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December 14, 2006 M-RCBG Business & Government Seminar Series Profiled in the Harvard Gazette: Seven Deadly Sins on Collision Course with Market Forces Article
December 2006 Presentations from Fall 2006 Health Care Delivery Policy Group Meeting Online Presentations
December 2006 The Vietnam Program's Ben Wilkinson Moderated Washington Post Discussion on Vietnam, November 10 Interview
December 13, 2006 Robert Stavins and Richard Cooper Quoted in NYT on "The Energy Challenge" Article
December 1, 2006 Linda Bilmes Article on Cost of Iraq War Published by Milken Institute , Work Also Cited by Nicholas Kristof in NYT Op-Ed "Iraq and Your Wallet" and in The Hartford Courant Articles
November 30, 2006 John Ruggie's Work as UN Special Representative Cited by Embassy Magazine


November 29, 2006 Senior Fellow Tom Healey on "The Ticking Time Bomb of State Pensions" Op-Ed
November 6, 2006 Richard Zeckhauser Quoted by Wall Street Journal on Insurance Rates (subscription required) Article
October 30, 2006 Rob Stavins Interviewed on NPR's "All Things Considered" Regarding the Stern Report on Global Climate Change Interview
October 23, 2006 Director of Asia Programs Tony Saich Quoted by Harvard Gazette on New Harvard China Fund Article
October 16, 2006 A Study By Senior Fellow Mark Fagan on Energy Competition is Cited in the New York Times Article
October 13, 2006 M-RCBG Director John Ruggie Quoted in Los Angeles Times On "Aspiring UN Chief" Article
September 1, 2006 M-RCBG Director John Ruggie Quoted in Financial Times, "Global Companies Keener to Avoid Rights Scandals" Article
August 17, 2006 Robert Lawrence Quoted by Reuters Regarding: "Trade Heavyweight China lacks WTO punch" Article
August 17, 2006 Linda Bilmes' Research Cited in Newsweek, "Terror's Economics: New political divisions may alter global financial alliances" Article
August 11, 2006 Senior Fellow Jerome Grossman is Quoted in Government Health IT About the Shift in the Healthcare Business Model Article
August 5, 2006 HEPG’s Ashley Brown Interviewed on the CBS Evening News Regarding U.S. Demand for Electricity (click on “Power Grids' Backyard Politics”) Interview
August 5, 2006 HEPG’s Ashley Brown Interviewed on CNN In the Money Regarding the Heat Wave and U.S. Electricity Grid Interview
August 1, 2006 HEPG’s Ashley Brown Interviewed on Newshour with Jim Lehrer Regarding Nationwide Heat Wave Strains on the U.S. Power Grid Interview
August 1, 2006 HEPG's Ashley Brown Interviewed on NBC Nightly News Regarding U.S. Heat Wave and Electrical Grid (Click on "We're Having a Heat Wave" Video) Interview
August 1, 2006 Richard Zeckhauser Quoted by Smart Money Magazine About "The Worlds Greatest Investors" Article
July 30, 2006 HEPG's Ashley Brown Interviewed on NPR's Living on Earth Regarding U.S. Electricity Transmission. The show airs in Boston on Saturdays from 6-7 am and Sundays from 7-8 am. Click here after July 30 for Radio Broadcast. Interview
July 25, 2006 Cary Coglianese Testifies Before House Committee on the Judiciary Regarding the 60th Anniversary of the Administrative Procedure Act Public Testimony
July 16, 2006 Jacques Mistral Op-Ed in the Financial Times: Growing Inequality is Turning America Inward (Registration required) Op-Ed
July 11, 2006 David Dapice Offers Commentary on Vietnam's Economic Progress in Vietnam News Article
July 6, 2006 Cary Coglianese Interviewed by KSG Insight on Corporate Regulatory Policy Interview
June 29, 2006 Senior Fellow Mark Kramer Authors "Don't Confuse Generosity with Impact on Society," in the Journal of Philanthropy Article
June 27, 2006 Thomas Vallely is Quoted in Reuters Story Concerning the New Premiere of Viet Nam Article
June 22, 2006 After the Scandals: Changing Relationships in Corporate Governance Report Released Report
June 16, 2006 Robert Stavins Appointed Director of Graduate Studies at KSG, William Hogan Appointed Chairman of Appointments Committee at KSG Press Release
June 15, 2006 David Dapice Is Part of an Expert Panel for the "Assistance to the 20 Year Review of Doi Moi in Viet Nam" Project Article
June 2, 2006 Thomas Vallely, Director of the Vietnam Program, Discusses New Trade Pact Between the U.S. and Vietnam Article
May 31, 2006 Cary Coglianese Named Co-editor of Regulation & Governance Journal
May 12-13, 2006 Environmental Economics Program (EEPHU) Holds International Workshop on Next Steps After Kyoto Protocol on Climate Change Conference
April 7, 2006 William Hogan Receives Prestigious IAEE Award Press Release
February 24, 2006 William Hogan Discusses Meeting the World's Energy Needs with KSG Insight KSG Insight
January 18, 2006 Kennedy School Establishes Professorship to Address the World's Vast Energy Challenges: William Hogan Named First Raymond Plank Professor of Global Energy Policy Article