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December 10, 2002 New RPP Report: How Can Performance Be Incorporated into Regulatory Goals? News Feature
December 2 , 2002 The Boston Globe: Robert N. Stavins: "A Better Way to Regulate Fishing" Op-Ed
November 14, 2002 Testimony of Elaine Kamarck before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Progress Report on Terrorism Public Testimony
November 8, 2002 Newsday: Elaine Kamarck: "Democrats Lost the Power of Ideas" Op-Ed
November 7, 2002 The Harvard Gazette: Alvin Powell featuring Robert Stavins: "Stavins Steps down but not out: Outgoing EPA Economics Head Will Retain Seat on Committee" Article
November 5, 2002 The Boston Globe: Ashley Brown: "Democracy is Working in Brazil" Op-Ed
November 4, 2002 The Financial Times: Anthony Saich: "Beijing's Balancing Act on Reform" Op-Ed
November 1, 2002 Light and Healey Launch Education Leadership Program Faculty Spotlight
November/December, 2002 Harvard Magazine: John Rosenberg featuring Dick Light and CBG's Young Faculty Leaders Forum: "Elite Educators" Article
October 27, 2002 The Boston Globe: Elizabeth Neuffer featuring John Ruggie: "Bush Warns UN on Iraq Resolution" Article
October 25, 2002 The Financial Times: John Ruggie: "Managing Corporate Social Responsibility" Op-Ed
October 25, 2002 One Expert's Opinion: Anthony Saich Says US-Sino Relations on Track KSG Q&A
October 23, 2002 Robert Stavins Completes Remarkable Run as EPA Committee Head News Feature
October 19, 2002 The New York Times: Edmund L. Andrews featuring Robert Lawrence: "Strong Dollar Runs into Renewed Resistance" Article
October 3, 2002 Harvard Gazzette: Ken Gewertz featuring Dale Jorgenson: "Two are Named University Professors: Jorgenson, Wolff Honored with University's Highest Professorial Posts" Article
October 1, 2002 Jay Rosengard Addresses Financial Sector Challenges in Southeast Asia Faculty Spotlight
September 30, 2002 The Boston Globe: Elizabeth Neuffer and Anne E. Kornblut featuring John G. Ruggie: "Cordiality Belies US-UN Tensions" Article
September 27, 2002 Jeffrey Frankel interviewed on CNBC's "Business Center" about the economic outlook. Broadcast Appearance
September 27, 2002 The Harvard Crimson: Crimson Staff featuring HEPG Forum: "Federal Energy Regulatory Commissioner Urges Nationwide Wholesale of Electricity" Article
September 27, 2002 Keeping the Lights on at an Affordable Price News Feature
September 26, 2002 Roger Porter interviewed on CNBC's "Power Lunch" on the current state of the economy. Broadcast Appearance
September 17, 2002 Panel Calls for "Citizenship of Investors" to Alleviate Corporate Scandals News Feature
September 12, 2002 RPP to Host Public Forum on Corporate Governance and Public Confidence Press Release
September 12, 2002 The Financial Times: Jeffrey Frankel: "Trading Places" Op-Ed
September 3 , 2002 Roger Porter: From CBG to the West Wing and Back Faculty Spotlight
August 26, 2002 Newsday: Elaine Kamarck: "Use Probes of Sept. 11 to Learn, Not Blame" Op-Ed
August 26, 2002 South China Morning Post: Peter Kammerer featuring Julian Chang and Asia Programs' China Leaders in Development Executive Program: "Officials off to Harvard to Learn the American Way" Article
August 26, 2002 The Boston Globe: Editorial featuring Roger Porter: "Don't Do it, Clinton" Op-Ed
August 21, 2002 The Boston Herald: Steve Marantz featuring Marshall Carter: "Panelist Rips Pols on Logan Security" Article
August 16, 2002 The New York Times: Tina Rosenberg featuring Dani Rodrik: "Globalization" Article
August 14, 2002 Kennedy School To Host Chinese Government Officials: First of its Kind Program to Focus on Market Reforms in China Press Release
August 12, 2002 Kennedy School Professor John G. Ruggie Named Director of the Center for Business and Government Press Release
August 6, 2002 The Washington Post: Paul Blustein featuring Jeffrey Frankel: "Tough Talk Aside, the Aid Flows" Article
July 24, 2002 NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw: Patricia Sabga featuring Marsh Carter: "Did the Celebrity CEOs Produce?" Broadcast Appearance
July 22, 2002 Ira Jackson Named President of the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation Press Release
July 12, 2002 Istoé (Brazil): Kátia Mello featuring Ira Jackson: "Watergate em Wall Street" (in Portuguese) Article
July 11, 2002 Newsday: Elaine Kamarck: "U.S. Needs Anti-Terror Networks" Op-Ed
July 10, 2002 One Expert's Opinion: Ira Jackson Says There Needs to Be a Change in Corporate America's Culture KSG Q&A
July 6, 2002 The Economist: Robert Stavins featured in "The Invisible Green Hand" Article
June 25, 2002 The Associated Press: Randolph E. Schmid featuring Lewis M. Branscomb: "Scientists Urge Immediate Actions to Protect Against Terrorist Attacks" Article
June 21, 2002 Boston Business Journal : Robert N. Stavins: "Brayton Point Power Plant: Weigh Costs to Benefit" Op-Ed
June 18, 2002 The Financial Times: Dale Jorgenson: "A Smarter Type of Tax" Op-Ed
June 14, 2002 NSF Grant to Fund New National Digital Government Center at Kennedy School of Government Press Release
June 12, 2002 The South China Morning Post: CBG's new Executive Public Management Training Program featured in "Officials Back in School to Learn Public Administration, US-Style" Article
June 9, 2002 The Boston Globe: David M. Shribman featuring Elaine Kamarck: "Hunkered in the Bunker" Article
June 8, 2002 The Boston Globe: Mary Leonard and Brett Ladine featuring Elaine Kamarck: "New Agency Means New Costs, They Say" Article
June 4, 2002 WBUR's "The Connection" featuring Malcolm Sparrow on congressional hearings into intelligence before September 11th Audio Interview
May 27, 2002 Hazardous Waste Superfund Week: Cary Coglianese featured in "Consensus Creates Inferior Policy Toward Environmental Protection" Article
May 26, 2002 The New York Times: Susan E. Reed featuring Iqbal Z. Quadir: "Helping the Poor, Phone by Phone" Article
May 24, 2002 WGBH's "The World" featuring Lewis Branscomb on the government's IPASS program for screening international students Audio Interview
May 23, 2002 The Harvard Crimson: Alvin Powell featuring CBG and IOP: "KSG Puts on its Work Gloves" Article
May 21, 2002 CBG and IOP Team Up for Second Annual Community Service Day CBG In the News
May 17, 2002 One Expert's Opinion: Cary Coglianese on Regulatory Alternatives KSG Q&A
May 12, 2002 The New York Times: Joseph Kahn featuring William Hogan: "Will it be California Redux?" Article
May 11, 2002 The Globe and Mail: Political Notebook featuring upcoming CBG Fellow Penny Collenette: "MP in Training?" Article
May 8, 2002 Jane Fountain Focuses on the Future of Government Faculty Spotlight
May 6, 2002 The Wall Street Journal : Aaron Lucchetti featuring Bob Pozen: "Preaching the Fund Gospel: Former Fidelity Boss Robert Pozen Gets a New Pulpit" Article
May 6, 2002 Thomas Vallely on PBS' "The Newshour with Jim Lehrer" on Myanmar Broadcast Appearance
May 2, 2002 Christian Science Monitor: Ruth Walker featuring Jeffrey Frankel: "The End of Poverty?" Article
May 1, 2002 UN Secretary-General Addresses Globalization's Effects in Kennedy School Forum CBG In the News
April 30, 2002:

Senior Fellow Jerome Grossman on CBS News' "The Osgood File"

Broadcast Appearance
April 29, 2002 The Wall Street Journal: Robert L. Bartley featuring Dale Jorgenson: "Thinking Things Over: Faltering Recovery or Surging Productivity?" (Referenced Paper) Article
April 28, 2002 Reuters: John Ruwitch featuring Tony Saich: "China's Pretender Zeng Protects Jiang Legacy" Article
April 24, 2002 Education Week: Catherine Gewertz featuring Archon Fung: "Chicago Ponders How to Balance Governing Power" Article
April 23, 2002 The Financial Times: Mary Graham and David Weil featuring Archon Fung: "Clarifying Transparency" Op-Ed
April 22, 2002 The Wall Street Journal: Jon E. Hilsenrath featuring Dale Jorgenson: "Some Big U.S. Service Sectors Boosted Late-90's Productivity" (Referenced Paper) Article
April 18, 2002 Testimony of Robert Pozen before the Senate Finance Committee, Hearing on Corporate Governance and Executive Compensation Public Testimony
April 14, 2002 The New York Times: Erik Eckholm featuring Anthony Saich: "A Mining Town's Sullen Peace Masks the Bitter Legacy of China's Labor Strategy" Article
April 12, 2002 CBG Shines in April Events CBG In the News
April 4, 2002 Stavins Continues to Guide Initiatives in Environmental Econmics Faculty Spotlight
March 13, 2002 The Taipei Times: Tony Saich: "China's Looming WTO Revolution" Op-Ed
March 12, 2002 The International Herald Tribune: John G. Ruggie: "The Pentagon is Wrong: Walking Away Means Losing the Peace" Op-Ed
March 8, 2002 The Wall Street Journal: Russell Gold featuring Robert Lawrence: "Productivity Growth Surges Despite Recession" Article
March 2002 CFO Magazine: Lori Calabro featuring Robert Pozen: "Mutually Acceptable" Article
March 4, 2002 Coglianese Paves New Paths in Regulatory Research at CBG Faculty Spotlight
February 20, 2002 The New York Times online: Associated Press featuring CBG's Asia Programs: "China Draws Skills from the United States" Article
February 18 , 2002 BusinessWeek: William Symonds and Rich Miller featuring Richard Zeckhauser: "Larry Summers Has an Ambitious Agenda To Remake the Nation's Leading University. Can He Do It?" Article
February 17, 2002: The Boston Globe: Robert C. Pozen: "Enron Reveals Need for Auditing Shift" Op-Ed
February 14 , 2002:

National Public Radio's "All Things Considered" featuring Robert Stavins: "President Bush's New Global Climate Change Policy Initiative"

Audio Interview
February 14, 2002:

International Herald Tribune: Richard Zeckhauser and Achilles Zaluar: "Sensible Patterns Since Sept. 11: A Shaken World"

February 12, 2002 The Straits Times: Dani Rodrik: "Is World Bank Starting To Understand Growth?" Article
February 11, 2002:

Newsday: Elaine Kamarck : "Afghan Women Need Islamic Paths"

February 10 , 2002 The New York Times: Kirk Johnson featuring William Hogan: "After Enron, Deregulation Is Looking Sexy" Article
February 9, 2002 The New York Times: Louis Uchitelle featuring Dani Rodrik: "Challenging the Dogmas of Free Trade" Article
February 8 , 2002 Capital Markets Report: Deborah Lagomarsino featuring Jeffrey Frankel: "U.S. Senate Panel To Act Swiftly When Fed Nominees Picked" Article
February 7 , 2002:

The Boston Globe: Elaine Kamarck and Steven Kelman: "Good Work for Jobless in a Time of Need"

February 1 , 2002: Donahue Works to Increase Government Efficiency and Accountability Faculty Spotlight
January 31, 2002 The Harvard Crimson: Lauren R. Dorgan featuring Julian Chang and CBG's Asia Programs: "Harvard To Educate Chinese Officials" Article
January 26, 2002:

The Boston Globe: Robert Stavins and Howard Gruenspecht: "A Level Field on Pollution at Power Plants"

January 22, 2002: Great Hall of the People Witnesses a New Step in China's Reforms Press Release
January 19, 2002 South China Morning Post: Mark O'Neill featuring Ira A. Jackson and CBG's Asia Programs: "Harvard to Groom 300 Cadres in Leadership" Article
January 8, 2002: KSG Lecturer Robert Pozen Arrives at CBG Faculty Spotlight
January 7, 2002 The Wall Street Journal: Steve Liesman featuring Dale Jorgenson: "Productivity Growth May Be Here to Stay" Article