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December 31, 2001: The Nation: John G. Ruggie: "The UN: Bush's Newest Ally?" (in PDF) Article
December 21, 2001: Morningstar: Scott Cooley featuring Robert Pozen: "Call Fidelity the Comeback Kid?" Article
December 14, 2001: DNA Policy Website Unveiled Press Release
December 13 , 2001:

The New York Times: John Donahue: "Is Government the Good Guy?"

December 4, 2001: The Boston Globe: Editorial featuring Marshall Carter: "Taming Massport" Article
December 1, 2001: Robert Lawrence Spearheads New KSG Executive Program Faculty Spotlight
December, 2001: The International Journal of Regulation and Governance: Ashley C. Brown: "Confusing Means and Ends: Framework of Restructuring, Not Privatization, Matters Most" Article
November 19 , 2001: $1,000,000 Received for Harvard-Taiwan Leadership Program Press Release
November 19, 2001: The Wall Street Journal: Yochi Dreazen and Andrew Caffrey featuring John Donahue: "Now, Public Works Seem Too Precious for the Free Market" Article
November 14, 2001: The Boston Globe: Steve Bailey featuring Marshall Carter: "Fixing Massport" Article
November 10, 2001:

The China Broadcasting System: Nike Chang speaks with Julian Chang (in Mandarin)

Audio Interview
October 31, 2001: The Boston Globe: David Arnold featuring Ashley Brown: "Who Pays Tanker's Escort Fee?" Article
October 31, 2001: The Boston Globe: Frank Phillips featuring Marshall Carter: "Buckingham's Consultee Has Little Need of Her Help" Article
October 30, 2001: The Harvard Crimson: William Rasmussen featuring Ira A. Jackson: "Civic Engagement on the Rise after September 11th" Article
October 29, 2001:

Boston Herald: Rina Spence: "Public Health Response Slow, Uncoordinated"(Text only available to Lexis-Nexis subscribers.)

October 26, 2001:

Washington Post: John Ruggie: "Why the U.N. is No Quick Fix"

October 26, 2001: Innovations in Public Service: Profiles of Success Planting Seeds in Vietnam: Tom Vallely (MPA 1983) Press Release
October 25, 2001: The Harvard Gazette: "CBG Announces its Fall Fellows" Article
October 22, 2001:

PRI's "The World" featuring John Ruggie: UN Interview

Audio Interview
October 19, 2001: Stavins' Term Extended as Chair of EPA Advisory Committee Press Release
October 4, 2001: The Center for Business and Government Announces Global Crop of Fellows for Fall Press Release
October 4, 2001: The Boston Globe: Joan Vennochi featuring Marshall Carter: "Let Task Force do What Swift Won't" Article
October 3, 2001:

USA Today: Robert Lawrence: "We Must Cultivate the Habit of Flying"

October 2, 2001: Quadir Connects His Classroom to the Lessons of Village Entrepreneurs Faculty Spotlight
September 29, 2001: The Economist featuring Robert Stavins: "Economic man, cleaner planet" (in PDF) Article
September 28, 2001: Marshall Carter to Chair Special Advisory Taskforce on Massport Press Release
September 27, 2001:

newsday.com: Elaine Kamarck: "Homeland Defense Requires Trust, Will" (Text only available to Lexis-Nexis subscribers.)

September 25, 2001: The Boston Globe: Hiawatha Bray: "Chip Sector Expected To Rebound Next Quarter" Article
September 25, 2001: The Boston Herald: Tom Kirchofer: "Chip Industry Execs Seeking Boost" Article
September 24, 2001: Industry Leader Discusses How the Nation's War on Terror May Impact the Semiconductor and IT Industries Press Release
September 24, 2001: The Boston Globe: Ross Kerber featuring Deborah Hurley: "ID, Please - Idea of National Identity Card System Gains Momentum in Wake of Attacks" Article
September 18, 2001:

Roger Porter appears on CBS News' The Early Show and compares the September 11th attack with other tragedies in recent history (requires Real Player)

Broadcast Appearance
September 13, 2001: USA Today: Mike Snider featuring Deborah Hurley: "Privacy Advocates Fear Trade-off for Security" Article
September 12, 2001: Newhouse News Service: Miles Benson and Delia Rios featuring David Hart: "In Mere Hours, A Nation's Outlook And Agenda Are Altered" Article
September 10, 2001: Beijing Youth Daily: Zhu Jin Rong featuring Anthony Saich (in Mandarin): "Harvard's Close Connections with China" (in PDF) Article
September-October 2001: Harvard Magazine: William W. Hogan: "The California Meltdown" (in PDF) Article
August 28, 2001: Chang Returns to Harvard as Executive Director of Asia Programs Faculty Spotlight
August 27, 2001: Federal Government’s ‘Human Capital Crisis’ to be Addressed At Kennedy School Executive Session Press Release
August 27, 2001: China and the WTO: The Financial Challenge Press Release
August 24, 2001: CNN: Jeff Greenfield featuring Elaine Kamarck: "What Will be the Final Outcome of Condit's Actions?" Article
August 17, 2001:

Jeffrey Frankel on the Success of the Euro

August 17, 2001: The Chronicle of Higher Education: Alex P. Kellogg featuring Richard Light: "Harvard Professor Becomes a Guru on Helping Students" (in PDF) Article
August 7, 2001: The Wall Street Journal: Jon E. Hilsenrath featuring Jeffrey Frankel and Robert Stavins: "Economists Back Bush on Kyoto Pact" (in PDF) Article
August 6, 2001: The National Journal: Bara Vaida featuring David Hart: "A High-Tech Shakeout On K Street?" Article
August 6, 2001: The Christian Science Monitor: David R. Francis featuring Jeffrey Frankel: "Reformers wrangle over Social Security tack, timeline" Article
August 4, 2001: The Miami Herald: Jane Bussey featuring Dani Rodrik: "Argentina Serves as Example as What Can Go Wrong with Developing Countries" Article
August 2, 2001:

Statement of Professor William W. Hogan Before the Congressional Subcommitte on Energy Policy, Natural Resources and Regulatory Affairs (in PDF)

Public Testimony
July 25, 2001: Capital featuring Robert Stavins: (interview in German): "Das geht nicht so kurzfristig" (in PDF) Article
July 23, 2001: Interactive Week: Doug Brown featuring David Hart: "Does the President Care About Technology?" (in PDF) Article
July 19, 2001: The Harvard University Gazette featuring Robert Stavins: "KSG Kuwait Announces Grant Awards" (in PDF) Article
July 11, 2001:

The Impact of the Tax Cuts Will Be a Ripple Not a Wave, Says Dale Jorgenson

July 11, 2001: USA Today: Jim Hopkins featuring Rina Spence: "Even in Slow Economy, It's Important to Have a Life" Article
July 11, 2001: BBC News Online featuring Deborah Hurley: "US Internet Users Want More Safeguards" Article
July 9, 2001: Forbes featuring Robert Stavins: "When the National Nanny Does Your Laundry" (in PDF) Article
July 6, 2001: Kennedy School Establishes Leadership Program with Taiwan Press Release
July 5, 2001: The New York Times: Louis Uchitelle: "Some Clinton Policies at Home with Bush" (in PDF) Article
June 29, 2001:

"Social Security and Fiscal Policy" (audio only) A Discussion With: Robert E. Rubin, Rudolph Penner, Martin Feldstein, Peter Diamond

Audio Interview
June 29, 2001: AsiaWeek.com: Yasmin Ghahremani: "Iqbal Quadir: Opportunity Comes Calling" Article
June 29, 2001: The Boston Globe: Ross Kerber featuring David Hart: "Several Top Law Chiefs May Pursue Breakup" (in PDF) Article
June 27, 2001:

"International Finance and Crises in Emerging Markets" A discussion with: Lawerence Summers, Stanley Fischer, Allan Meltzer, Joseph S. Nye

KSG Forum Video
June 13, 2001:

NPR's One Union Station featuring Robert Stavins: Combating Global Warming
(requires Real Player)

Audio Interview
June 11, 2001:

Harvard Electricity Expert Testifies Before Congress on California’s Reckless Restructuring

Public Testimony
June 11, 2001: Newsweek: Alisha Davis featuring Richard Light: "How to Ace College" Article
June 8, 2001: Forums Host Policymakers Behind the U.S. Economic Boom Press Release
June 4, 2001: Fresh from the U.N., Ruggie Focuses on the Global Benefits of Cooperation Faculty Spotlight
May 31, 2001: Harvard Gazette: Beth Potier: "Program Connects Environmental Dots" (in PDF) Article
May 29, 2001:

Cary Coglianese Says Some Answers to Enivronmental Regulation Could Come From the Private Sector

May 29, 2001:

Newsday: Elaine Kamarck: "Bush Team Tripped Over Themselves"

April 30, 2001:

Free Trade Could Benefit Many, says Robert Lawerence

April 24, 2001: Environmental Economics Program at Harvard University Press Release
April 17, 2001:

"The Greening of Corporate America" Ray Anderson, CEO Interface, Inc. and Chairman and CEO, Interface; Co-Chair, President's Council on Sustainable Development

KSG Forum Video
April 13, 2001: Environmental Crusader and EU Commissioner Take Center Stage Press Release
April 12, 2001: Harvard Gazette: Alvin Powell featuring William Hogan: "Be hopeful, be wary, energy experts tell Mass." (in PDF) Article
April 11, 2001:

"Entrepreneurship: What's Government Got to Do With It?" A discussion with: Thomas Carper, John Engler, Edward Markey, Michael Porter

KSG Forum Video
April 9, 2001:

"California Blackouts: Could It Happen Here?" A discussion with: William Hogan, Philip Sharp, Debra Bowen, Michael Shames, Rick Sergel

KSG Forum Video
April 6, 2001:

Cary Coglianese on the Regulatory Battleground

April 4, 2001:

The Boston Globe: Robert Stavins: "Give Bush Time on Climate Issues" (in PDF)

April 2, 2001: Entrepreneurship: What's Government Got to Do with It? Press Release
March 30, 2001: Industry Leader Shares Vision For the Greening of Corporate America Press Release
March 28, 2001: California Blackouts: Could it Happen Here? Press Release
March 22, 2001: Kamarck Follows the Campaign Trail Back to Harvard Faculty Spotlight
March 20, 2001:

Bush Administration’s Retreat on Carbon Dioxide Emission Regulation Provides Opportunity for Action, Says Stavins

Spring 2001:

Journal of Law, Technology & Policy: Viktor Mayer-Schonberger: "The Authority of Law in Times of Cyberspace"

Spring 2001: KSG Online Bulletin: Sarah Abrams: A Proud Public Servant Article
February 22, 2001: Premier Tops the List of New Center for Business and Government Fellows Press Release
February 16, 2001: Goldman Sachs Executive Leaves the Boardroom for the Classroom Faculty Spotlight
January 18, 2001: The Boston Globe: Peter J. Howe featuring William Hogan: "N.E. Spared Calif.'s Woes" (in PDF) Article
January 8, 2001: The Wall Street Journal: Steve Liesman featuring Dale Jorgenson: "Productivity Gains Extend Beyond Technology Area"(in PDF) Article
January 2, 2001: Harvard Economist Says IT Investment Will Ease Economic Slowdown Press Release