The Business & International Development workstream, led by Jane Nelson, is focused on company-led partnerships and inclusive business models that aim to promote growth in developing countries and support the achievement of national and local development objectives. This engagement is taking place through core business activities, traditional philanthropy, and multi-stakeholder alliances. As multi-stakeholder alliances often cross multiple sectors and are relatively new, few have been subject to rigorous analysis and evaluation of the sort that CSRI's research seeks to elicit. Current areas of focus include new models of development partnerships at national, regional and community-level; local economic empowerment and enterprise development; sustainable agriculture and rural livelihoods; strengthening health systems and nutrition in developing countries; rebuilding economies and resilience after natural disasters; building human capital, with a focus on youth and women's empowerment; and investing in the food-energy-water nexus.

Relevant recent publications include:

Sustaining and Scaling the Impact of Enterprise Development Programmes: SABMiller’s Approach to Strengthening Business Ecosystems. January 2014 | Beth Jenkins, Richard Gilbert, and Piya Baptista | CSRI and Business Fights Poverty

A New Global Partnership with Business: Delivering the Post- 2015 Development Agenda September 2013 | CSRI, Business Action for Africa and The Partnering Initiative

The Coca-Cola Company's 5by50 Initiative: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs Across the Value Chain. Beth Jenkins, Kara Valikai, and Piya Baptista | September 2013 | CSRI and Business Fights Poverty

Sumitomo Chemical and the Fight Against Malaria Using Bednets: A Case Study. Christina Gradl | July 2013 | CSRI Report No. 52

Project Nurture: Partnering for Business Opportunity and Development Impact. Beth Jenkins and Lorin Fries | May 2013 | CSRI Report No. 51

Building a Strategic Alliance for the Fortification of Oil and Other Staple Foods (SAFO): A Case Study. Christina Gradl | May 2012 | CSRI Report No. 49

Mobilizing the Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania: A Case Study. Beth Jenkins | May 2012 | CSRI Report No. 48

Tackling Barriers to Scale: From Inclusive Business Models to Inclusive Business Ecosystems. Christina Gradl and Beth Jenkins | September 2011 | CSRI Report No. 47


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