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December 18, 2007 Mary Ruggie Quoted in The Houston Chronicle on Health Care in New Mexico Article
December 19, 2007 Robert Stavins Discusses Climate Change in a Post-Kyoto World with the Warsaw Business Journal Interview
December 13, 2007 Jerome Grossman Quoted in Government HealthID Health Care Providers Restless for Mandate Article
December 11, 2007 Vietnam Program Offers Summer Internships for Students For Summer 2008 Announcement
December 10, 2007 Student PAE Grant Awards Announced Award
December 3, 2007 Robert Stavins Quoted on U.N. Climate Change Conference in Bali in the Wall Street Journal Article
November 28, 2007 Thomas J. Healey Writes on "Silver Lining for Struggling Dioceses" in The Boston Globe Op-Ed
November 27, 2007 Robert Lawrence's Work on Domestic Job Loss Cited by David Brooks in The New York Times Article
November 21, 2007 Linda Bilmes' Work on Cost of Iraq War Discussed in the Wall Street Journal, "Parsing the Estimates on Iraq War Costs" and in the Washington Post, "The Peace Drug" Blog
November 21, 2007 Calestous Juma Will Launch Pan Africa Chemistry Network Article
November 19, 2007 William Hogan Offers Initial Address of Plenary Session of the 2007 Assembly at the Club of Madrid Public Address
November 15, 2007 Robert Stavins Quoted in Nature on Climate Change Politics Article
November 15, 2007 "Africa Warms Up to Biotechnology" Writes Calestous Juma in Business Daily (Kenya) Article
November 13, 2007 Calestous Juma Writes in Business Daily (Kenya) "Putting Biotechnology to Economic Use," Is Quoted in The Guardian Unlimited on Science and Technology in Africa Article
November 13, 2007 Brigitte Madrian Quoted in The Salt Lake Tribune, "Universal Health Care Would Be a Boon to Free Market" Article
November 12, 2007 Robert Stavins and Joe Aldy Quoted in The Wall Street Journal on Global Climate Change Article
November 2007 Beth Jenkins and Amy Lehr Write on Business & Human Rights in Ethical Corporation Magazine Article
October 2007  
October 30, 2007 Roger Porter Reviews The Presidents We Pick in Harvard Magazine Article
October 26, 2007 Linda Bilmes Testifies Before the U.S. House Committee on the Budget, and the Chattanooga Times Free Press Article
October 26, 2007 John Ruggie's Work Profiled in The Economist, "Doing the Wrong Thing" Article
October 16, 2007 Archon Fung Writes in The Boston Globe "A Citizen Congress" Op-Ed
October 16, 2007 Robert Stavins Serves as a Lead Author in the Second and Third Assessment Reports of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Winner of 2007 Nobel Peace Prize Award
October 14, 2007 Tony Saich Quoted in the Austin-American Statesman, "New Slogans for China, But Some Worry They're Empty Article
October 11, 2007 Calestous Juma in Business Daily Africa on "Give African Universities Free Internet Access" Article
October 11, 2007 David Lazer in Nature News on "Data Sharing Threatens Privacy" Article
October 11, 2007 F.M. Scherer Quoted in the Rocky Mountain News on "Trustbusters Might Challenge Possible Union of Brewing Giants Article
October 8, 2007 Linda Bilmes Quoted in the Palm Beach Post, "Most Experts' War Cost Estimates Wide of Mark" Article
October 6, 2007 John Ruggie's Work Profiled in Ethical Corporation Magazine, "Foreign Investment: The Soft Hand of the Law" Article
October 6, 2007 Jeffrey Frankel Quoted in the Toronto Star, "Ideas: Testing the Shock Doctrine" Article
October 1, 2007 Robert Stavins Quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle's "President's Switch on Climate Criticized as Lacking New Policy Article
October 1, 2007 Viktor Mayer-Schoenberger Quoted in the Los Angeles Times, "Santa Ana Council Trying to Quiet Bloggers" Article
Fall 2007 Updated Brochure on the Vietnam Program's Fulbright Economics Teaching Program Available Brochure
September 21, 2007 Calestous Juma Op-Ed in Business Daily (Kenya) - "Africa Losing Faith in Conference Diplomacy" Op-ed
September 18, 2007 F.M. Scherer Interviewed on Resale Price Management for KSG Insight Interview
September 18, 2007 Robert Stavins Named A National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) Research Fellow for Newly Created Program on Environmental and Energy Economics  
September 7, 2007 John Ruggie's Writes in Ethical Corporation "Standards & Practices - Guiding Principles for Human Rights" Op-Ed
September 7, 2007 John Ruggie and Senior Fellows Jane Nelson & Simon Zadek Quoted in The Economist - "In Search of A Good Company" Article

September 5, 2007

Rob Stavins Quoted in Greenwire About the Successor to the Kyoto Protocol Article
September 5, 2007 Linda Bilmes' Work on Health Care For Returning Veterans Cited in CQ Researcher (subscription required) Article
September 5, 2007 2007 - 2008 Business & Government Course Guide Is Now Available Course Guide
August 30, 2007 Calestous Juma Writes in Business Africa Daily "Putting Remittances to Good Use" Op-Ed
August 26, 2007 Viktor Mayer-Schoenberger's work on internet research highlighted in The New York Times, "When Bad News Follows You" Article
August 23, 2007 John Ruggie's work profiled in Harvard Gazette, "IFC, UN to cooperate on study of investment contracts and human rights" and in The Independent, "UK Urged to Act on China Rights Abuse" Article
August 21 Richard Zeckhauser quoted in Boston Globe, "Activist jailed for 5 years returns with hope, not anger" Article
August 17, 2007 John Foote quoted in CNNMoney, "Private Infrastructure Booming in Most Places, but Not in U.S." Article
August 15, 2007 M-RCBG welcomes its fall semester Fellows. Article
August 10, 2007 Linda Bilmes appears in Charles Ferguson's documentary on Iraq, "No End in Sight," winner of the 'best documentary' award at the Sundance Festival. Click here for film trailer. Click here for review. Review/ Film Documentary
August 9, 2007 Tom Healey op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, "Sarbox Was the Right Medicine" (subscription required) Op-Ed
August 4, 2007 Linda Bilmes quoted in Asia Times, "Iraq bleeds US Treasury, enriches contractors" Article
July 31, 2007 John Foote quoted in Newsmax.com, "U.S. Privatization Drive Slowed by Roadblocks" Article
July 31, 2007 Rob Stavins quoted in Greenwire, "White House shaping plans for U.S. warming summit" Article
July 27, 2007 Rob Stavins quoted in Harvard Crimson, "Harvard To Help Develop New Global Climate Treaty" Article
July 26, 2007 Linda Bilmes quoted in Navy Times, "Nicholson backs new benefits claims system" Article
July 25, 2007 Robert Lawrence quoted in New York Times, "I.B.M. Plan Ties Training And Accounts" Article
July 19, 2007 Rob Stavins presents research study on "Managing Water Demand: Price vs. Non-Price Conservation Programs," co-authored with Sheila Olmstead, published as Pioneer Institute White Paper Paper
July 18, 2007 Tom Healey quoted in American Banker, "Agency Merger Idea Gets Yet Another Look" (subscription required) Article
July 17, 2007 Linda Bilmes quoted in Bloomberg, "U.S. Veterans Affairs Secretary Jim Nicholson Quits" Article
July 16, 2007 Andy Zelleke op-ed in the Christian Science Monitor, "A permanent bipartisan committee of senior statesmen is needed to check
presidential power"
July 15, 2007 Jack Donahue quoted in USA Today, "Fed pay: Rank-and-file tops private average, managers fall Advertisement below" Article
July 12, 2007 Tom Valleley quoted in Time, "The Stresses of Vietnam's Exam Season" Article
July 5, 2007 Rob Stavins to lead the Harvard Project on International Climate Agreements - Project will aid development of a successor to the Kyoto Protocol
Press Release
July 5, 2007 Rob Stavins quoted in Bloomberg News, "Harvard Begins Project to Replace Kyoto Protocol" Article
July 5, 2007 Linda Bilmes quoted in LA Times, "Antiwar speakers on campus are lecturers, not students, this time" Article
July 2, 2007 Linda Bilmes quoted in Washington Times, "Wounds, real and political"
July-Aug 2007 Jeffrey Frankel quoted in Harvard Magazine, "Debtor Nation: The rising risks of the American Dream, on a borrowed dime" Article
June 28, 2007 Linda Bilmes profiled in Boston Globe, "Students' free advice gets an A" Article
June 26, 2007 David Dapice article in YaleGlobal, "Putting the Brakes on US Fast Track" Article
June 20, 2007 Tom Vallely quoted in VOA News, "Vietnam Has High Hopes For President's Meetings in Washingtonz" Article
June 18, 2007 Pepper Culpepper quoted in Japan Times "Governance rules often spun by managers" Article
June 12, 2007 Robert Stavins interviewed on NPR's 'All Things Considered' discussing California's Climate Initiative Interview
June 9, 2007 Tom Healey oped in Boston Globe, "The coming crisis for Medicare" Article
June 8, 2007 Linda Bilmes quoted in Times Herald-Record on the cost of the Iraq war Article
June 7, 2007 John Ruggie's UN Mandate supported in G8 Summit Communique (paragraph 84) G8 Summit Declaration
June 5, 2007 Robert Stavins interviewed on NPR On-Point discussing global climate change policy Interview
June 5, 2007 M-RCBG announces the winner of the first annual John T. Dunlop Undergraduate Thesis Prize in Business & Government: Pablo M. Tsutsumi Press Release
June 4, 2007 Tommy Vallely quoted in the Boston Globe, "Vietnam President to visit US on June 22" Article
June 4, 2007 Robert Stavins interviewed on PRI's The World to discuss President Bush's new climate change proposal, 4 June 2007 Interview
June 2, 2007 Ashley Brown interviewed on CNN to discuss the U.S. summer electricity forecast Interview
June 1, 2007 Robert Stavins quoted in the Boston Globe, "Bush urges global emissions plan" Article
May 30, 2007 John Foote quoted in the New York Times, "With Financial Tactic, Corzine Would Keep Turnpike Public, Toll Increases and All" Article
May 30, 2007 Linda Bilmes quoted in the Cambridge Chronicle, "Iraq war costs city thousands: Cantabrigian calculates war's costs" Article
May 28, 2007 Inaugural issue published of 'The Review of Environmental Economics and Policy', Oxford University Press, edited by Rob Stavins. Editor's introduction. Journal
May 24, 2007 Ezra Vogel profiled on Sino-Japanese relations (Harvard Gazette, 24 May 2007) Article
May 22, 2007 Linda Bilmes interviewed on the Newshour with Jim Lehrer about the costs of the Iraq war, May 22 Interview
May 21, 2007 Robert Stavins quoted in the Hartford Courant, "Gas Tax Moratorium Questioned" Article
May 17, 2007 Robert Stavins Quoted in The New York Times, "Energy Standards Needed, Report Says" Article
May 7, 2007 Jack Donahue Quoted in The Rocky Mountain News "Early Fastrack Spending Appears Behind Schedule" Article
May 2, 2007 Jeffrey Frankel Comments on "Risks and Rewards of the World Economy's Golden Era" in the Financial Times Commentary
April 27, 2007 Viktor Mayer-Schoenberger Quoted in The Economist's "The Hidden Revolution" , The Harvard Crimson, "Professor Urges Internet Search Purges", The Wall Street Journal Article
April 25, 2007 Robert Stavins' Working Paper Published, "Too Good to Be True? An Examination of Three Economic Assessments of California Climate Change Policy" Working Paper
April 23, 2007 David Lazer Quoted in USA Today, "DNA to Clear 200th Person" Article
April 12, 2007 Linda Bilmes' Work Cited in U.S. News & World Report , The Christian Science Monitor Article
April 9, 2007 Robert Stavins Quoted in the New York Times, "Foundation to Offer $100 Million to Deal With Global Warming" Article
April 3, 2007 Robert Stavins Quoted in Boston Globe, "Harvard Adds a Hybrid MBA Degree", and The Harvard Crimson Article
March 28, 2007 John Ruggie Reports on Human Rights and Transnational Corporations at the United Nations, Profiled in Ethical Corporation Magazine Webcast
March 26, 2007 The Harvard Electricity Policy Group Launches New Website Website
March 26, 2007 Peter H. Schuck and Richard J. Zeckhauser on "Good Programs vs. Bad Apples" Op/Ed
March 21, 2007 Linda Bilmes on "Soldiers Trapped in Limbo" Op/Ed
March 14, 2007 Linda Bilmes Testifies Before House Subcommittee on Veterans' Health Care Costs Testimony
March 14, 2007 Senior Fellow David Grayson's Work on Corporate Social Responsibility Profiled in Australia's The Age Article
March 12, 2007 TRIP Survey Lists John Ruggie as One of Top 25 Scholars Who Have Had the Greatest Impact on the Study of International Relations in the Past 20 Years Survey
March 12, 2007 M-RCBG Announces John T. Dunlop Undergraduate Thesis Prize Press Release
March 6, 2007 Policy Innovations, a Program of the Carnegie Counsel, Writes on John Ruggie's Forthcoming UN Report on Business & Human Rights Article
March 7, 2007 Robert Stavins Quoted in NYT "A Coal Executive With a Cleanup Mission" Article
March 1, 2007 Ashley Brown Profiled on "Regulating Public Utilities" Article
March 2007 Roger Porter Writes on Gerald Ford, "A President With a Purpose" in Harvard Magazine Article
March 2007 Health Care Delivery Project (HCDP) Presentations from February 6-7, 2007 Posted Presentations
March 1, 2007 David Dapice Quoted in Wall Street Journal Europe Article on Investing in Vietnam Article
March 1, 2007 John Ruggie Quoted in New York Times Article on New UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon Article
March 1, 2007 Linda Bilmes' Work on Injured Vets Highlighted in Newsweek, the Washington Post , The Sacramento Bee, The Wall Street Journal Article
February 6, 2007 Enel Establishes Endowment for Environmental Economics Program at Harvard University (EEPHU) Press Release
January 31, 2007 John Ruggie Visits Colombia As Part of UN Human Rights Mandate Article
January 26, 2007 Linda Bilmes's Work on the Cost of the Iraq War Cited in The Harvard Gazette, USA Today, Inside Higher Ed, and The New York Times Articles
January 25, 2007 Senior Fellow John Foote Quoted in The New York Times on Infrastructure Leasing Article
January 25, 2007 M-RCBG Welcomes Spring Fellows Press Release
January 23, 2007 Robert Stavins Interviewed by BBC on the Eve of President Bush's State of the Union Article
January 2007 Ashley Brown in NRRI 30th Anniversary Journal Article
January 10, 2007 New “Beyond Compliance” Report Assesses Major EPA Voluntary Program - Report Chronicled in SocialFunds Report
January 3, 2007 Roger Porter Op-Ed on Former President Gerald Ford, "Ford Fostered Civility and Decency" Op-Ed
January 3, 2007 John Ruggie Interviewed by KSG Insight Series on UN Interview
January 3, 2007 Glauber Endowed Lecture Series Begun at KSG, Will Be Managed by M-RCBG Article