Economic Modeling of Environmental and Trade Policies

Program on Technology and Economic Policy, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University.

This page aims to provide information for the community of economists and others who use numerical economic models to study environmental and trade issues.

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Web pages of models

Lans Bovenberg 
Drusilla Brown 
Alan Deardorff 
Shantayanan Devarajan 
Peter Dixon 
Don Fullerton 
Lawrence H. Goulder 
Gene Grossman 
Glenn Harrison 
Thomas Hertel 
Mun Ho 
Dale Jorgenson 
Charles Kolstad 
Henrike Koschel 
Alan Manne 
Warwick McKibbin 
William Nordhaus
Brian Parmenter 
Ian Parry 
Ken Pearson 
Carlo Perroni 
Billy Pizer 
Alan Powell 
Sherman Robinson 
Thomas Rutherford 
Tobias Schmidt 
John Shoven 
Robert Stern 
John Whalley 
Randy Wigle 
Peter Wilcoxen 
ZhongXiang Zhang


  • PNL Workshop on China Economic and Environmental Modeling Proceedings (Jan 1999)
  • Center for Environmental Information conference "Sustainable development and global climate change" Proceedings (December 1995)
  • GTAP conference on Global Economic Analysis 1999
  • OECD Economic Modeling of Climate Change Workshop OECD (September 1998)
  • Special Climate Change Issue of Energy Policy (April 1995)
  • Charles River Associates Environment papers
  • The Economic Implications of Liberalizing APEC Tariff and Non-tariff Barriers to Trade USITC Publication 3101 (April 1998)