Consortium for Energy Policy Research at Harvard

Alternative Energy and Energy Technology
Energy Information Administration: Renewable and Alternative Fuels Data and Information
MIT Energy Initiative: Energy Technology and Alternative Energy Research
U.S. National Energy Technology Laboratory
U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Carbon Capture and Sequestration
Carbon Capture and Sequestration Technologies at MIT
National Energy Technology Laboratory: Carbon Capture Information and FAQ
U.S. Department of Energy Carbon Sequestration Initiative

Climate Change
Deutsche Bank Carbon Counter
Environmental Protection Agency: Climate Change Information
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change  
World Resources Institute: Climate Change Program

Climate Economic Modeling
USEPA Climate Economic Modeling

GAO Report: Surface Coal Mining
MIT: The Future of Coal Report 2007
U.S. Department of Energy Clean Coal Technology Program
U.S. Energy Information Administration: Coal Data and Information

Energy Basics
The Energy Daily
Environmental Protection Agency: Facts and Figures
The National Academies “What You Need to Know About Energy.”
U.S. Energy Information Administration: Energy Basics 101

Energy Efficiency
American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy
McKinsey & Co Energy Efficiency Report July 2009
Precourt Center for Energy Efficiency at Stanford

Energy Flow Charts
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 2008 Energy Flow Chart
Archive of flow charts
National Academies Interactive Flow Chart
U.S. Energy Information Administration 2008 Energy Flow Chart
World Resources Institute 2005 U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emission Flow Chart

Energy Forecasts
ExxonMobil Outlook for Energy, 2009
Shell Energy Scenarios to 2050
U.S. Energy Information Administration Forecasts
World Energy Council: Energy Policy Scenarios to 2050

International Energy Resources
BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2009
Energy Information Administration: International Energy Outlook 2009
Outlook to 2030
International Energy Agency: Country Profiles

State and Local Energy Information
Boston Climate Change Initiative
Boston’s projects on buildings, energy sources, transportation systems, and land and water to combat climate change
Cambridge Climate Protection Initiative
Cambridge’s official organization to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
Harvard Greenhouse Gas Reduction Commitment
Harvard’s commitment to reduce greenhouse gases by 30% by 2016, including growth
U.S. Department of Energy general state-level information
U.S. Department Energy energy efficiency and renewable energy state-level information
U.S. Department of Energy database of state incentives for renewables & efficiency  

Natural Gas
International Energy Agency: Natural Gas Research and Analysis
IEA research on major market trends, the security of supply, and market reforms in natural gas
Oxford Institute for Energy Studies: Natural Gas Programmed
Detailed research and analysis of natural gas, including production, distribution, and geopolitics, with a focus on Europe
U.S. Energy Information Administration: Natural Gas Data and Information
Schlumberger: Unconventional Gas: Shale Gas

Nuclear Energy
International Atomic Energy Agency
Research and publications on major developments in the nuclear world
MIT: The Future of Nuclear Energy Report 2009
Major report on nuclear energy by over 20 researchers at MIT
U.S. Department of Energy: Office of Nuclear Energy
U.S. programs to advance domestic nuclear energy

Crude Oil and Petroleum Imports to the U.S.: Top 15 Countries per month and year
Website lists the top 15 countries in the world from which the U.S. receives oil on an annual and monthly basis
International Energy Agency: Monthly Oil Market Report:  
Monthly reports review demand, supply, trade, and prices of oil in the world
Online Clearinghouse for Education & Networking: Oil Interdisciplinary Learning (OCEAN-OIL)This is an open-access, peer-reviewed electronic education resource about the Deepwater Horizon disaster.
U.S. Energy Information Administration: Oil Data and Information
Basic data and information on the production and consumption of oil in the U.S. 

State Energy Profiles
U.S. Department of Energy: Massachusetts Energy Profile
Profile of Massachusetts’s energy sector, including 2009 Federal Stimulus Bill energy projects
U.S. Energy Information Administration: State Energy Profiles
Database of energy profiles for all 50 states

U.S. Energy Legislation
EPA’s analysis of the “American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009”
National Commission on Energy Policy
Bipartisan commission of the U.S.’s 20 leading energy experts
 “American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009”
Official government website of Congress’s 2009 Energy Bill
U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources

Other Useful Websites
Cambridge Energy Research Associates
Earth Track
U.S. Energy Information Administration
Environmental Protection Agency
International Energy Agency
International Atomic Energy Agency
U.S. Department of Energy
Calculating your daily carbon footprint
World Resources Institute Climate Analysis Indicator Tool (requires registration-free)
Bloomberg Daily Energy Prices


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