandra Waddock
Management Practice IV: Social Issues in Management

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MIT Sloan School of Management

Entrepreneurship Without Borders Profs. Simon Johnson and Richard Locke
Global Climate Change: Economics, Science, and Policy
Global Entrepreneurship Lab: Emerging Markets
Global Markets, National Policies and the Competitive Advantages of Firms Prof. Richard Locke
International Supply Chain Management Profs. A. Marcus & H. Weiss
Leadership Lab for Corporate Social Innovation Prof. O. Scharmer

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The Fletcher School, Tufts University

Corporate Governance in International Business and Finance
Corporate Management of Environmental Issues
International Auditing and Corporate Governance of For-Profit and Nonprofit Organizations
Managing the Global Corporation
Micro Development Economics: Poverty Reduction Policy Analysis for Developing Countries
Micro-Enterprise in Emerging Markets
Microfinance: Issues and Breakthroughs
Non-Profit Accounting and Budgeting for Social Responsibility
Seminar on Actors in Global Governance
Seminar on Current Issues in Human Rights
Venture Start-up

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