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Vietnam: M-RCBG Senior Fellow Alan Trager, Chair of the Public-Private Partnership study group, was in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi in June 2011. In Ho Chi Minh City, he gave a seminar at the Fulbright Economics Teaching Program (Fulbright School), which received some publicity on their website under "Guest Speakers and Seminars:" http://www.fetp.edu.vn/home.cfm. In Hanoi, Mr. Trager gave a lecture to mainly public sector officials from the Ministry of Planning and Investments. Separately, he was invited to meet with the Vice Minister for Planning and Investments, the country's top official concerned with PPPs. Follow-up from his meeting with the Vice Minister may include a potential project with the Central Institute for Economic Management and the Fulbright School, which would produce a policy paper on fostering PPPs in Vietnam.

Mason Fellows Program: The week of July 11, 2011, Mr. Trager gave two lectures to the Mason summer program. The lectures covered PPP frameworks as well as case studies covering infrastructure, water delivery and health care in the U.S. and developing markets. The Mason Fellows Program has been an important contributor of students to the M-RCBG sponsored PPP Study Group.

USAID Alliance Builders Forum: On July 27th, Mr. Trager took part in a panel discussion titled "Future Directions for Partnerships," part of the Alliance Builders Forum in Washington DC. The Forum was hosted by USAID's Office of Development Partnerships / Private Sector Alliances Division. The Forum was open to 50 participants, 35 of whom are directly involved in USAID funded PPPs throughout the world. In the past 13 months, Mr. Trager has given seminars or advised PPP projects in 4 countries where USAID is very active: Turkey, Jordan, Vietnam and Bulgaria.


M-RCBG Senior Fellow Alan Trager, Chair of the Public-Private Partnership study group, gave a presentation on Public-Private Partnerships at the Russian Energy Conference held at Harvard Faculty Club on December 3rd, 2010. Anton Safronov, a PPP Study Group member, was one of the organizers. The session, titled ”Russia’s Oil Sector Challenges – Local, Regional, Global”,  included the following panelists: Professor Trager (Senior Fellow at the M-RCBG at HKS), Peter O’Brien (Vice-President of Rosneft), Grigory Vygon (Director at the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and David Rekhviashvili (Advisor at ExxonMobil International). Several major issues were discussed: environmental protection, performance and statistical  transparency and credibility, production efficiency, and the credibility of the government as a partner. For each of the major topics covered by the panel, there was follow-up message by Mr. Trager on potential PPP applications.  

Event Announcement: http://www.rusenergy.org/
PPP Presentation: please click here.


M-RCBG Senior Fellow Alan Trager, Chair of the Public-Private Partnership study group, led a Public-Private Partnerships Round Table Meeting at TEPAV in Turkey on May 21st, 2010. TEPAV is the Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey; click here to learn more: http://www.tepav.org.tr/en/
Event Announcement: http://www.tepav.org.tr/en/haberler/s/1753
Executive Summary: http://www.tepav.org.tr/upload/files/haber/1288713434-8.Executive_Summary_Alan_Trager.pdf


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